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Found 11 results

  1. Ive heard that as far as angelfish go, bandit angelfish can relatively safe for reef tanks. Does anyone have successful experience, or unsuccessful attempts at keeping a bandit in a reef? ive heard the same for goldflakes, so if anyone happens to have info on that, Id be happy to hear, also.
  2. We are getting out of the hobby and have a 90 gallon set-up to sell. Remaining Livestock/Coral: Hollywood stunner chalice Large colony approx 12" diameter Mini reef with Mystic Sunset monti, jedi mind tricks, and green pocillopora. 25+ head Duncan colony Rainbow acan echinata approx 3" diameter Pink bubblegum polys Rainbow acan lord Purple tipped green anemones Red monti cap . 3 pieces- 2/3/5" Green pocillopora frag large approx 3" Purple stylophora frag large approx 3" x 3" Red digitata on rock Toxic shock zoanthid. 2 small rocks with 15+ polyps Plume feather sea whip Equipment: 90 Gallon Tank and Stand 2 Black Box LED lights and handmade floating canopy Eheim 250w heater Jeabo Powerheads Tune ATO Eshopps RS200 Skimz E Series Kessil H80 with gooseneck Eheim Return Pump 10 Gallon Tank 29 Gallon Tank Eheim 50w heater Eheim 100w heater Aqueon 50w heater EShopps corner frag holder Eheim Automatic Feeder Tetra Whisper 20 air pump Tetra Whisper 40 air pump Sponge Filter Kent Iodide 64 fl oz Kent Strontium & Molybdenum 64 fl oz BRS Kalkwasser 4.5 lbs BRS Calcium Chloride 7lbs BRS Sodium Bicarbonate 8lbs Quarantine Tank PVC Pipes Speciman Container Veggie Clip Various test kits Refractometer 2 fish nets Carbon and filter socks Coral RX Frag plugs Email BHilton18@gmail.com for pricing.
  3. So I’ve inherited a fish tank when I moved into this townhouse that I’m living in currently (renting, btw we have the master bedroom open!) which previously held a vast amount, roughly 140 bottles of empty liquor bottles. Now that I’ve cleaned that out, the rock was saved from prior tank build, has been reef scaped and awaiting a few things which I’ll mention bellow in my notes, I actually take interest in the build threads and see how progress goes as this hobby isn’t for the quicker speed of hobbyist. Notes: Tank utilizes a ghost overflow box, already Plummed with silencer ports as well. Return plumbing has been plummed as well to the return pump chamber in the sump. Still need to get the following taken care of. I’m one of the newer guys here so I’m excited to share this. 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2. A skimmer powerful enough to support a 250g heavy rating, brs does a rating on their site that’s pretty on point. 3. The motors for two mp-40’s with controllers, if the ones that I have aren’t 40’s then there def 60’s. I’ll post a pic in the comments. Powerheads that will be powerful enough for a 225g mixed reef tank, I’ve used Jebaos in the past and they were great. I’m interested in those. 4. Any RODI units, something like the basic brs models. 5. Salt (according to reef crystals about two buckets would make 320 gallons) 6. Simple, new check valve for the return plumbing. 7. Spare float valve to replace broken one in sump, for ATO. 8. Mag float cleaner for a 225g tank. Sorry for the massive laundry list, I kinda did this to help myself remember what I still need to get before even thinking about live stock. For those wondering, the tank has been dry for roughly 2 years, with sand still in it, but sand is dry at this point and so is the rock. So I’m going to attempt it as is for now, in hopes it doesn’t turn for the worst as we always know it could down the road. Please feel free to follow along on this journey. I live in the dc metro region, in hopes to grow colonies of some cool zoas and bird nests variations some day and some cool fish to go along with it too. Hoping to attend some of the meetings coming up too. I find this site super helpful for someone who just moved from Syracuse NY. Cheers!
  4. We will now be offering PVC as an option on all glass tanks larger than 100 gallons. Please go to our website and fill out our quote form. We will be updating the webpage to have pvc as an option. Get your glass tank built locally and save shipping. We offer an economy series that does not have polished edges as well as a diamond series that has polished and beveled edges.
  5. We are running a sump special until September 16th, 2017 Sizes 48"x16"x16". Regularly $595. Sale $450 4 available made with 1/4" material 60"x16"x16". $695. Sale $495. 1 available 48"x20"x18". Regularly. $795 Sale $595. 1 available made with 3/8" material 60"x24"x24" Regularly. $1500 Sale $995. 1 available made with 1/2" material These can have some customization done to them but, generally these are our standard sumps. This sale will not be offered again. Go to www.pimpedoutaquariums.com or email me at jeff@pimpedoutaqauriums.com

    26 Bowfront 2

    From the album: Equipment

    26 gallon bowfront w/stand, face

    © James N. Dart


    26 Bowfront

    From the album: Equipment

    26 gallon bowfront w/stand, 3/4 view

    © James N. Dart

  8. My apartment recently suffered smoke damage from an electrical fire in the unit below mine. The cleaning company has suggested ozoning the entire apartment after they clean the individual items permeated with the smell. I am wondering if the ozone generator will harm my fish tank (28g reef tank with two clowns) if it is in the living room with the generator while it is running. I have read mixed messages online and am not sure who to believe. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. So I just got a smaller tank and Im trying to decide what fish I want to put into it, sadly they have to be somewhat reef safe so Im not open to all options. My tank will be mostly LPS and zoas. Any thoughts or experience on what fish do well in a smaller tank...?
  10. I haven't post pics in awhile... I was playing with my camera today and got some shots... I still need to improve but I am getting better...Enjoy
  11. I got this Quiet One pump about 7 weeks ago.... It's been freakin noisy as hades since day one. The other day it got even worse. Today suddenly it practically screamed bloody murder at me, so I turned it off and took it apart. I also found out where the mysterious blue plastic thing came from that showed up in my tank a couple days ago.... Is my water F-ed up now due to the impeller metal? Could this be why that hoek frag RTNed a couple weeks ago, and why a couple other frags are on their way out? I guess I'll put some carbon in the tank when I get off the computer. But now I'm back to no pump.
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