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Found 30 results

  1. I have Been BUSY with New Corals + Corals start at Just 2.99 @ AquariumDepot.com I have been spending a lot of time in our coral department - and the hard work is paying off!! The corals are growing and we have so many new corals available!! It is super exciting. Here are just a few! Visit AquariumDepot to see all of the new items - Enjoy!! Looking for SWEET deals? Visit the Coral Bin - click AquariumDepot.com/CoralBin
  2. Is anyone familiar with, or have a "nighthawk" elegance coral? There may be other names, but i don't know, this was the first Ive ever seen or heard of them. I just got one, and it's still small(maybe a little under 3"), and I'm very curious to see any others, especially big ones.
  3. Out of curiosity, do corals generally tend to grow slower when under heavy "display" actinics? I know there are so many other variables, but in a general sense, assuming other variables are equal, corals are under those very heavy actinic lighting(towards the 20,000k levels)do they grow slower than when under much more balanced white daylighting(closer to 10,000k)?
  4. Ive heard that as far as angelfish go, bandit angelfish can relatively safe for reef tanks. Does anyone have successful experience, or unsuccessful attempts at keeping a bandit in a reef? ive heard the same for goldflakes, so if anyone happens to have info on that, Id be happy to hear, also.
  5. Any idea what this is? May be hard to see in video, but there is a small hitchhiker on this zoa colony that looks like a tiny Feather Duster worm. Its located on the lower right portion of the zoa in the video between the polyps, and it appears to shrink and pop back out in response to movement. Edit: Not sure if the photos uploaded, it says they're attached but they don't seem to be showing up.
  6. Frag Pack Corals for Sale. These are actual photos of the corals you will be getting. 100% aquacultured corals Always!
  7. Can someone point me in the right path: Name of species? Type of feeding/diet? Propagation type:
  8. Just set my 40 gal cube back up after taking a break for a year, I lost everything in the move down here (probably $2K) so I needed a break. looking for anyone that may be down here that wants to do Coral swaps or has some LR, pods to help get my tank up and running again. LFS are scarce and over priced here and making this hobby more frustrating than it needs to be lol. if anyone is down in this area and has stuff to sell/trade or donate please PM me. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I had a very positive impression from this months meeting, it was my 1st and it was great. It felt good to be around people to share this passion, and now here I am introducing myself (... well, my tank), and hoping to share the joy from the hobby with all of you. Mine is a bow front 30 gallons tank. Is bare bottom and about 6+ month old. I've been introducing corals, fish and inverts in a very controlled way, slowly but constantly until I finally run out of space (i think), and now is time to let them be, see them grow and enjoy the interaction. I do have questions related to how to improve my system but due to time constrains that will probably have to wait till later this fall/winter, when I will really appreciate some feedback and help from those more experienced. Although I have had fish for about 20 years, it has only been about 1 year since i adventure into reefing. This are my baby steps and is exciting to see how much there is for me learn. To the images now... but please excuse the quality as I couldn't do any better with my phone. By the way, any help obtaining better pictures with iphone7 on led lights is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Working with Dr. Mac and Pacific East Aquaculture, Reef eScape has just received a huge shipment of awesome maricultured corals! Get them while supplies last!
  11. In addition to marking down a bunch of our frags, we're having a big coral sale! Until August 26th, all corals are either Buy One Get One 50% Off*, or Buy Two Get One Free*! (*of equal or lesser value) In addition, select colonies of Blue Ridge Coral and Briareum are $7.50/lb (some up to 2 feet across!!) Offers cannot be combined and are available while supplies last. Stop by during our new retail hours in the next week to pick up some awesome pieces of coral for your tank! You can check out some of our available corals here:
  12. Please check out my craigslist ad. Really need to sell the livestock this week or the everything. Make me an offer!! Located in Frederick, MD http://frederick.craigslist.org/for/5612229388.html Feel free to contact me at jplatter100@yahoo.com
  13. Hey Guys, Sly Reefer from Bowie, Maryland here. Decided to keep a journal of some kind on a website so I can learn and keep track of my progress on this great adventure of reef aquariums. I know this hobby can be very rewarding if done properly so I made sure I had 100+ hours of research on the subject before diving in. After coming across may setups, some complicated and some rather simple, I decided bio cube 29 gallon in my bedroom would be a good choice for me. My father kept guppies when I was younger and I have always loved fish and the reefs. Being able to mimic this in my living room got me very excited and off I went to amazon. Main Compartment Coralife BioCube Aquarium Stand, Size 29 CaribSea Arag-Alive 20-Pound Special Grade Reef Sand, Bimini Pink Temperature Control EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 100W Liquid Crystal Horizontal Aquarium Thermometer HDE LCD Digital Fish Tank Aquarium Thermometer Extra Lighting 2 of Coralife Energy Savers ACL15608 Biocube Led Light Bar, Blue Cleaning Products Biocube Algae Cleaning Magnet KollerCraft Aquarius Aquarium Fish Net with Stainless Steel Handle, Medium 25 Foot - Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System Water Maintenance and Circulation Hydor Koralia Evolution 750/850 Aquarium Circulation Pump, 750-850 GPH Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer for Aquarium Filter Biological Filter Pura (Magnavore) APU00414 3-Pack 300-Micron Media Bags for Aquarium Filter, 6 by 12-Inch Seachem Matrix Carbon 100ml Seachem Matrix Bio Media 1 Liter 2 of Eshopps AEO19070 Square Foam Aquarium Filter, Large Seachem Purigen 100ml Poly Filter Pad 4 X 8" Test Kits API Saltwater Master Test Kit Coralife Energy Savers ACLAF877 Deep Six Hydrometer If you notice I went with a higher water flow and with a better filtration system then originally comes with this system in anticipation of adding future corals. When filling the tank I used nutri sea water and water from my lps (Tropicals in Glen Burnie) After finally setting up the tank with everything in it on 2/22/16 I was able to run the tank successfully but with temperatures as high as 83.3 I then realized my water level was double the max line and lowered it to where it needed to be. This then dropped the temperature to 81.03 which is better but not optimal. I was able to achieve a constant salinity of 1.025 and a ph of 8.2. I am not worried about ammonia, nitrite and