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  1. Thanks for the tips. I raised the fixture about 2-3 inches and it seems you guys got the sweet spot down, ive been keeping mine at 50b/40w as scheduled max for the day.
  2. monkeymanolo


  3. Ill take 2 boxes of IO if you still have it, cant pick up this weekend though.
  4. I got a IT2040 about 6 months ago and Ive had it over my frag tank with mixed results. At first I kept it at the factory ( I believe ERC settings) and i recently started playign around with the custom menu and trying different power settings. What im looking for is the BEST power setting specifically for an Zoa dominated frag tank, ( a few LPS frags but no SPS). I've learned no setting is perfect for all the different types of Zoas out there, but which one would be the best to accommodate the most? My parameters are where they need to be, all pretty stable, the fixture is 6 inches from the top of the tank, with the frags 6 inches below the rim, I have not been able to use a PAR metter ( waiting on it already). What do you guys suggest? I heard there is a template somewhere on RC for Zoas but I cant find it! Can someone point me if they know where it is? Or any suggestions would be appreciated!
  5. THank you! THis is pretty much what i was looking for, jumping on it now!
  6. Where do you get those plastic clips? Is it a one size fits all sorta deal or do they make different sizes? I might just go with the mesh top, ive been reading about a lot of warping on plexiglass...
  7. Does anyone know where I could find a glass or plexiglass top to cover a nano and the pegs or "holders" that sit on the the rimless tanks that hold up the cover? ( usually 4) I saw some at quantums but they were made for the specific tanks they were selling. Specifically, im looking for something to fit a Mr. Aqua 18g cube.
  8. Just came across your build tread Trish, looks great! That's some pretty fast progress!
  9. so was that 2 different stains on the wall? Tank is lookin gooood....
  10. GREAT looking wall! This would get pinned all over the place on pinterest. What kind of wood is that exactly? and the stain?
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