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  1. Ive heard that as far as angelfish go, bandit angelfish can relatively safe for reef tanks. Does anyone have successful experience, or unsuccessful attempts at keeping a bandit in a reef? ive heard the same for goldflakes, so if anyone happens to have info on that, Id be happy to hear, also.
  2. Still_human

    Butterfly fish facial wound?

    Yeah, it wasn't really cratering out like u can see now, until very recently. I was excepting it to just close in on itself, not raising out like this. The harass him, but he's never gotten damaged fins or anything, but they definitely pose off face/tail tail/face, so it made sense to me that a tang flicked its tail while in a face off and punctured his forehead. I feel awful. Ive had to barrier off my new bandit angel cause he chased him constantly, so I need to wait until I introduce a few new things before I give the bandit his full tank privledges back.
  3. Still_human

    Butterfly fish facial wound?

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? Sadly the other fish (tangs&angels) occasionally harass my butterfly, and this came up months ago, which at the time I thought it was a stab wound from a tangs spine(Ive seen them in the position before), but while it seemed to slowly start to get better, it never went away. Recently tho, in the past week or so, it's gotten more prominent, which would be weird, unless it's something else entirely. If u can't tell, it's actually a puncture, although it's not deep at all, probably a millimeter or two, and the white part is white because it's raised up like a crater. It doesn't look infected to me or anything, and he seems to be in perfect shape otherwise, both looking and acting. Ive treated with melafix for a few days with no results, so tonight I just switched to pimafix. Ive just been removing copper from a pretty long and relatively strong copper treatment, so that might help identify it, by eliminating anything that copper would have worked on, like being from a parasite, or something. (sorry for the salt marks, I didn't want to clean them off right then cause it may have spooked him and I wouldnt have been able to get as good shots)
  4. Still_human

    Different montipora compatability

    Oh, ok. Yeah, that would be an issue:/ but they won't sting/kill each other, at least?
  5. Still_human

    Fan for cooling my lights

    Thanks:) I'll take a look!
  6. Still_human

    Fan for cooling my lights

    I'm not familiar with what ur talking about at the top lol. I'm not familiar with specs, just the overall thing. I have a fixture that has fans on both ends lol, that's all I could tell u. They do both work. I clipped a small desk fan at one end, aiming at the side/fan, and that worked, but I'd imagine it will only work for the fall/winter/early spring, but definitely won't be enough for warmer weather. I'm trying to get a new fixture tho, and hopefully others wont periodically turn off like this one.
  7. Still_human

    Maxi anemones are(nt) photosynthetic

    Actually, I just noticed that bottom picture isn't even the one in that picture, that I received:/ no green center, no dark blue/purple ring, and some of the light yellow mini-stripes are in the wrong places. Even so, I'm imagining the correct one would have the same issue. For all I can tell tho, both r the wrong ones, and the right ones DO look amazing:/ ...the plot thickens:( *if anyone can help me find any differences between the other two, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  8. Still_human

    Maxi anemones are(nt) photosynthetic

    Yes, those r the ones. Yeah, that's always been my understanding. I'm not as familiar with them as I am most things, so I'm not just going to ignore someone who has lots of experience with them. If u feed them regularly anyway, like I did, I guess there's really no way to be sure first-hand. What are anyone's thoughts on the most intense color-exposing/enhancing actinic light possible? I bought 2 that were beyond impressive, and in person they're mostly brown...among as ugly as I've ever seen, and even if it takes a spotlight on them to bring those colors out, I'd like to do what I can, if it's even possible. all the rainbow colors are almost brown looking, or look like whatever color with a dark gray, or brown, or ugly filter over it. Here we go... guess which pictures r which--display or reality.
  9. I just wanted to check--I just heard from someone that maxi anemones are NON- photosynthetic!!!! That idea blows my mind, Ive always "known" they were photosynthetic, and never heard anything about them being non! Can this really be true? Ive always fed mine plenty, so I wouldn't have had the opportunity to find out, first-hand.
  10. I'm wondering if I can get any thoughts/reviews about the maxspect razor, and the arctic 247? I was looking up reviews and some were so totally about all the lighting specs and the stuff that goes totally over my head, and also some very vague and differing reviews. Is anyone familiar with them, and can help me out? How do they look(their light in the tanks)? How do corals do? Something I read was that the razor has some kind of lens that focuses the light into spotlight effects, and which give an uneven lighting appearance, and that can be problems for some corals. Most reviews were positive, but I would want to ask follow-up questions about some things mentioned, which i couldnt do.
  11. Still_human

    Eyepopping colored coral situation

    Yeah, I def like the balanced whiter daylight, not the really unbalanced super blue. Except at night.
  12. Still_human

    Eyepopping colored coral situation

    Oh, yeah, ur absolutely right, I'm definitely not disparaging them! If these mind-blowing corals were just what they appeared to be tho, then it WOULD be hard to look at "normal" corals the same way again:/
  13. Still_human

    Eyepopping colored coral situation

    Yeah, that makes sense. It seems all the "standard" corals look just as good as frags, as they do big pieces, or colonies, but I can definitely see that potential with dull newer eyepopping corals. This is a very disappointing realization for me:( I'll definitely ask for pictures of things without all the actinics! Thanks for the advice!
  14. I have a new worry about all these almost-beyond-belief colorful corals. I just got a frag of tropic thunder that arrived today, which in pictures is on the level of most of those insanely amazing corals, like cornbreds stuff(maybe it IS a cornbred?), but in regular reef lighting it's VERY unimpressive! In fact, It's less colorful than most "plain" looking corals. Shining actinic moonlight on it, I'm getting the colors to come out, which makes me wonder if that's how all these corals are, that are so colorful and bright that it looks like they're under a blacklight. Are they standard, and less than standard looking corals in some cases, most of the time, and only actually impressive looking when the tank is under non-normal viewing conditions (night time/moonlight actinics, or just while being shown off)? It's pretty obvious that at least most of the pictures Ive seen, if not all, are under heavy actinics, but that definitely doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't still be amazing otherwise, but is that why I only see actinic flooded pics?