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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/21/us/historic-coral-discovery-scn-trnd/index.html?fbclid=IwAR0-mKUG_lchjZ1z58LPwRq4Z6M4trm6tnbUJfGZV7zdwjjNE4Pu-b_Xhjs
  2. Awesome! You'd think there would be a ton of nice corals out that way!
  3. Why not drill an overflow box?
  4. It’s always shocking! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I'd be cautious, it says sesame flavoring, what's the ingredient list?
  6. I have been doing bonsai with the SPS! I don't cut frags to often because I don't like to keep a frag rack in the tank.
  7. What a difference a year makes! Here is a shot of the tank 8/26/18 And here is a shot of the tank 8/8/19 It does not feel like a year has gone by since I took the first photo, but I'm happy that things are still alive! I have been getting better about doing water changes, that got put on hold for a while, and I'm holding myself more accountable. Something that is really blowing my mind is these dove snails or collumbellid snails. They are naturally reproducing, and have been going gangbusters in the tank. Just to give an idea of how much they are reproducing, I cleaned my glass yesterday. There were a ton of little white baby snails that I scraped off while cleaning the glass. I also scrapped the egg sacs off the glass yesterday afternoon. I was worried about them blowing all over the tank, or killing them, but here is a picture from this afternoon: Check out this FTS I took this afternoon as well, you can see they have already laid the egg sacs all over the glass again: I am not complaining though! They are small, but mighty. They are very good algae grazers, so I will take what I can get, especially when that means I don't have to restock my CUC as frequently! My skimmer pump has stopped working for the past few days. I don't really mind, and my corals don't seem to either. If I wasn't keeping up on the water changes it might be a different story. I plan on servicing all my pumps and wavemakers this weekend, so it'll get back online then.
  8. Everything is close to each other. There's 30+ different acropora in a 22 gallon tank! The only warfare I'm noticing right now is the Strawberry Shortcake Vs. Green Hairy Acro. These two corals both came into their own right about the same time, and just encrusted like crazy. What I'm seeing is the coral that is mounted to plugs tends to sprout upwards/outwards, and the pieces that I just attach to the rock encrust further and faster, but less upward growth first. This can be seen in the photo below in which the green hairy acro is pushing back the shortcake. The next issue I'm going to run into is the PC Rainbow underneath that you can't see a lot of encrusing on, but that is because the rock is cratered and dimpled, which it is already coming up on the other side of the shortcake. The Walt Disney is encrusting on to the TGC Cherry Bomb's plug, that'll be the next issue I have.
  9. Thanks brother, taking a page out of your book!
  10. Here's a better shot of the Orange Passion that's not taken with a cell phone: Shaggy Stuffz: ASD Rainbow starting to bring that fire:
  11. Welcome to WAMAS! You got any fish in there?!
  12. Oh, I still very much think it's an in coral, but it's finally started to find its stride. In trimming zoanthids, I've found that the SPS usually colors back up in about a week if they were covering it! Thanks! They are ridiculous names. I'm glad those nems are doing well! There's still 2 platinum clownfish in there, and a handful of inverts.
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