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  3. Thank you again for supporting the club - I won another nano pack at today's meeting. Fish will be VERY happy!
  4. This morning I felt really energized, probably because I only had one Grand Marnier last night before bed. So I figured I would do more exercise this morning. I felt like going to the beach, down and up those 165 steps but I also wanted to bike ride. Actually, like most people I hate to exercise. But my wife gets after me about staying in shape. No, not the shape I am in, more like Brad Pitts shape but although they sell live pigs near here, I haven't seen any of them flying yet. So I get on my bicycle and head to the beach. The beach isn't far but it's up hill both ways. It must have been early because I didn't see anyone walking dogs or going to work. Then I remembered it's Sunday. I get to the beach door. Yes we lock our beach so no one steals it. I left the bike there and stared at the steps and the beautiful ocean at the bottom, below the clouds. ;Meh I start walking down the stairs and this time I don't count them as I normally do just to pass the time and see if I can still count. I pass a few deer and rabbits which I always say good morning to. I don't know if they are the same deer all the time as they don't seem to recognize me and probably just think "Oh great, here comes that bald Geezer messing up the serineness. There is huge vegetation on both sides of the stairs which are elevated above the cliff. I was thinking today, who was the guy who had to cut through this thick stuff to mark out where to put these stairs and did he have tick insurance. You can't even get down this cliff without having mountain climbing gear because it is so steep that if you step away from the stairs, the mountain starts to fall down into the sea. ;Woot I get to the bottom and sit on a bench there. They should put one of those CPR things there for Geezers like me but I stay a while and look out at the Sound searching for sharks. Last week they saw a huge fin sticking out of the water. I don't know if it was a fin connected to a shark or a Catalina gobi but I saw video's of it. I used to SCUBA dive here and never saw anything. Walking up was hard, I think because I had so many ticks on me they were weighing me down. ;Shifty I had to stop a few times, to say good bye to the deer and rabbits but also t catch my breath that I lost 30 years ago. I got to the top and found my bicycle. In my old neighborhood I just would have found a note thanking me for the bike. I got on the bike and headed home, uphill again. But I didn't go home, I don't know why but I rode past my house at an unbelievable rate, OK, it wasn't that fast but there was a young Lady running with one of those running carriages pushing a baby and I didn't want her to think she was in better shape than I was in, but she was. Even the baby was. I kept going, farther and farther all the way (about a mile, OK 3/4s of a mile) to where I couldn't go any more without getting flattened by a tractor trailer. I felt like Bruce Jenner. Well, not "Exactly". I am still a man and will remain that way. Mostly because I don't know what dress size I am. Then I came back home, passing the baby again who was shaking his fists at me (it could have been a pacifier) and I am ready to go out for breakfast. I still can't get in more than a third of these stairs, you need to be in a hot air balloon for that.
  5. I’m convinced now. I have a cat also, and make water in the same room as the litter box. So I just did my own experiment. I left an uncovered 16oz sample of freshly mixed water right next to the litter box over night... sure enough it measured .2 ammonia. I then measured the water in my mixing brute that i keep covered with a lid, and it was still 0. Could just be the difference of water volume in sample containers. The brute lid is nowhere near an airtight fit, but I’ve always kept my water covered (mostly for the cat hair and dust), and have never noticed any issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Notes, about the free frag giveaway: During the frag giveaway you will not get an opportunity to pick through the free frags. It just takes way too long to do that. We will ask folks to line up in a line that will likely curve around the room and will likely be long, but fast moving. We will distribute one type of frag until it's gone and then move on to the next. We will announce what we are handing out in general terms (acropora, montipora, pocillipora, birdsnest, etc), and we will know what we're starting with, but with hundreds of frags to hand out we probably won't know specific "popular" names for the corals because we won't have blue lights to shine on them to know exactly what they are. You're welcome to trade with others at the event if you like a frag better that someone else received. You're not welcome to sell them on the forum afterwards. These frags should all be healthy, we won't give out dying ones (except to our last speaker, Nikki Bridges, who will nurse them back to health), but they will not have been quarantined or dipped for pests. Please exercise appropriate caution before introducing them directly to your tank when you get them home. You're reefing with all of the other frags and people these corals have reefed with. We hand them out at the end of the meeting to avoid mishap at the meeting and to give you the best chance to get them home intact. Bring a container with you if you plan on getting a few of them to contain any leaks.
