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Found 18 results

  1. Ive heard that as far as angelfish go, bandit angelfish can relatively safe for reef tanks. Does anyone have successful experience, or unsuccessful attempts at keeping a bandit in a reef? ive heard the same for goldflakes, so if anyone happens to have info on that, Id be happy to hear, also.
  2. Any idea what this is? May be hard to see in video, but there is a small hitchhiker on this zoa colony that looks like a tiny Feather Duster worm. Its located on the lower right portion of the zoa in the video between the polyps, and it appears to shrink and pop back out in response to movement. Edit: Not sure if the photos uploaded, it says they're attached but they don't seem to be showing up.
  3. Ive never dealt with lyretail anthias, so I'm not really sure what to expect. Would they eat fish small enough to swallow? I know some anthias will, but no clue about most. What about reef compatability? Would they eat small shrimp and such, cause it will have fish and shrimp in sizes down to tiny(maybe even sexy shrimp)? Would that work, or would I need to put it into FOWLR? At the moment I have a TINY, barely larger than an inch&1/2, convict blenny in my QT, which MIGHT be small enough to fit in the mouth of a lyretail I'd like to get. If I get the anthias it would have to go in with the blenny. Is that a risky situation? Thanks for any and all help, everyone:)
  4. So I’ve inherited a fish tank when I moved into this townhouse that I’m living in currently (renting, btw we have the master bedroom open!) which previously held a vast amount, roughly 140 bottles of empty liquor bottles. Now that I’ve cleaned that out, the rock was saved from prior tank build, has been reef scaped and awaiting a few things which I’ll mention bellow in my notes, I actually take interest in the build threads and see how progress goes as this hobby isn’t for the quicker speed of hobbyist. Notes: Tank utilizes a ghost overflow box, already Plummed with silencer ports as well. Return plumbing has been plummed as well to the return pump chamber in the sump. Still need to get the following taken care of. I’m one of the newer guys here so I’m excited to share this. 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2. A skimmer powerful enough to support a 250g heavy rating, brs does a rating on their site that’s pretty on point. 3. The motors for two mp-40’s with controllers, if the ones that I have aren’t 40’s then there def 60’s. I’ll post a pic in the comments. Powerheads that will be powerful enough for a 225g mixed reef tank, I’ve used Jebaos in the past and they were great. I’m interested in those. 4. Any RODI units, something like the basic brs models. 5. Salt (according to reef crystals about two buckets would make 320 gallons) 6. Simple, new check valve for the return plumbing. 7. Spare float valve to replace broken one in sump, for ATO. 8. Mag float cleaner for a 225g tank. Sorry for the massive laundry list, I kinda did this to help myself remember what I still need to get before even thinking about live stock. For those wondering, the tank has been dry for roughly 2 years, with sand still in it, but sand is dry at this point and so is the rock. So I’m going to attempt it as is for now, in hopes it doesn’t turn for the worst as we always know it could down the road. Please feel free to follow along on this journey. I live in the dc metro region, in hopes to grow colonies of some cool zoas and bird nests variations some day and some cool fish to go along with it too. Hoping to attend some of the meetings coming up too. I find this site super helpful for someone who just moved from Syracuse NY. Cheers!
  5. Hi guys, I had a very positive impression from this months meeting, it was my 1st and it was great. It felt good to be around people to share this passion, and now here I am introducing myself (... well, my tank), and hoping to share the joy from the hobby with all of you. Mine is a bow front 30 gallons tank. Is bare bottom and about 6+ month old. I've been introducing corals, fish and inverts in a very controlled way, slowly but constantly until I finally run out of space (i think), and now is time to let them be, see them grow and enjoy the interaction. I do have questions related to how to improve my system but due to time constrains that will probably have to wait till later this fall/winter, when I will really appreciate some feedback and help from those more experienced. Although I have had fish for about 20 years, it has only been about 1 year since i adventure into reefing. This are my baby steps and is exciting to see how much there is for me learn. To the images now... but please excuse the quality as I couldn't do any better with my phone. By the way, any help obtaining better pictures with iphone7 on led lights is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. So I'm heading off to college soon and the first thing i wanted to know is what is the biggest tank i can get. Turns out it is only a 10 gallon tank, bummer, I have never kept salt water fish in anything less than a 20 gallon tank and that was only for a few months with a green wolf eel I was raising. My roommate and I are both as experienced aquarists as we can be for our age so we should handle things just fine. I was just curious about stocking options for a 10 gal fish wise I'm used to my 75 where i have plenty of space to put some more interesting creatures. We plan on doing corals and inverts in our system so its not like we could find a tiny predator. Really any advise on small fish/shrimp/crabs or anything else you find cool would be appreciated. As well as maintenance or filtration and the more mechanical side of things.
