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  1. I thought i would like to share a couple pictures of my LPS during feeding time.
  2. Good prices. 10 IOs for me please. Thanks for doing this. Chris
  3. Sorry for the lost. I've been through it before and know exactly how you feel. The worst part for me was that all the collection stuffs were gone and could never be found again,
  4. it is not only the largest Merten but the largest carpet anemone I've ever seen kept in aquariums. If fed regurlarly it could potentially grow larger.
  5. really nice! It will be fun to see the black filling in, and the last white bar developing. In your experience, do the babies look more like daddy or mommy?
  6. + 1 for all of the above. IME haddonis needs deep sand bed, if not it would move around until it finds a sweet spot. Haddonis is much easier to keep and is much cheaper compare to gigantea. If you want to keep gigantea you should have antibiotic and treatment tank on hand.
  7. i kind of change my direction a little. I converted the sps tank to a carpet clownfish tank. I have 2 hadonnis, 4 gigs, 1 mentern and 1 malu with 20 clowns. The smaller tank is ok the way it is. I may add couple more clownfish. I will need your help hooking me up with some nice one.
  8. Things happen!. I guess i have been in the hobby long enough to experience the good and the bad of the hobby. I have a 10 hr backup battery and a generator in case the power goes out for an extended period of time. I also automated my system as much as i could so that i sometime don't even need to check my tanks for couple days. Things happen when you least expect it. The circuit in the basement tripped without my notice, and 60% of my live stocks were killed.
  9. I was able to find couple older pics of my filtration system. This pic shows the left side of my 150g and part of the fish room. The sump pumps water to the skimmer which exits out to a 20g refugium before gravity feeds into the 45g tank. Here is the right side of the 150g where the water drains into the 45g on the other side of the wall.
  10. Thank you for your kind words! I had a system crash on May 10th due to a 30 hr power outage. The damage was devastating and i lost most of my fish, all collective SPS, all clams and couple multi head scolies. I moved all my giganteas and hadonnis to the 150g tank and converted it to anemone clownfish harem tank. For this tank, i added couple roses and a red base ritteri anemone, coupling with Don's Picasso babies. Tank as of last tonight Anemoes Doni's Picasso Babies. These guys are a little over 2 months old and the last white bar is still filling in. Thanks for looking
  11. ChrisTran

    DSC 0161

    Doni's Picasso Pair
  12. ChrisTran

    DSC 0228

    Ritteri Anemone
  13. ChrisTran

    DSC 0200

    Doni's Picassos
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