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  1. I got a new one today that is rated for 550 gallons an hour. I think it is closer to 250. I will use it for a door stop to my Man Cave.
  2. I found three working ones. If I look long enough in my house I can find anything. But I fixed the crack in one and ordered another one so I should be good. I don't remember ever having one of these fail.
  3. It is good now, no more skimmer foam and all is well. That coral stopped croaking and the rest of it looks good. It's a good thing I was home. Now I am fixing the crack in the powerhead that runs the skimmer
  4. I think my future wife would have frowned on that. And I would still be single living with my fish.
  5. OOOHHHH NNNOOOOO. Disaster. No Really!!. I looked at my tank and it was all foggy. OK, maybe smoky. A combination of foggy and smoky. My friend was here and he said, "That coral looks like it is dead!!!" I said, "Can't be" It was fine a few hours ago. Then I noticed my skimmer wasn't working as there is a crack in the plastic and not enough water is going into the skimmer. AAAAHHHHHHHhhhh.' I found that one coral was just about all croaked and another one is almost all croaked. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! Oh Noooo. I got the skimmer working and it overflowed about a gallon of water on the floor. It kept foaming out like when you put 15 times too much soap in a washing machine. OOOHHHH NOOOO. The effluent from the skimmer was much too much to go down the tube to the drain so we found a big PVC elbow and stuck it on the top of the tube so it at least went into a bucket. It was overflowing all over me. NNNNNoooooo!! Then I got my diatom filter and after spilling a couple of gallons of water on my feet and the floor I got the thing running. The skimmer was still going nuts so I knew there was something in the water.... But What!!!!! As I was fixing the skimmer I kept getting stung by the long spine urchin. Then I noticed. Why is his spines sticking out of the water like 4" Then I remembered. Years ago I had an urchin business and I would SCUBA for urchins and sell them. Once they all spawned at the same time. I think I walked in front of the tank wearing my Speedo which caused that to happen. But when they spawn, they go to the top of the water and stick their spines out, then spawn. And sea urchins have a LOT of spawn. I mean a LOT. And this is a ten year old very large urchin. He was still spawning and turned the water into "Half and Half". Normally that is not a problem and the skimmer removes it right away. But if the skimmer isn't working, the stuff rots and the corals frown on that and croak. Now I have the diatom running and the overflowing is almost managable but still happening. I have to let this keep overflowing for a few hours to get those poisons out of the water so maybe my other corals won't croak.
  6. Thanks, I saw those but I think they are only rated at 350 GPH. I think mine were 700 GPH. But I will look more into it. Seems cheap to have that much flow.
  7. I thought about the Supermodel with the paddle and I have a call into Christie Brinley as she lives near here, but I have not heard back from her. I was also going to use my 2 1/2 HP outboard motor but my wife frowns on the noise and the fumes.
  8. I want a new (or old) powerhead and I can't find one. I have 3 of these and they are at least 40 years old. They never needed any maintenance except occasionally sticking my finger in the intake screen to clean out amphipod shells, Godzilla larvae and bristleworms. They work forever and are powerful. I really hate those Korilas and all the powerheads with that stupid open plastic grill because that thing grows so much life that in a few years you need a demolition hammer to clean the thing and you have to remove it to clean all the time. It's just a stupid design but probably good for goldfish. I think these were made by Tunze. If I could find something Not made in China, that would be a big plus. Anyone know if these are still made?
  9. I can't buy an interesting fish no matter how much money I throw at them. They got tangs and angelfish and I find them very boring. Nothing unusual. Corals, forgetaboutit. They got tiny frags and at my age, I don't do tiny anything. I probably couldn't see them or my hermit crabs would carry them away. To add any corals I would have to cut away a lot of blue green sponge that covers most of my tank. But it cuts easy with a razor blade. We are supposed to take some trips, but again, at my age, I already went to everyplace I want to go. Except the Galapagos. I haven't been there but my wife hates lizzards. I also didn't go to Easter Island but my birthday is on Christmas so that is a different holiday and I don't know if I can mix holidays like that. If I decided to go hang gliding or bungee jumping my insurance company would disown me because I already broke or tore everything that is breakable . I still dive (very occasionally) but from spending so much time underwater, the fish find me boring as they all saw me already. WE are having people over (again) for the weekend and I know there is a big pool party. Then we will go on my boat to waste some gas and hopefully not get stuck and have to come back on one engine. But that sometimes happens in boating. Boating is fun. Young people today IMO don't know how to have fun. I tell that to my Daughter all the time. She is 40 and at her age we always had a big crowd and would get everyone together and either go to a river upstate to Kayak down the rapids and camp or go to a lake with our small canoe's or sailboats and sink each other. There would be maybe 20 of us. We once went to the "Ice Caves" in the snow. They are only open in the summer and they have ice then. We brought ropes and lowered ourselves down into the caves with flashlights. Very cool. My Daughter and her friends text each other as to what they will do and they do nothing but text each other. They text about how much fun it is to text. Then they meet each other at someone's house, and sit there so they can text other people to ask them to join in on a group text. Our Grand Daughter texted us yesterday to tell us she was looking at the window. And she lives in Manhattan so all she can see is the roofs of taxi cabs. I know her generation is going in the same direction as our Daughter. A generation that does nothing. There's a whole world out there and a lot of it is free. In those days we couldn't rub two nickels together to make a dime but we always did things. This was at a lake many years ago before they invented time.