  7. I'm wondering if I am missing something or doing something wrong w/my tank. After trying to maintain good husbandry babits (5-15g weekly water changes, GFO & carbon reactor, feeding lightly, refugium, expensive hardware, etc), running for a year and 1/2 w/some SPS, anemones, and just a light load of fish, I still dont have what I would consider an algae free, coral thriving setup. The algae is minor but it looks like a little redish cyano on a powerhead and some on the gravel. The coraline, which has now exploded, also had some brown **** in places. It's not terrible but I've seen tanks which have none of that stuff! Even worse, a couple corals punched me in the gut and bleached out: A Copps hoek and a red dragon. The hoek bleached out last night but I have no idea why or how. The dragon bleaching I THINK happened after some maint, the water level dropped and when the ATO was turned back on, ran too much through the return and into the dragon. I am not sure of this but that's all I have to explain it. That or a water change which may have been the wrong temp shocking it as water was poured directly onto the coral? I thought I had all the hardware and was doing all of the right things, but outside of upgrading to a 300g monster tank, I dont know how to improve my setup. Can anyone with LOTS of experience suggest something? This is what gets really frustrating about this hobby! Tank 90g w/1-2" gravel. Sump: 40g w/fuge "growing" chaeto and some rock Skimmer: Vertex Omega 150 Filtration: Sock replaced once to 3x a week (usually 2x). Lights: Two Kessil 360we. Ramp up at 8am, ramp down quickly by 7:20. Alk/Calcium: GEOS 620, levels kept at 9dKH, 410-420 Ca Other: Avast Spyglass reactor filled 50% carbon, 50% GFO (expected this to solve issue but hasnt, running only 2-3 weeks)
  8. Hey Guys, Sly Reefer from Bowie, Maryland here. Decided to keep a journal of some kind on a website so I can learn and keep track of my progress on this great adventure of reef aquariums. I know this hobby can be very rewarding if done properly so I made sure I had 100+ hours of research on the subject before diving in. After coming across may setups, some complicated and some rather simple, I decided bio cube 29 gallon in my bedroom would be a good choice for me. My father kept guppies when I was younger and I have always loved fish and the reefs. Being able to mimic this in my living room got me very excited and off I went to amazon. Main Compartment Coralife BioCube Aquarium Stand, Size 29 CaribSea Arag-Alive 20-Pound Special Grade Reef Sand, Bimini Pink Temperature Control EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 100W Liquid Crystal Horizontal Aquarium Thermometer HDE LCD Digital Fish Tank Aquarium Thermometer Extra Lighting 2 of Coralife Energy Savers ACL15608 Biocube Led Light Bar, Blue Cleaning Products Biocube Algae Cleaning Magnet KollerCraft Aquarius Aquarium Fish Net with Stainless Steel Handle, Medium 25 Foot - Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System Water Maintenance and Circulation Hydor Koralia Evolution 750/850 Aquarium Circulation Pump, 750-850 GPH Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer for Aquarium Filter Biological Filter Pura (Magnavore) APU00414 3-Pack 300-Micron Media Bags for Aquarium Filter, 6 by 12-Inch Seachem Matrix Carbon 100ml Seachem Matrix Bio Media 1 Liter 2 of Eshopps AEO19070 Square Foam Aquarium Filter, Large Seachem Purigen 100ml Poly Filter Pad 4 X 8" Test Kits API Saltwater Master Test Kit Coralife Energy Savers ACLAF877 Deep Six Hydrometer If you notice I went with a higher water flow and with a better filtration system then originally comes with this system in anticipation of adding future corals. When filling the tank I used nutri sea water and water from my lps (Tropicals in Glen Burnie) After finally setting up the tank with everything in it on 2/22/16 I was able to run the tank successfully but with temperatures as high as 83.3 I then realized my water level was double the max line and lowered it to where it needed to be. This then dropped the temperature to 81.03 which is better but not optimal. I was able to achieve a constant salinity of 1.025 and a ph of 8.2. I am not worried about ammonia, nitrite and