  7. WAMAS T-shirts will be for sale at FragFest! All sizes available in two colors, $10 each.
  8. Our speaker, Bob Stark, brought some things from ESV for the raffle. Thanks Bob and ESV! 100 gal salt mixes, 2 chances to win, $60 value from ESV Aquarium Products 64 floz units B-Ionic, 8 chances to win, $23 value from ESV Aquarium Products 2 gal units B-Ionic, 4 chances to win, $34 value from ESV Aquarium Products
  9. Well no socks, no fish and still feeding the fallow tank twice a day has my nitrates at 2ppm and phosphates at .02ppm. Have had the fuge light on every other night. Probably going to keep this routine once the fish go in. I am hoping the levels stay there or slightly higher and I can dial in the fuge running time to keep it steady. Need to check my alk again. Only fell from like 8.5 ish to 8.2 over a few week span. I dont really have alot of hard corals in the tank so I am not surprised it hasn't fallen to much. The tank is like a pod a palooza. Its insane. I have had pods in my previous two systems rocks for a while but never really alot. I thought I had diatoms on the glass buts its just pods everywhere.... if the fish returning in a month doesnt dent their population(i don't have any pod eaters but they are piggies so who knows) I may strongly consider a mandarin or leopard wrasse. Its insane in there. Grosses out the girlfriend. The fish are all doing well in the copper. Havent checked the level of copper in a week but it was .5ppm and I havent changed water or anything so I am sure its still at that level. But I will before they enter their last 10 days or so of the treatment. Funny side story. When I broke down the tank real quick to catch everything i put all the rocks in buckets/44g brutes. I have quite a few crabs and didnt really pay attention to where they went as I knew they were holding onto the rocks. I placed all the rocks back in and just did a small water change while I was at it. I had about 5g in one brute and carried it upstairs to dump it. (Theres a drain at the end of our driveway). I dump the brute a few feet from it and start wheeling it back in. I faintly here a "click" "click" "click". Lo and behold the water was kind of murky from the rocks being in there so I couldn't see well and there was my strawberry crab! Just sitting there on my driveway in the summer heat clicking away at me with his claws. Pretty sure I panicked and said oh s*** a crab and my neighbor who was working on his car was real confused. I used a rock from the flowerbed real quick and scooped him up and ran downstairs. Dropped him in the tank. He stared me down the whole time he sank to the bottom. Went under a rock. That was about a month ago. Its mostly nocturnal but will emerge like the starfish for easy food at feedings but I didnt see it since then. And today after feeding it appeared! I felt so bad the bucket it was in I dumped like a good amount of super salty water. (Longer story) and it sat in there while I worked in my cold basement. Who knows what the salinty and temp were. I felt so awful and thought for sure I killed it but marine life has proved to me time and time again its quite resilient especially if you have a healthy specimen to start. Picture is faint but its in there. Side note. Tuxedo urchin found a coral frag that I never knew existed? Maybe was on a rock I picked up from someone. It started off totally white but now it has polyps on it.... completely intend to leave it as its hat.
  10. Platinum Sponsor FishnReef.com is donating a mixed frag pack of 20 corals! $250 value. Thank you!
  11. You have done me and possibly a lot of other future hobbyists a huge service simply by posting about the problem! It really would be great if someone could do a formal article about airborne ammonia, sources, and how to keep it from affecting aquariums.
