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  1. they still carry saltwater corals & fish?
  2. more of jealousy? LOL be careful~.. triggers crush the shells to eat~
  3. moga

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Great tank always!! .. new lighting?.. OH got it.. I read previous pages..:)
  4. moga

    250DD build

    wow what a healthy tank... keep it up Dave.~!!!! That Regal looks so pretty!
  5. moga

    Red Sea 170 System-help

    agree with Epleeds. you need some time to get the tank gets mature. if you add fish and the coral at the same time , there will be cycle hike which will stress the fish and coral. If you get the water and the live rock from previous owner, that's different story. (bit safer than starting from the scratch.) PM me. I am not an expert but I have been kept the tank for 17 years. I pass by Springfield time to time.(lived there for 15 years near Huntsman blvd).
  6. moga

    Best Skimmer Out There

    Aquamaxx,.. it really works for my tank.~
  7. wow, polyps out ?? it looked liked dead coral to me.~
  8. moga


    What is store hours?
  9. moga

    Moving My 47 year old reef tank

    NIce~.. salute to you sir!!
  10. moga

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Oh I see... yeah.. as long as corals are growing great~.. that's great~. NiCE
  11. moga

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    great.. why did you remove the sand bed? no ph swings??
  12. moga

    30x30x24 frameless

    I started out with one RBTA about 4 years back. now i have 21 of them all around the corner or the tank. Soon i can capture them.i grab it and sell it.. There will be more harvest on change the location of rock first time in few years.~
  13. moga

    30x30x24 frameless

    few shots..~ still the same .. trying to keep up!!
  14. Let me know, if you frag it.~ i love it in my tank as well.~
  15. looks great!!! I love your Torch!!!wow!