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  1. Just got the e-mail, for anyone in the market for a tank.
  2. So I sent Ecotech Marine two (2) M1 pumps that were on the fritz. They immediately sent me replacements. I was excited about the customer service and responsiveness. But when I was reading the M1 pump reviews on BRS, this practice (pump replacing) appears to be common. My pump lasted 3.5 yrs before it conked out. Anyone have testimonials that speak to the quality of a vectra M1 they own/owned? And where would you rank them when return pumps are concerned? Thanks waterworld
  3. Reeflink has a history of poor performance. I came across the same complaints online. I believe it gets “knocked off” the WiFi due to sensitivity to environmental or electrical changes e.g. rain, snow, and power surges. You only run into problems when you wanna make changes to the settings. Other then that, although the circle is “green” my last setting program is saved. *You have to relink with WiFi, remember to scroll down the screen to find your WiFi name. It may take a few minutes to appear, and it may not be visible. Waterworld
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