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Found 8 results

  1. Ive heard that as far as angelfish go, bandit angelfish can relatively safe for reef tanks. Does anyone have successful experience, or unsuccessful attempts at keeping a bandit in a reef? ive heard the same for goldflakes, so if anyone happens to have info on that, Id be happy to hear, also.
  2. Fadi's 180 gallon Acropora and Angelfish PARADISE! Join us for another awesome tank tour! Watch more Featured Tanks!
  3. I'm in the recovery stages of a terrible oodinium or brooklynella infestation/partial wipe-out, leavin just 4 fish left, one of which is a hippo tang who showed first, and worst, but unbelievably is one of the survivors. He just started coming out and not laying down 24/7 anymore, and I've noticed many times, he goes over to where my bicolor angelfish is, turns sideways in the water, and the angelfish starts picking at him! He'll stay there and keep getting cleaned till something hurts him then he'll dart away but come right back. It's not all the time, but I see it many times a day. I think that's awesome! I know butterfly fish will be cleaners to huge fish and turtles in the wild, and I think I've even seen some types of large angels doing it too, but never heard of it happen like this!
  4. I just noticed this a few days ago-it definitely wasn't there before that! It's a dark line that appears to be a section of his backbone! He acts 100% perfectly, and it's totally internal, there's no bump, or other external signs. You can still see it a little bit from the outside in these pictures, but normally you can only see it when the light is shining through him. I've never seen this before and it's really scaring me. Has anyone seen this, or anything similar to this at all before, in any kind of fish, fresh or salt? Does anyone have any educated ideas about it? This annoying thing won't let me upload pics, even though they definitely fit-they're exactly the same As every other thing I've uploaded on here! I'll try uploading them on a reply here
  5. OH NO!!!! No fish from Hawaii available anymore? Other than yellow tangs and bandit angels, what are any/all other fish that are from Hawaiian waters? I tried to do searches but nothing helpful came up. (Also, if anyone has a bandit angel they want to sell, let me know lol)
  6. Iv been annoyed for awhile at how my bigger goldflake doesn't look like a standard goldflake, especially missing the highlighted golden flecks on the body, which is my favorite part. I was just comparing mine with flagfins again, as I have before, always concluding it must just be a weird goldflake with some seemingly mixed features, and saw a few pictures of foldflake/flagfin hybrids, and surprised at how similar they look. Does anyone have any familiarity with the hybrids, or familiar enough with both species that they could differentiate oddball individuals? (I'll edit&add pictures tomorrow-its lights out time for them)
  7. I picked up 120, sold it as it wasn't going to fit on our main floor. Then, we revamped our basement and another tank made sense again. I have a 46g SPS dominated tank on the main floor with sparse rockwork that will remain. The 46 was my second go in reefing...the first ended badly in a transition from a 10g to a 30g cube during 6 months and 3 changes in address. Now, in my reef 3.0 I'll get to move some corals to a bigger tank, get some additional fish, and enjoy reefing on multiple levels... in my home and philosophically. Thank you to my wife for endulging my reefing hobby, I'll try not to start planning a 180 for a couple more years. SO...the NEW TANK details: Marineland 90g reef ready with screen tops and factory stand (wamas pickup) Eshopps R-200 (wamas pickup) Avast ATO (wamas pickup) AC3 controller (wamas pickup) Reef Octopus Classic 150 (new, through wamas sponsor - Premium Aquatics) ATI Sunpower 6x54w (new, from PA again) Reef Brite 48" Tech blue (new, from PA again) 2 x BRS dosers Eheim Compact 2000 return pump ...and I'm currently figuring out my display flow. My return pump is meant to roughly match my skimmer draw.... we'll see how that goes. I'll have to get some pics up soon. I've got what I hope is most all my rock in some holding tubs...been keeping it alive and ready. I need to buy some sand and the right size hose (3/4") to connect my hard plumbing to my return pump. Then, I can finish my leak test, drain, and fill with saltwater. Getting so close now....
  8. I wanted to get the opinions from people here who have kept the Flame Angel fish. I was talking to one of my fish guys the other day and he said he's rarely heard of Flames living for long periods of time (1 year or more) in aquariums smaller than 150 gallons. It got me thinking, I have a 75 gallon, the recommended tank size various from site to site where the lowest tank size says 30 gallons and the largest minimum is 70 gallons. When I browsed around the internet more about this fish, there was some truth to what the fish guy was telling me. So I want to know from you all who have had this fish: How long have you had it/Did it live for? What size tank did you have it in? Did you have lots of live rock or no Live rock? Was it easy to take care of, or did it require more care than say your common beginner fish? Was it an ich or fish disease magnet more so than other common fish?
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