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  1. I'm sorry, Ive had some personal issues come up and haven't really been focused on things like that, but I'll try to get to the grocery store real soon, to pick up some vinegar, and de-crudify it.
  2. Wow, really??? Yeah, I'm way off! I used to use halides, and I always felt like 10k was just BARELY yellow, but 12-14 was a nice white-blue, and 20k was like almost pure actinic looking--dark blue "blacklight effect", as mentioned. It's been quite awhile, tho....probably 10years. I'd go back to halides, but it heats my room up WAY too much. I have a Solaris i5, and just bought a vertex illumina a bit ago, which although I'm pretty sure aren't top of the line, I believed fairly expensive, high quality systems, but I can't get either to give off nice lighting(I'll take pictures tomorrow of the vertex, which is what's up right now). I can get any hue from yellow to super blue, but said color only gets bright and intense with the whites at very high to maximum strength, which in turn gives it an unpleasant slightly yellowish white. Ive tried every combination of white/blue/royal blue, and nothing looks good. What's worse is that all my corals are very dull looking, despite most with a potentially intense glow under good lighting. If the light was gross but the corals looked good, I might be willing to unhappily settle, but the light is all around.......well....it's just plain "Blah"!
  3. I just tested the copper level that my QT tank is at, to see if the fish are ready to come out, and for over the 14day period it's been at 1.10ppm, and when I converted it to mg/L(how the medicine refers to the levels), its 1.1, which is almost twice the recommended dose, and still WAY over the apparent maximum safe dose on .8 mg/L! Can this be right? I have relatively sensitive fish in it, and they have all been happy and healthy the entire time--Bangaii cardinals, firefish, cleaner wrasse, green chromis(by the way, why are they so extremely delicate these days? They used to be crazy hardy!). I'm using cupramine, and the dose I'm going by is on the bottle, so Its definitely referring to the correct type of copper. this is similar to before when I was treating my main tank after the oodinium or brooklynella event last year, and when I got the Hanna copper test kit, it turned out just following the directions put the level over 1.5, with angels, tangs, and a butterfly, which I can't imagine would have all survived if the level was truly twice the maximum safe level. Whats the deal here, there's gotta be some mistake somewhere. Are the numbers and dose info all correct and my fish are just all from krypton, or are the number/dose info off, and im not treating with a high enough dose?
  4. What would anybody consider this lighting to be? I feel like it's about 12,000K. It's come up sometimes, trying to explain to someone what I'm looking for, but would like to try to be sure Im not giving the wrong idea. This is pretty much the lighting appearance Ive been hoping to get in my tank, but is starting to seem impossible with anything but the super expensive LEDs, which is why my plan is to just go back to T5s. *those are radion gen 4. I can't afford that range of fixtures
  5. How much vinegar/water? I cleaned off all the significant tube worms tubes I could the other night, so I guess it's bath time, now.
  6. Darn it:/ I lost my picture editor, so I can't actually point or circle anything, but if u look for the big empty face through the tentacles, you can definitely see it places along the middle. i have to say though, if I had a torch that looked like THIS, I'd STILL be really happy:)
  7. That crossed my mind at first, but it's definitely elegance. It's a large flat face with all the tentacles just around the edge, just covering the face from the edge being very long, making it curl heavily all over the face
  8. No ones ever heard of, or seen a dark elegance like this, before?
  9. Hahahahaha no, I haven't yet, other than scraping out a bunch of the tube worms to put in my tank. I think the next step I have to take it apart which has kinda put me off for the moment, but just for u I'll get working on it tonight, and look into the missing parts and getting new ones:)
  10. Wow, thanks so much! That was incredibly helpful! And it's the thought that counts--I appreciate the idea of you willing to help in person:)
  11. Is anyone familiar with, or have a "nighthawk" elegance coral? There may be other names, but i don't know, this was the first Ive ever seen or heard of them. I just got one, and it's still small(maybe a little under 3"), and I'm very curious to see any others, especially big ones.
  12. Ok, so the plastic tuna can shaped thing that sits on top of the pump is loose, even when it's in place on top of the short pipe from the pump. I don't see any other parts, let alone what else could be an issue. Does anyone know if that part is supposed to be smug and tight in place, and definitely not be able to juggle at all, even slightly? i guess there was a problem and that zip tie is to keep it closed, but I wouldn't think that's be a problem, since it IS zipped closed.
  13. Thank you for the info. I don't have any current plans to use it, so I'm not trying too hard to balance usefulness vs price
  14. Yeah, i guess it's pretty stiff, and not thin plastic like some things. Broken is better anyway, since it can probably just be reattached. It must have the pump, as it has the cord coming out. Also, it was in use as of just a couple hours before I took it home, so everything is definitely present, and not TOO broken. I'm just hoping whatever the problem is can be fixed instead of replaced.
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