  12. Last week
  13. I can redo the experiment with some bottled water or any other water but i performed the same mason jar experiment downstairs, outside, in the basement, in the garage, and in my room and it only acquired ammonia in my room. It’s definitely a weird phenomena to wrap your mind around, took 2 years of an algae filled tank to figure out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Mari and I have been having the same issue. Both of us have cats and litter boxes, which of course give off ammonia gas. The solution I chose is to limit airborne ammonia, prevent it from getting into the water, and use something that will take ammonia out of the water before the ammonia has a chance to feeds algae growth. The 40g new water container no longer gets an ammonia reading; I am not using any media in it, but keep the container covered. I am using the media in my sump, but not sure if I actually still need it because the water in the tank has always shown no detectable ammonia, because the algae was eating it up. I am assuming the algae die-off to be the result of a decrease in the addition of ammonia from the air. I had not a trace of cyano all the while that the algae was growing, but with the algae die-off, I now have the cyano. I believe as long as I keep airborne ammonia out of the tank, the tank will straighten itself out.
  15. In today's video, we are taking a look at thePinpoint Salinity Monitor which is available at Premium Aquatics. Pinpoint Salinity Monitor: http://bit.ly/2XX0RmY 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on the YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU0_DbaCvwo&t=1s Visit Premium Aquatics: https://premiumaquatics.com Follow Premium Aquatics ----- Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PremiumAquatics Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/premiumaquatics/
  16. Tank Series - Let there be Life!! We are putting some crawly creatures in the system from Algagen! Can't wait to be able to look in the tank and see the new copepod life in the aquarium! Make sure to check out the products here: Algagen: https://pafish.me/ALGAGEN ReefBrite Live Rock Enhance.: https://pafish.me/LiveRockEnhance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw6V5X8lrnw
  17. Congratulations to "Cesar Camacho" for winning the IceCap Kalk Mixing Reactor
  18. Injury or something else? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Firstly, congratulations! Orchid dottybacks are prototgynous hermaphprodites: born female and the dominant one turns male. Sort of the opposite of clownfish. Get two young ones and they'll pair up. Or get a large and small.
  20. These are captive bred. I was also worried about that. Through a lot of reading, I’ve figured out that the captive bred fish are more likely to be better for you that wild. This is because captive fish are sold as soon as they are big enough, which means their sex may not be determined yet. So, similar to clowns, you can get two at the same size, and they will figure out who’s male and who’s female. BUT, I had talked with Jon at BRK, and waited until he placed an order that included a bunch of these fish so I could go pick out the two with the biggest size difference. I’d say it worked out well!
  21. Awesome! Are your dottys the captive bred ones or wild? I really wanted a pair, but was afraid of getting two same-sex fish and ending up with just one.
  22. Just wondering if anyone in wamas is trying one of the new alkalinity controllers that are available? I've read lots of reviews on reef2reef and have seen good and bad reviews on all of them..... Darren thanks, Darren
  23. I know - this thread is worthless without pics. I tried for about 30 minutes last night, but the light, angle, and fish weren't agreeing with taking a good picture. I bought my Orchid Dottybacks from Blue Ribbon Koi about 6 months ago. They came in really healthy, and they were able to get a bunch in so there was already a size difference between the two fish. (like clownfish, you need one larger than the other, however, for Dottybacks, the bigger is the male). I did not QT them, I took a PaulB approach - tossed them in the tank and fed a bunch. They both went through spats of ich and some other topical thing on them (cysts maybe?), and got beat up a little from my female clown. I kept feeding heavy throughout - a healthy fish can fend off many sicknesses. I feed my own homemade blend of fish food. I also really like to feed masago - can't hardly get any more nutritious than an egg! The last few days, I noticed the smaller (female) one looking quite rotund and hanging around one particular hole in the rocks. Last night while I was feeding, I looked in the hole, and there's an egg ball about the size of a shooter marble in there! Woot!! I guess that means I must be doing something right if I have fish spawning, right?!?! No, I do not have plans at this time to even attempt to raise any fish, just think it's fun to have a successful habitat and breeding going on in my tank!
  24. I’d still be interested to see if those results would be the same with water from another source other than your tap. I could be totally wrong... but you’ve peaked my curiosity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. A similar experiment was carried out several months ago.
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