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  1. I like vortechs because it's one less electrical cord in the water. I only have two electrical cords in my system, one for the skimmer pump, one for the sump circulation pump.
  2. I have multiple Haddonis, LTAs, a Gigantea Carpet, a BTA and a H Magnifica in one aquarium. Pink Skunks go in Gigantea and Haddonis. Orange Skunks are in BTA and LTAs. Hybrid Percula/Ocellaris Pair and a single Ocellaris are in H Magnifica. I have some Ocellaris that won't go in an anemone. It seems to be hit or miss with Clowns.
  3. Your water is too clean. Your alkalinity is too high for clean water. You have too many alkalinity swings.
  4. I used to have a Bandit Angel in a SPS LPS reef, no problems.
  5. Modular Marine make a great external overflow, with a shadow intake, it does not take up much space inside the aquarium.
  6. WAMAS members get a discount at Roberts Oxygen also!!!
  7. No, I believe the county shut him down because of the conditions in the greenhouse. I think he passed away also. It was a crazy place to get marine critters, he had everything and nothing at the same time!!! He would get Garibaldis, which I believe are restricted, the place always had a whiff of shadiness to it.
  8. BAD!! BAD!!! BAD!!! It will crawl out of the aquarium and sneak into your bed at night.
  9. I have it updated to the latest firmware, Alkatonic OS version, and iOS app. I have automatic updates and uploads set in the app.
  10. You have to use a phone app, their cloud solution is up, but I can't get any graphs to show up.
  11. I purchased an Alkatronic a few weeks ago. I have to say it is a great piece of equipment. It is easy to setup and run. It gives you the alkalinity information that has been lacking in the hobby. I can see my alk go down during the day and rise in the night. So far my alk has been really stable. 8.82 to 8.92 is my range so far after 10 days. I highly recommend this product for SPS reefers.
  12. Currently I am using an Aqua Controller3 to run my calcium reactor. I control the pH through it. I am going to switch to an Apex unit. Is the programming language the same or is it different? Thanks for the information.
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