nitrate at this time. My primary concern was dropping the temperature, so after researching about 2 hours I came across a solution that a fellow reefer had tried with the same tank to achieve a constant temperature of 78. Tank Cooling Addition Sanatop Aquarium Cooling System Fan Chiller + AC Adapter (6-Fan) Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip I was almost dreading the fact of having to buy a chiller for this unit as I felt it was a little overkill. With this attached and the back door removed, the unit looks very classy and stays cooler. The unit is also on a hinge to move up and down with the tank door. So I am currently waiting for this unit. On 2/22/16 I also added 20 pounds of dry rock. On today, 2/26/16, took a sample of water to my lps and test came out ok. No nitrites or nitrates and a little bit of ammonia. Decided to buy 6 lb of live rock and add it to the tank. Guy at the lps recommended some blue legged hermit crabs. Bought 12 for 8$. SCORED BIG TIME. Paid 100 dollars for rock. Came with following inhabitants: Torch coral, pistol shrimp, and some unidentifiable. The lps did not realize the critters were inside but did mention that anything attached to the rock was included. I feel really excited about the surprise torch and shrimp. The shrimp is shy and lives in a small cave at the top of the rock. The coral the size of a dime is small but seems to like the water flow. It also seems to be moving closer to the light. Now I have pictures and also need help identifying some things in the tank. What I believe is the pistol shrimp Unidentifiable white star Another Shot of white star and another brown star in top right
  9. So finally found a good size tank for me and going to start the build thread up. I have a pile of equipment and a sump to build but I am hoping to have the tank up and running a month before MACNA. Specs: Marineland 150G DD tank with single corner overflow. (24in x 48in x 30 in) Life Reef Calcium reactor 2x 250w halides with 14k phoenix bulbs 2x 46.5 in UVL Super Actinic VHOs 1 48 in reefbrite actinic 2x 50w 460nm Blue led chips 3x RW-15's 2x RW-8's Apex full unit Bubble Magus Nac 6 with neck cleaner 40g breeder triton style refugium Ecoplus 1200 or DC return pump not sure yet still debating between fritz RPM, IO, or Tropic Marin
  10. So I'm still relatively new here and to any forums really so don't shoot me if this topic has been broached before. Currently I have a 36g corner tank (Detailed in a former post) and I have been battling dinoflagellates for months and months now. It all started with a failed experiment with organic carbon dosing (sugar) which through lack of patience turned into over dosing, then great results, and then disaster in the turn of brown slime everywhere and cloudy as all H-E-double hockey sticks water. This eventually cleared up (relatively quickly) on its own by halting all attempts at carbon dosing. And then they came. Legions of little brown hair like slime popping up all over the rock and glass. Hundreds of bubbly soldiers of doom and misfortune wherever the light fell marching upon my tank leaving only despair in its wake and a constant reminder of what impatience gets you in this hobby. But seriously, it's darn annoying. I keep it relatively under control through periodic periods of lights out, and black outs, and water changes and everything else I can find online, but nothing stops it from coming back. Sometimes it helps for weeks, others for days. but when the lights get turned back on and ratcheted up in power they appear everywhere. Strands covered in little bubbles over my rock, glass, and corals. Closer to the lights the more I see, and I'm at a loss of what to do. Some people say keep your nutrients all the way down so they can't feed. (mine are pretty low, currently 0.02 NO3, and phosphates undetectable with API), others say you actually have to get your nutrients up high because the over feeding causes them to die out through morbid gluttony. Currently I'm just pretty much ignoring them and just periodically blowing them off of everything with a kent feeder thing whenever I walk by the tank. The first time they popped up my tank mates seemed bothered by them, but once i got rid of them and