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  1. Take this today or tomorrow morning Feb 23/24. Moving it otherwise. South Arlington ZIP 22204 Drilled reef tank 60 inches long, 19 inches high, 18 inches wide. Sump 48 inches long, 21 inches high, 13 inches wide. Homemade LED lighting which had a great reef underneath it. You will need to tinker this as the some of the wiring may be loose. Includes plywood table for use under tank
  2. Many more detailed photos on Craigslist: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/for/d/washington-wysiwyg-corals-for-sale/6778745829.html Contact us for when? Can hold with Paypal. Email on sales@fishrneef.com. NO PMs please.
  3. Clarification of some of the corals we might include in a mixed frag pack: toadstool montipora capricornis birdsnest pocilopora montipora encrusting stylophora zoa paly gorgonian xenia montipora digitata psamacora undata acropora millipora and...more...
  4. Response to question: Yes, you can pickup in Georgetown. We will need to set a time. Thanks.
  5. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS - WE WILL SEND $10 FRAGS Minimum order $120 or 12 Frags You must be in the PINK zone for the $120 Deal WE SEND YOU A MIX OF FRAGS WE CHOOSE ALL CORALS ARE 100% CAPTIVE GROWN! Treat Yourself! Color up your tank with an instant Reef! Tank Crash? Rebuild quickly. Waiting just means an empty tank. We choose a mix of colorful corals. What's on our website and more! Choose Mixed, SPS, LPS, Softie, Zoa/Paly, Beginner We've Got 1000's Of Corals that need to be sold! OR BUY OUR 20 MIXED CORAL FRAG PACK FOR $249 GET 25 CORALS Shipped Free*! 14 Day Live Arrive Warranty * SHIPPING NOTES. CHECK YOUR ZONE. YOU MUST READ. Pink, Blue = ships free (Yes. You get 25 corals for $250 = $10 per coral) Orange, Green, Purple = We bill additional + $50 and we add 5 corals (Yes. You get 30 corals for $300 = $10 per coral).
  6. 3 HOURS LEFT! ENDS MID-NIGHT! Don't snooze...we overdid it on this sale...will not be repeated.
  7. Thanks. Fascinating. Could not find the edit button for the main post earlier. Will keep a close eye the next time. ABOUT 5 HOURS TO ENDING THE GREATEST DEAL YOU WILL GET! It was a bit insane in retrospect! Vendor for WAMAS members! :-)
  8. CLICK HERE! 7 High End SPS Frags For $149.99 $149.99 Pickup up is possible - email us sales@fishnreef.com Tyree Del Fuego ORA Borealis GARF Purple Bonsai Atlantis Red Brick Milli Tyree Bloody Mary Cebuensis Tyree TriColor Bali Rainbow Granulosa Tyree Del Fuego ORA Borealis GARF Purple Bonsai Atlantis Red Brick Milli Tyree Bloody Mary Cebuensis Tyree TriColor Bali Rainbow Granulosa
  9. Thanks! Couldn't edit...could you please edit this to read SUNDAY - 12/9. LESS THAN 12 HOURS TO END? HAS ANYONE EVER SUPPORTED REEFERS WITH PRICES LIKE THIS? WAMAS'ers...there's always a lot of griping about costs...this should dispel that myth!
  10. DC-MD-VA ONLY! MERRY CHRISTMAS! We have never had a sale like this before! Get 40 Frags instead of 20 Frags Applies to ONLY 20 Mixed Frag Pack with free shipping = $6.25 per coral! Great Colors-No Duplicate Species This is for DC-MD-VA ONLY! Contact us for Pickup LIMITED QUANTITIES ENDS SUNDAY (TOMORROW 12/9/18) OR when we show "OUT OF STOCK"! Our Elves Got Busy with 1000's Of Corals that need to be sold! Here's one testimonial that sums it why this is be best Christmas present ever! "I just wanted to let you know I got the 20 multi frag pack and I am very impressed with the quality and variety of the shipment. I wish I would of bought sooner and anyone considering buying a frag pack do your self a favor and just buy it. I now have a tank full of beautiful corals instead of a tank with a few corals and lots of rocks. I'm looking forward to the frags growing out and having a stunning display tank." Garth, CO DC-MD-VA-WV-DE ONLY...LIMITED STOCK...ENDS TOMORROW! 14 Day Live Arrive Warranty www.fishnreef.com 14 day live arrive. Flat $39.99 FedEx. Free shipping after $229.99 Our website has gone crazy...we may have items showing not in stock (email us)! Zoa Pack 1 Warmest wishes for the holidays! The Fishnreef team PINK IS CONSIDERED LOCAL! AQUA-CULTURED CORALS ONLY!
  11. Last edited: 51 minutes ago Super selection. Excellent prices. Your community e-tailer http://www.fishnreef.com
  12. Pack 3: Zoanthids/Palys: 130$ Add instant color with these multicolored zoanthids! Green Button Palys Tubbs Blue Zoanthids True Blue Hornets Zoas Radioactive Dragon’s Eyes Mean Green Zoas Agent Orange Zoas Red People Eaters
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