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  1. TonyInVa

    ATO quesion

    I have the same ATO. If the pump runs too long I have had to unscrew the housing and activate the reset button on the inside of the housing. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. TonyInVa


    I have read and seen discussions on kickstarting stubborn growing acros by cutting the tips. This search on stubborn corals is what lead me to Dr. David Vaughn's research. Most of my SPS are growing like weeds, but several are barely growing at all. What's odd is the ones that don't grow are ones that would be considered rare or high end. At least that's the only way I know to categorize them.
  3. TonyInVa


    I have watched several videos by David Vaugh, regarding micro-fragmentation. His videos and speeches are about fragging very small pieces and placing close together. One example he talks about is 4 pieces placed down that fused and grew to a size that would have taken fifteen years. His work is for the ocean and coral restoration purposes. But I assume this could be used in the reef keeping hobby and probably is, but I couldn't find any articles. Has any one in in WAMAS tried it, if so please discuss.
  4. I have been not been able to confirm, but have been informed that the 24 inch Reef Breeders fixture uses a 3wt LED. It is a royal blue LED. I am having trouble finding a site that sells them that isn't in China and that won't take eternity to get to me.
  5. I have contacted Reef Breeders by email, phone(had to leave a message), and Facebook. I have not heard back from them. There does not seem to be a particular model number. It is a 24 in Reef Breeders Version 1. I cant find any information on it because their website only has the version 2. I believe that this particular bulb may have been replaced by the original owner. The soldering doesn't look the same as the others.
  6. I dont know the exact shade(NM) of blue, but it is one of the blues. Not sure of the size. Hopefully the picture will give someone more experienced a clue. Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. I have a Reef Breeder fixture, an older model, that an LED burnt out. I bought it from a member and wish I could remember who, as I think he said he had thought he had spare bulbs. Has anyone replaced a bulb on a Reef Breeder or any other fixture? I assume they are all similar. I am not the best at soldering and this looks like it needs to be very neat and precise. The ones I have used are from Rapid LED and don't need to be too precise. If by chance, the person who sold me the lights, reads this and has spare bulbs, please contact me.
  8. I have several frags. I am usually available in the evenings. I am located in Springfield Va.

    1. Angel_fish217


      Yeah, Idk if you know him but Russ told me about your great corals and said to look for you on WAMAS. Sorry for the late response! 

      Would I be able to come to get the zoahs this Friday in the evening?

  9. TonyInVa

    Red/maroon algae

    Anybody know what this algae is and how to get rid of it? It is a maroon color and it is soft and spongy to the touch.
  10. TonyInVa

    Cycling a tank

    I started cycling another tank on Saturday and I’m having bubbles/foam in my sump. The tank is clear and has no bubbles/foam, but for some reason the sump is full. Anybody have any suggestions?
  11. TonyInVa

    Dmb092182 75 gallon SPS Tank

    Nice tank. I like the color mix.
  12. TonyInVa

    The 12 Days of Reef Christmas

    Thanks Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  13. TonyInVa

    The 12 Days of Reef Christmas

    Funny. It always amazes me when finding the snail trap doors (I would really like to know the real name). Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. These are some really good points. I feel that education is very important. It is important on many levels. For example when snorkeling, using proper sunscreen or better yet non at all, preferably short fins or none, do not touch or handle livestock and not standing on live rock or coral. There is a resort my wife and I go to that is famous for Sea Turtles coming to the beach and laying eggs. There is an Ecological group that tours the beach several times a day. They allow you to volunteer and tour with them and educate people on turtle conservation. I feel if the conservationist were educated what step reef keeping hobbyist took, they may feel differently.