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  2. Neat tank! I've subscribed. I like the 30 gallon frag tank, in general, and this is a good way to populate it. As far as other fish in the tank, assuming you keep the maroon pair, you maybe could try a pair of melanopsus or similar clowns, assuming that the maroons feel they have enough anemone to live in. (I'm told they can be aggressive, of course, so I'm not so sure about this). You also could maybe keep a pair of Banggai cardinals; they are supposed to sometimes live in BTAs, though not anywhere near the degree of a clownfish. It seems to me you don't have enough space for a "real" harem tank (20+ ocellaris), if you had say 7 it might be hard to diffuse aggression among them (which accoding to what I've seen with harem tanks is one of the big long term problems with them). One fish would eventually become the scapegoat and die. Notwithstanding the fact that many fish school when they're small and seperate into breeding pairs after a few years when they mature. Anyway, I'll be interested to see how this tank grows!
  3. Those cross beams are 8"x1.25" ash with cross bracing and a vertical support in the back. You should have no issues, but if you ever do, let me know and I can fix it. Looking good.
  4. Memorial Day Sale: SAVE 10% (or more) ON MOST ITEMS! Have you earned your BONUS rewards today?
  5. Memorial Day Sale: SAVE 10% (or more) ON MOST ITEMS! Have you earned your BONUS rewards today?
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  7. So it’s not a very good source, but in any case: https://brainly.in/question/644678 apparently it’s cyano. They secrete a fluffy gelatinous later to protect their colony. Guess that means I’ve got a pretty well established colony of cyano in my sump 😒
  8. Yup, cheato was already in there. It’s not a thin film by any means - I can pop the bubbles like bubble wrap. It’s goofy as can be. Only on the sump, not in the tank.
  9. I like vortechs because it's one less electrical cord in the water. I only have two electrical cords in my system, one for the skimmer pump, one for the sump circulation pump.
  10. I have had the new XF350 for 1.5 months now that replace my old mp40. Very quiet! I would say it is just as quiet as my MP40WQD. And great flow!
  11. I take it the cheato was already there. But I get a clear jelly type substance in my top off tank. I have been told it’s bacteria. It doesn’t show up in my tank, only in my top off.
  12. Tom- you mentioned to stir it once a day to keep saturation levels up, could you elaborate why you feel that is important? I read an article some years ago by Randy Holmes-Farley about kalk solution, and his take was if you are using a reservoir, to leave it completely undisturbed until you need to replenish it. The idea is that once it is stirred and settled, the water is fully saturated. You can pull water from anywhere in the container and it has the same concentration - fully saturated. It only becomes less that saturated if you break the crust in the surface, allowing the kalk to react with oxygen. Now you’ll have a less that saturated solution unless it’s stirred again. So, stir once, let crust develop, don’t touch until refilling is needed. I agree, however, with not dosing the whitish water before it had settled out. At least, that’s my recollection of the article, and since I’m posting from a phone right now, I’m lazy and don’t want to try to search for it (this is long enough and my thumbs are now tired) 🤣
  13. A-a-ron, that is what I thought before, but after some recent research it seems as tho' they are not all the same as before. I found the one Viparspectra works w/internal timer, and I am still researching, but it seems to have "Ramp Up" more or down as well which is an amazing feature I have never experienced for my own tanks. Lynn.Reef, I used to run an old Reefbreeder which was the exact same as the Mars Aqua, or so it seems. Did yours have the programmable settings??
  14. I was gone for two weeks on vacation. Tank was fed while I was gone, and that’s it. I care home to find a really weird gelatinous goop in my sump. I’ve never seen anything like it. Seems to form at the water surface. It has air bubbles, and is mostly clear, but whatever cyano color is near it is then on the surface of the goop (brown or red for me). Has anyone seen anything like this? Google is coming up short, as I don’t even really know what to search for.
  15. I tried the viaspectra. Pretty decent but very powerful. Only has two channels. I used it in the qt tank and did not have it for long but it def does grow sps. I also heard good things about the Mars aqua.
  16. I think most of the black boxes are about the same. Not very programmable but will get the job done. -A-a-ron
  17. OK, it has been quite a while but I made a little progress the last couple of days Bought the lumber to start bracing the floor for the tank; I dont think it would have been an issue but I didnt want a spongy floor regardless. A few hours later and I was basically done with that project. Everything from the front of the couch, back, is the "fish room." More than enough space for anything I want to do (most of it will likely go unused). With the floor supported, it was time to test fill the aquarium (I've had it over a year and a half and never tested it...). A few people mentioned concerns over the stand not having a center brace so I snapped a picture of the gap between the door and the top of the stand. A hundred and some gallons later, it's doing just fine... now I just need to clean up that big ol paint booger. It holds water! Tomorrow I'll try to knock out some more plumbing and get started on the mixing station and sump stand while I wait for said sump (about three more weeks out if there aren't any delays from Elite).
  18. It is a 20someting. (Sorry, forgot) I plan on keeping SPS and Softies, LPS... a Mixed Reef ideally.
  19. Last week
  20. Have you tried leaving a clam or mussel in the tank for them to pick at during the day (tied to a rock so it doesn't get pushed around)? You just remove it at the end of the day so that it doesn't cloud up the tank, but they can also be a good transition food that is relatively cheap.
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