nitrate at this time. My primary concern was dropping the temperature, so after researching about 2 hours I came across a solution that a fellow reefer had tried with the same tank to achieve a constant temperature of 78. Tank Cooling Addition Sanatop Aquarium Cooling System Fan Chiller + AC Adapter (6-Fan) Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip I was almost dreading the fact of having to buy a chiller for this unit as I felt it was a little overkill. With this attached and the back door removed, the unit looks very classy and stays cooler. The unit is also on a hinge to move up and down with the tank door. So I am currently waiting for this unit. On 2/22/16 I also added 20 pounds of dry rock. On today, 2/26/16, took a sample of water to my lps and test came out ok. No nitrites or nitrates and a little bit of ammonia. Decided to buy 6 lb of live rock and add it to the tank. Guy at the lps recommended some blue legged hermit crabs. Bought 12 for 8$. SCORED BIG TIME. Paid 100 dollars for rock. Came with following inhabitants: Torch coral, pistol shrimp, and some unidentifiable. The lps did not realize the critters were inside but did mention that anything attached to the rock was included. I feel really excited about the surprise torch and shrimp. The shrimp is shy and lives in a small cave at the top of the rock. The coral the size of a dime is small but seems to like the water flow. It also seems to be moving closer to the light. Now I have pictures and also need help identifying some things in the tank. What I believe is the pistol shrimp Unidentifiable white star Another Shot of white star and another brown star in top right
  14. We received some beautiful aquacultured acroporas this week from Bali, not frags, baseball size and great colors! Also new in stock this week- Small Yellow Tangs Kole Tangs Regal Angel Pink Square Anthias Coral Beauties Midas Blennies Flametail Blennies Twin Spot Blennies Copperbands Pajama Cardinals Red Mandarins Target Mandarins Leopard Wrasses Filefish Fuzzy Dwarf Lions MAC Certified Exquisite Wrasse Pair Much More! Lots of inverts-crabs, snails and shrimp!
  15. All corals are 20% off this week at Capital Aquarium. We are packed with corals including; chalice & favia frags, show size pectinia & meat corals, scolys, hammers, torch, deresa clams, crocea clams, aquacultured flowerpots, acan colonies, favias, eco gorgs and more! Colonies & Frags! LRS foods due in Friday. Lots of inverts in stock as well including; trochus snails, feather dusters, cleaner shrimp, babylonian welks, chocolate chip stars, fromia stars, nassarius snails & more! We are now open Thursday, Friday 3-7, Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-5. Hope to see you soon!
  16. Reef eScape is now offering fresh frags from our fabulous two year old 150g display tank, available starting this weekend! Corals include Utter Peace palys, Alien Eye mycedium, King Midas zoas, Devil's Hand leather, lobophyllia, acanthastrea, and various caribbean zoas, available in a wide range of grades!
  17. I like taking pics of my duncan lol... These are all with my Nikon 3200 under my nanobox at about 16k. Can't forget this guy Or this one... And of course, little baby Sunny... New baby ricordia popped out of nowhere on my live rock earlier this summer... One last shot of the duncan
  18. Shutting down our 75 gallon tank and everything must go. Everything is ready for immediate pickup. Would prefer to sell whole package for $400 obo but are willing to sell individual parts. Please pm to make an offer or go through the craiglist posting: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/for/4543189676.html Biologicals include: 60+ lbs. of established live rock 1 tube anemone (ceriantipathoria) Colonial polyps (parazoanthus) Zoanthid polyps (protopalythoa) Mushroom polyps (actinodisus) Starcki damselfish Setup includes: 75 gallon curved glass tank Wooden stand Piped overflow to 20 gallon secondary tank with 8"x8"x12" wet/dry filter Powerhead 602 pump/power return from filter system to main tank with alternative split flow return SR2 RVT Venturi Driven Protein Skimmer Glass cover with hinged entry Submersible heater One new and two in use vibration circulating pumps 48" light fixture with Ocean Sun 10,000 bulb Hamilton Reefstar Low Profile Double Ended HQl Lighting Hood & 250 watt bulb (excludes ballast) Tank thermometer Testing equipment includes: 2 Hydrometers Phosphate test kit General water quality test kit 2 Glass scrubbers Battery operated dry food timer feeder Water treatment additives Asking $400 obo for full package. Pickup required but will help with all packing etc.
  19. I have read lots of threads about fish quarantine and what's needed to keep them in a tank for treatment. I don't see much about what's needed for a coral quarantine tank. Seems like you'd need much less because for most corals you're feeding them very little at least while they're in quarantine. I'd be wanting to reduce the risk of redbugs and AEFW or zoa eating nudis but also fish diseases that have part of their lifecycle on rocks and frag plugs like MV and ich. I know for those diseases I'd have to not add new frags for the entire fallow period for ich, for instance. I could also treat the tank with Flatworm exit and interceptor spectrum or just dip everything every few days if there were no inverts. Anyway, I was considering setting one up. I have a 10 gallon tank, some old MJ powerheads, and an Aqua-C Remora HOB skimmer that I could play with. I'd buy a D2040 from Richard or something and could drop in some fully cycled and algae free rocks from my current sump. Other than a heater and some egg-crate is there anything else I'd need? I'd get a bigger tank than that 10 gallon, but then it would be too tempting to turn it into more of a display frag tank (cough,... Marco, haha). Is that about it? Tank/heater/light/movement/fragrack, maybe skimmer, and a water change from time to time?
  20. Selling my entire Reef Aquarium and all equipment and livestock... in one LOT. I will not piece this out. (expecting a new baby in the next month and moving shortly after... I don't have the time or energy to have multiple people coming and going...) I am asking $2000OBO... There is money to be made here for someone that wants to piece everything out... or, a great deal for someone that wants to use it all! Included: Red Sea Max 250 all inclusive Aquarium system (less than 2 years old) over 70lbs live rock several live corals hermit crabs snails 2 inch royal gramma RO system (used 2x... about 4 months old) 5, 5-gallon water storage/transport containers test kits supplements 2 additional aquariums(1 was used as a quarantine tank, includes a stand) extra filter extra bulbs extra salt EVERYTHING I own for the cleaning, care and maintenance of my system... and then some... I have several large Styrofoam containers to aid in your transport... but ultimately, you are responsible for transport... I live near Fair Oaks Hospital. Email me at kristiguidry@gmail.com for more photos or if you have questions. Again, I am not willing to part this out... please don't ask.
  21. GrrrMomma

