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  1. Nothing negative. They appear to be just as happy to eat it, with no bad side effects(yet). Ive been too afraid to make an actual regimen out of it to see how they respond long-term, but I think I'll go ahead and see how it goes with a single coral for awhile. I don't have any duplicate corals to make a real experiment from, but it's a start. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to tell if growth rate, or colors, or some other variables have any significant abnormality in some way.
  2. Oh yeah, no, i totally understand. Like I said, that's what i thought, I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  3. I am SO INSANELY PROUD of myself, and in almost complete disbelief, but I actually managed to do what I believed impossible.....I saved the shrooms! A tiny one that was cloaked in brown slime, but thankfully turned out hadn't actually begun really dissolving yet, but also a shroom that is now only 1/2 remaining from the rest dissolved into the slime!!!!!! To me I basically just cured cancer, that's how amazed and proud I am lol!
  4. Ok, that's cool, it's what I figured, I totally understand:) it's just not worth it for me to do that, I'm not into freshwater like that anymore, ESPECIALLY enough to pay money to join a club, I just was have freshwater fish I'd be happy to get new homes that would really enjoy them a lot. lol definitely not worth joining a club for, I just figured it would be easy if it was something I could post on the club I'm already a part of.
  5. l I know this is a marine site, but if someone was buying/selling/ trading freshwater fish, could that be done on here, too?
  6. Shrooms dissolving into brown slime during shipping...its killing me! (And the shrooms!) Can shrooms be safely cut like soft corals, and apparently zoas? I know of someone who apparently safely and successfully cuts/frags his bounce shroom, but that was the first and only time Ive heard of cutting shrooms. Every time I buy shrooms recently, they're dissolving into brown slime by the time they arrive, or at least are about to--1 of 3 was already dissolving in the bag, but the other 2 looked fine but started dissolving later in the tank, which I'm sure must have been delayed from the shipping. It then occurred to me that if ALL shrooms can safely be cut, that could be a potential remedy, unless it's too late once they cross a line even before visually breaking down, as it seems might have been the case today. *they were dipped(melafix&reef dip) pre-release, and all again later when the others began. I was surprisingly able to totally clean every bit of slime off on the first one before the last dip by holding it almost against the suction slots of a powerhead(although it might have just been due to there seeming to be more of a hard line of degeneration, instead of just entirely fading into brown sludge), so im thinking this is actually similar to having cut part off, although cutting would also remove any residual microscopic remains of bacteria/disease along the edge, so I guess I still won't know why it didn't work if it doesn't.
  7. So overall, does it seem like a good, great, or blah reactor? Also, does the entire tank Ca reactor adaptor appear to need to be replaced? Is there any way I can test and tell without having to set up and run the system? I want to sell the reactor, so I'd like to make sure to know what's good and what isn't, anymore. I may be able to get a few of the new parts cheaper than most, so it would be better and easier if I replaced, or included new pieces, but I sure don't know how to check anything:/
  8. Does anyone have any thoughts about it, even if no one has any 1st hand experience, or heard anything about it?
  9. Yeah, I don't know anything about it, i think it was all clouded up when he gave me everything. Unless it can somehow happen just sitting around being stored(not near salt or moisture). do you have any thoughts on what the 'dryer or silencer' would get used for?
  10. Sorry it took so long, but here's better pics of the chamber and tank top
  11. When I feed mysis to my various stuff(auto changed it to "when I feed my sis to my various stuff..." lol)I soak it in garlic for hours, usually enough for the liquid to be gone and just plump garlicky mysis(my fish love mysis with their garlic), and without thinking had fed the mysis to my corals as well. They seem to be fine and as happy as with non-garlic mysis, so I continue to when I forget to get extra for them that I don't soak. Ive been looking it up and I can't find anything other than people talking about feeding garlic stuff to the fish in the tanks, or adding some extract to the water, but this would be a significantly higher dosage of garlic, than that. Is this risky? Can garlic soaked foods hurt/damage/ kill corals? I don't do it often, maybe once every week or 2, but if it's safe, or even good, I would definitely do it more often! Does anyone have any info or thoughts on the matter?
  12. Out of curiosity, do corals generally tend to grow slower when under heavy "display" actinics? I know there are so many other variables, but in a general sense, assuming other variables are equal, corals are under those very heavy actinic lighting(towards the 20,000k levels)do they grow slower than when under much more balanced white daylighting(closer to 10,000k)?
  13. Sure, I'll take and post in just a bit, as soon as I can. wow, that was super in-depth!!!! I didn't have even a cursory understanding or the workings of a calcium reactor, so those terms and part names are way over my head, although that did give me a general understanding of how it works:) I would imagine any of the missing parts are floating around in the tub, or a box, so thanks to you i can probably figure out what all I need to find. Yeah, the regulator is pretty filthy, it's been just sitting around collecting dust. I would imagine at least the O ring would need to be replaced. Hopefully the rest is still good, or at least anything needing to be replaced is small easily replaceable parts like the ring. At least externally I'm sure it looks worse than it is, cause it's definitely dusty and such. Were there pictures of any other angles/parts of the units that would help, other than the better top view of the chamber unit, at that little red cap/nozzle?
  14. Ok, here's both sides of the bigger one, and the head on the tank
  15. Oh yeah, definitely! when he gets back to me, if it still has its foot, I'm going to get it for sure:) it sounds like that's the line of long term survival.
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