they came back again nothing seemed to care. My corals open as brilliantly as ever and my fish eat all day every day. Not once has anything, even a snail, died from em. The reason I post this now is that I'm soon going to be upgrading my 36 corner to a 90g reef ready cube. I'm at a complete loss over whether or not I should just call it a loss and start the new tank over brand new everything, or move my current rock into the new tank an potentially bring the dinos in with it. The plan if i bring the rock will be to do at least a 1 week lights out period and good scrubbing before and after of the rock to get any off. This obviously has some risk associated with it. The trouble with starting new is not financial but aging. I loose all age associated with the rock that I have, which means my tank's cycles start all over in which case I'm adding all my fish and corals in way too soon to a brand new tank. Corals and fish that I have no intention of getting rid of while my tank cycles through the various first stages. (I'm referring to how people say you have to wait at least 6 months before you add corals to the tank, give or take, as the tank has to complete several cycles before it's stable enough to add corals. So if you're still with me, I'm wondering if you have any ideas or knowledge in how to beat this stuff. It's easy to get it to go away, but not come back is the hard part. Even articles I've read where people are saying how they've beaten it often come back with updates like "Well, it came back". The forces of good must prevail, I will not so readily except defeat! If you read this whole thing, good for you. You have patience like few who have come before you.
  11. I've been working on this tank for the past 3 years. 4) MP40's, 6) D120's, 80w UV, 1/2hp chiller, Biopellet/P04 reactors, 2 part dosing. Original Avast CS3 skimmer. Hippo Tang is about 9" for scale.
  12. Well here is an attempt to recover from my winter disaster of my 135 gallon frg/holding tank incendent. After many hours of debating the issue of selling everything off and wait until my return home. I have decided to build a temporary reef in doors. I had great plans for the 156, but another WAMAS member needed it more than I. Bla Bla Bla. So I present my new project ! The Oceanic 120 Tech Tank. It will builT from all WAMAS posted FS/FT/Free Items as well as all corals purchashed from club members as well. Tag along!!!
  13. Where's the best place to sell a used tank? I have a fully established Red Sea Max 250 that I have to part with because of a move.
  14. I am currently building my 10 g AGA nano reef. I have a few questions. I am not new to fishkeeping, made 10 freshwater tanks, 1 FO SW tank, and 1 FOWLR SW tank, both 20 gallons and a lot of success. This is my first SW tank in about ten years however, I see a LOT has changed, and I have some questions. Here is my proposed build: Tank 10 g AGA, some off brand purchased at LFS. It holds water though. Filtration/Heater AC 70 to be used as HOB fuge InTank AC 70 insert, will have chaeto, chemipure elite, and walmart poly fill as media. 10 watt submersible light from InTank as light for chaeto. Plan to run at night as opposite of main lighting. Hydor 50 Theo placed in AC 70 Lighting Orphek PR-25UV Dimmable 6 Blue/4 White/2 UV LED Pendant Ikea Lustera lamp modded to fit the tank light hooked up to a timer or coralife strip? Not sure about that yet. Water RO/DI water purchased from local grocery. No room for RO/DI unit at the moment. Whatever salt package is on sale at LFS Bio filtration in display tank 7 to 8 lbs. of fiji live rock from LFS 5 lbs. ive sand from LFS Livestock Turbo snail clean up squad (5 maybe?) put in after cycling 1 clownfish a month later Some shrimp? Coral down the line? What kind can I do with this lighting? Plan to put in a powerhead prior to this, any suggestions? I plan to do water changes every other day using the 16 oz cup method, and top off as needed with RO/DI. Might put in a DIY ATO if needed. My questions are: Do I need to have a powerhead from the get go? Do I have to have less flow with my AC 70 fuge? What kind of coral could I have with my lighting set up? Is there anything I missed? Many thanks for any advice you can give me.