    sunset montipora

    From the album: corals for sale 9-17-2103

    parent colony of sunset montipora. Damage from tank over heat visible here. 2 frags available < 1/2 inch, from non-damaged portion
  22. GrrrMomma

    green sinularia

    From the album: corals for sale 9-17-2103

    one of 3 green sinularia frags I have for sale. all have main trunk with 2-3 branches. All about 2 inches tall at full extension.
  23. I am currently building my 10 g AGA nano reef. I have a few questions. I am not new to fishkeeping, made 10 freshwater tanks, 1 FO SW tank, and 1 FOWLR SW tank, both 20 gallons and a lot of success. This is my first SW tank in about ten years however, I see a LOT has changed, and I have some questions. Here is my proposed build: Tank 10 g AGA, some off brand purchased at LFS. It holds water though. Filtration/Heater AC 70 to be used as HOB fuge InTank AC 70 insert, will have chaeto, chemipure elite, and walmart poly fill as media. 10 watt submersible light from InTank as light for chaeto. Plan to run at night as opposite of main lighting. Hydor 50 Theo placed in AC 70 Lighting Orphek PR-25UV Dimmable 6 Blue/4 White/2 UV LED Pendant Ikea Lustera lamp modded to fit the tank light hooked up to a timer or coralife strip? Not sure about that yet. Water RO/DI water purchased from local grocery. No room for RO/DI unit at the moment. Whatever salt package is on sale at LFS Bio filtration in display tank 7 to 8 lbs. of fiji live rock from LFS 5 lbs. ive sand from LFS Livestock Turbo snail clean up squad (5 maybe?) put in after cycling 1 clownfish a month later Some shrimp? Coral down the line? What kind can I do with this lighting? Plan to put in a powerhead prior to this, any suggestions? I plan to do water changes every other day using the 16 oz cup method, and top off as needed with RO/DI. Might put in a DIY ATO if needed. My questions are: Do I need to have a powerhead from the get go? Do I have to have less flow with my AC 70 fuge? What kind of coral could I have with my lighting set up? Is there anything I missed? Many thanks for any advice you can give me.
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