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  1. Ah. Thank you for your advice...
  2. so the zeovit rock reactor is a must?? anyone doing partial Zeovit dosing?
  3. few shots. i will make this rock as a sky garden kind..stay tuned..
  4. Nam, I need one more oregon~

    let me know what you have left~

    1. NamReefs


      yeah bro i do have all difference size if  you are interest bro. even colony bro

  5. I am thinking to get Calcium reactor for my 92 gallon tank.. I just want to know rough estimate on how much it would be.. $600 is my estimate on Aquamaxx calcium reactor. let me know if you have some numbers to share.~
  6. yeah.. they are glazing around it.. very great scene.~
  7. Yes. when RBTA died (25 of them) release the toxic.. I don't know why they died just in few days.. I am thinking the lack of feeding (25.. I mean yeah 25..) and temperature change lead to chain reaction..
  8. few update. All RBTA gone. many SPS died. Hang one mid size live rock to see if I can make "live rock floating in the water " tank. yeah it's floating with fishing pole string..~ I want to put small SPS LPS garden if possible.. I will get a better shots.. soon~ camera phone sux.>~
  9. Thanks .. I haven't been buying online for long time..And I saw liveaquaria Diver's Den page.. and all the corals are tagged with "AUSSIE" maybe I need to be on the current trend.. Some of mushroom and leather looked the ones that I used to have .. nothing special but price tag was high with AUSSIE in it...
  10. just benders are putting Aussie in front of their corals and put a premium $ to it.. is it really coming from Aussie? or price tactic?
  11. they still carry saltwater corals & fish?
  12. more of jealousy? LOL be careful~.. triggers crush the shells to eat~
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