  15. Well finally order the replacement rear glass from Laurel Glass.PU on Saturday. In addition having stand built while in Norfolk out of square tube aluminum . Can't wait to get started!!!!!
  16. Hi Guys - I’ve meant to do an update thread for a while since setting up the new tank, but haven’t gotten around to it. Thankfully, Laura (Sharkey18) chastised me enough last week to get my butt in gear and upload some pictures. First let me say that I’m fairly new to the hobby...I started up with a BioCube 14 about a year and a half ago, then got the bigger is better bug, and now have an 80G display in my living room. I’m still learning and trying to read as much as I can, so any advice is welcome! So, here’s what I’m currently working with (evolution from the original setup -> today follows). This tank has been up since Oct 2012. Hopefully, no crashes, and everything continues to grow out! Display: 80 Gallon 1” Acrylic Shallow Rimless (48” x “24” x 16”) Sump: 30 Gallon Acrylic Lighting: Two Kessil A350w Tuna Blue In-Tank Circulation: Vortech MP40wES, Sicce Voyager 4 Return: Eheim 1262 Skimmer: AquaC EV 180, powered by Eheim 1262 Chiller: JBJ Arctica 1/10 hp GFO: Two TLF Phosban 150’s running Rowaphos, powered by Mixi-Jet 900’s ATO: 20 Gallon rubbermaid; Spectrapure Power Liquid Level Controller, powered by a Tom’s AquaLifter Dosing: Kalk in ATO, Magnesium, also add’l B-ionic if necessary Temp: 77* Calc: 450 Alk: 10dKh Mg: 1250 pH: 8.2-8.35 Nitrates: 0 Phos: 0 Live Rock: ~110lbs Live Rock, mix of Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu Corals: Mixed Reef - Softies, LPS, SPS Inverts: Tiger Pistol Shrimp (paired w/Y.W.G.), Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Fire Blood Shrimp (I’ve named her Daenerys), 2 Peppermint Shrimp, Emerald Crab, Red Crab, Various Snails/Hermits Fish: Ocellaris + Black&White Clown (bonded pair), Flame Angelfish, Yellow Watchman Goby, Pajama Cardinal, 2 Firefish, Yellow Tang, Kole Tang
  17. HERE'S WHAT'S NEW. EVERYTHING CLEARED FOR A NEW HOME! FEW VIDS ADDED. CHECK US OUT! Tomini tangs 2.5-3", Blonde naso tang 4.5", Yellow tangs 2.5-4", Onyx clownfish 2", Marine betta 3.5", Hand caught chromis 2-3", Scott's fairy wrasse(fiji), , Ignitus anthias, female, , Bartletts anthias,ale and female, Purple queen anthias, Red firefish, Helfrichi firefish(2 for $150!), Mystery wrasses, Laboutis wrasse, Midas blennies, Scooter blennies, bluespot jawfish, Purple long tentacle anemones, Pink tile starfish, Acan frags, Aussie hammers, Aussie chalices, Auusie acro, maricultured SPS, Various LPS, hammers. brains,duncans, torch. SPS, mushrooms, toadstools, xenia, and other soft coral. Im still working on taking coral pics. Theres TONS! Ask nicely, and I can try to create a vid of what you want before you buy! COMING NEXT WEEK... Flame angels, multicolored angels, Red Sea regal angels, borbonious anthias, designer clownfish, an assortment of tangs and wrasses including the achilles tang, and the lineatus wrasse! More fish. More corals. More cleaners. KAILENI LIVE ROCK! Plus whatever you want ordered! We can get it al, and our prices and quality are second to none! CHECK OUT OUR THREAD ABOUT THIS UPCOMING MEETING! Want $10? Join our mailing list and get $10 off of your first purchase of $25 or more! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US VIA WEBSITE, PM, OR PHONE CALL: 240-435-0177
  18. It looks like the Aliens have invaded my refugium. What the heck is this thing? In addition to its appearance, it is slimy feeling and enjoys living on the dark side of the rock.
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