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  1. I’ve added dry rock to an established Reef tank before. My advice is yes you can take out the rock but you can’t have out of water for long. Also do not add a lot of dry rock at once or you will potentially create another cycle. Best of luck! Congrats on the new tank!
  2. Looks incredible! I look forward to seeing this build evolve!
  3. Makes sense! I’m glad you haven’t seen any Dino’s for the last couple days. Hopefully that method works. Just thinking about Dino makes me cringe haha.
  4. For wrasses I always do the tank transfer method. Wrasses tends to be very sensitive to copper. Sorry for the loss. It always sucks losing a fish.
  5. Everytime I’ve done this I have always used new sand with a cup or two of the old on top. Either way, good luck and enjoy the new 80 gallon!
  6. So I had Dino and it was bad!! I read the entire Dino thread on reef2reef and all and all I was able to get it cleared up. Just a few questions in the case I missed it. What size is your tank and how large is your UV? Steps I took to clear the Dino out. I dosed enough stump remover until I had a constant nitrate reading. Po4 was always detectable in my tank so I didn’t have to worry about that. I always ran carbon as some Dino can be very toxic. I removed all the sand out of the tank as some Dino will leave in the sand during the time the lights are on. I hooked up a large enough uv with a slow flow right to the display. Every night I would blow off the rocks to get all the Dino free floating in the water column. (hence why I asked about the size of your UV sad most people are running underrated one and or not the right flow through it) But if you do have regular algae growing now, it is a good sign as the regular gha is starting to outcompete the Dino.I have shared this with people and they have also been Dino free now so if you don’t need it, hopefully it can help another fellow wamas member to be Dino free. I’m happy to help if you have any additional questions as I have encountered pretty much everything but Dino for me was so far the worst haha.
  7. I think the aquascape looks great. I do notice the rock seems to be very close to the glass. So it’s hard for me to tell if this is for a small tank or the rock is very large. But in my opinion if you want a little more depth I would recommend working with smaller rock. Even break the current ones to something smaller. But either way good start! I always say as long as you like it, there is always a way to place corals to make any aquascape look incredible!
  8. Just had knee surgery so I’m definitely bored haha.
  9. Yeah that what I thought. I did check with the tank builder as I got a reply today in the morning. He said it is normal with tanks using the yoga mat and it having a phantom bottom. Thank you
  10. Question for all you who have had/have rimless aquariums. So i got a 150 gallon sc aquarium. The pad it came with was cut wrong so sc aquariums said I could use a yoga mat thats closed cell. Well I was filling up the aquarium and noticed that one corner seems compressed more than the others however the tank was leveled and re checked multiple times. Ive owned rimless tanks before however never used a yoga mat. I could just be paranoid and everything is fine. You guys let me know.
  11. Check out house of tropicals. If it's not a hurry, I agree with everyone to just order online. Best of luck.
  12. This can be closed. Plans have been changed to a 150 gallon build :cool:
  13. The top of my stand is 3/4 plywood. It seems like some people just go with a 1/8th yoga mat. It seems like the main things is just making sure its leveled. I only am asking bc going from a 50 gallon to 150gallon is a lot and I want to be done right.
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