  10. paul b


    Realypk, I mean that I run a natural, un quarantined system that is 48 years old and that only happens if you have different bacterias and parasites living in the tank with the fish. These white worms live in dirt and are fed yogurt with pro biotics and nutritional yeast. I have always "supplemented" my food with live food as I know there is living bacteria in it as opposed to commercially available frozen food which has some living bacteria but the stuff you buy for fish food is frozen much colder than your home refrigerator and sometimes it is irradiated to kill bacteria and parasites. But I want those things. Some of my fish are 28 years old and none of my fish have ever been sick. All the paired fish spawn and I never have to worry about anything not eating, dying or getting sick. They all die of old age. It is not just the nutrients in the worms, it's the bacteria I want. The rest of their food is clams, mysis and LRS food. I have written many articles on fish food and even published a book. Here is a thread on here about it Here are some articles I wrote about worms. http://www.saltwatersmarts.com/want-healthy-spawning-fish-feed-them-properly-5010/ http://www.saltwatersmarts.com/marine-fish-heal-through-slime-3962/ http://www.saltwatersmarts.com/feeding-blackworms-healthy-marine-fish-whiteworms-3124/ http://www.saltwatersmarts.com/seasoned-saltys-marine-aquarium-success-2966/
  11. Doing a little maintenance with a diatom filter. Sucking out some Cyano and general tidying up. Using a reverse UG filter requires that I do this occasionally so nothing clogs. This is the beginning. In a minute or two, you can't see anything in the tank but the copperband loves it and looks forward to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDIG4W5nTMM&feature=youtu.be
  12. paul b


    No, Not my tank. Don't be ridiculous. I use an undergravel filter so it can't crash. My white worm culture crashed. I think it may be ten years old and the worms are disappearing. They may be to inbred or have a social disease. I am not sure what it is but after the last worm bath, they started to disappear. I looked al over for them even in my wife's underwear drawer but they are no where to be found. I did find a lot of things hatching into what looks like fruit flies, but they must be "worm flies". I put the culture outside so the neighbors could sample some of the flies. I still l have worms but they are small. If I get time, I will flood the entire culture and collect the worms that I can and start a new batch with new potting soil. Maybe after so many years, you need to do that. Actually, now that I think about it. I did that a couple of months ago. Maybe the soil I used has A 1 Steak Sauce or transmission fluid from a 1967 Ford Pinto in it. Anyway, I will go look for different dirt and try to rescue my remaining worms. I need the worms for the bacteria so this is a crucial part of my system. (Many people were hoping my tank crashed, this way they could say, See!!! you should have quarantined.
  13. So I got the boat back to the Marina this morning and they took it out of the water. The first thing I noticed is that they didn't put any bolts in the two "Zinc's" on the power tilt pistons. This would not cause any problem like the one I am having but the zinc's are supposed to be bolted in or they don't do anything and they are expensive. To make a complicated story short, they are made of zinc (like Duh) and they are supposed to rot before parts of your boat rot. But if they are just hanging there, they are not doing anything so the Jiboni's would have had to take my boat out of the water to put the bolts in anyway. The "mechanic" told me "sometimes they rot out".. I was born at night but not last night and I am not an accountant. I was an A rated GM Mechanic and I know stainless steel doesn't rot out in 2 months. I said, that can't happen. Then he said, "sometimes they come loose". Yeah right, 4 stainless steel bolts coming not just loose, but completely falling off in 2 months. I mean if you screw up and make a mistake at least make up something plausible or tell the truth that you messed up. I was a mechanic and I could have done that. Or I would at least make up something believable about Aliens or Bigfoot. We didn't find anything obviously wrong with the shift cable but I had him change this shift arm anyway. I figured I came all this way, took the boat out of the water, removed the drives so I may as well waste some money. I made it home without incident so I am not sure if it is fixed or not.
  14. Collecting NSW in a storm. I want the Ozone infused water in my tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEBdyqIawuo
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