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Found 34 results

  1. When I feed mysis to my various stuff(auto changed it to "when I feed my sis to my various stuff..." lol)I soak it in garlic for hours, usually enough for the liquid to be gone and just plump garlicky mysis(my fish love mysis with their garlic), and without thinking had fed the mysis to my corals as well. They seem to be fine and as happy as with non-garlic mysis, so I continue to when I forget to get extra for them that I don't soak. Ive been looking it up and I can't find anything other than people talking about feeding garlic stuff to the fish in the tanks, or adding some extract to the water, but this would be a significantly higher dosage of garlic, than that. Is this risky? Can garlic soaked foods hurt/damage/ kill corals? I don't do it often, maybe once every week or 2, but if it's safe, or even good, I would definitely do it more often! Does anyone have any info or thoughts on the matter?
  2. Hey there WAMAS family! I'm doing a report for my professional writing class and decided to write about getting more people interested in WAMAS. For this report I am to propose three recommendations to increase membership within WAMAS. If you could take a moment and share your thoughts on the following ideas and if you believe they would increase membership I would be very grateful. For each comment on this thread (one per user) I will be entering the numbers into a random number generator and pick one person to receive a frag of JF Dayglow favia. Please give me your thoughts on the following affecting membership: 1) Decreasing membership fees 2) A membership referral program where people bringing in new members get free corals or discounts 3) Having live demonstrations at meetings catered to beginner reef keepers such as establishing tanks or setting up sumps. Thanks for the feedback and good luck on the dayglow! -Ross's Reef
  3. I'm getting (a) pinecone fish and soon flashlight fish, and I really want to know if it's safe to put cleaner shrimp I. With them. I'm sure it's fine while they're small, but both aren't your standard reef fish. Even though they live in reefs, I don't know if cleaner shrimp are out and working at night, and if not, those fish might not be familiar with their work, so I'm worried about when they get big enough to make a meal of a shrimp.
  4. Hello! My name is Sara (as the user name may suggest and I am a new member of WAMAS that already loves the club! I went to the winter meeting and could not stay long but from what I saw I loved the environment and came home with several new frags. I’m looking for some advice about fish. I want more fish! Colorful, cute, full of personality, etc, etc. But I also want to keep my tiny bits of coral in-tact. Perhaps someone can offer advice on a few fish that would work with my current set-up? FISH Yellow Tang (~3") 2 Ocellaris clownfish (one mature ~3" and one teeny) Watchman Goby (~1") 2 Cardinal Fish (~3"/each) INVERTS 1 Large Cleaner Shrimp 2 Peppermint Shrimp 2 emerald crabs Various snails and hermits CORALS (all very small frags - just getting started) Zoathids: yellow, unknown orange, radioactive, captain america, fairy dust Palythoas: everlasting gobbstopper, mindblowing Montipora: sunset, mystic sunset, setosa Leptoseris: moonmist Cyphastrea: my oddity , bling bling , copper Soft Corals: Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral, Sinularia Finger Leather Coral, Green Star Polyp (GSP), Duncan Gorgonian: Purple Sea Whip I don’t have it yet, but will be getting a tiny bit of Pulsing Xenia too! and eventually a bubble tip anenome for my clownfish TANK 90 gallon Glass tank (Marineland 90 w/ corner overflow) LIGHTING Current USA Orbit Marine 48" LED (x2) FILTRATION Aqueon Sump - 2 filter socks changed 2x a week Reef Octopus 110SSS Space Saver Protein Skimmer Reef Octopus VARIOS-6 DC Controllable Return pump BRS Dual Chamber Media Reactor with GFO and Carbon Circulation Virtech MP40 (1) Auto Top Off Tunze Osmolator 7G RODI Reservoir (All water for top off and water changes is RODI)
  5. So I’ve inherited a fish tank when I moved into this townhouse that I’m living in currently (renting, btw we have the master bedroom open!) which previously held a vast amount, roughly 140 bottles of empty liquor bottles. Now that I’ve cleaned that out, the rock was saved from prior tank build, has been reef scaped and awaiting a few things which I’ll mention bellow in my notes, I actually take interest in the build threads and see how progress goes as this hobby isn’t for the quicker speed of hobbyist. Notes: Tank utilizes a ghost overflow box, already Plummed with silencer ports as well. Return plumbing has been plummed as well to the return pump chamber in the sump. Still need to get the following taken care of. I’m one of the newer guys here so I’m excited to share this. 1. (3) ocean revive T247 led lights (hoping with remotes) 2. A skimmer powerful enough to support a 250g heavy rating, brs does a rating on their site that’s pretty on point. 3. The motors for two mp-40’s with controllers, if the ones that I have aren’t 40’s then there def 60’s. I’ll post a pic in the comments. Powerheads that will be powerful enough for a 225g mixed reef tank, I’ve used Jebaos in the past and they were great. I’m interested in those. 4. Any RODI units, something like the basic brs models. 5. Salt (according to reef crystals about two buckets would make 320 gallons) 6. Simple, new check valve for the return plumbing. 7. Spare float valve to replace broken one in sump, for ATO. 8. Mag float cleaner for a 225g tank. Sorry for the massive laundry list, I kinda did this to help myself remember what I still need to get before even thinking about live stock. For those wondering, the tank has been dry for roughly 2 years, with sand still in it, but sand is dry at this point and so is the rock. So I’m going to attempt it as is for now, in hopes it doesn’t turn for the worst as we always know it could down the road. Please feel free to follow along on this journey. I live in the dc metro region, in hopes to grow colonies of some cool zoas and bird nests variations some day and some cool fish to go along with it too. Hoping to attend some of the meetings coming up too. I find this site super helpful for someone who just moved from Syracuse NY. Cheers!
  6. Just set my 40 gal cube back up after taking a break for a year, I lost everything in the move down here (probably $2K) so I needed a break. looking for anyone that may be down here that wants to do Coral swaps or has some LR, pods to help get my tank up and running again. LFS are scarce and over priced here and making this hobby more frustrating than it needs to be lol. if anyone is down in this area and has stuff to sell/trade or donate please PM me. Thanks
  7. From the album: Data's DT

    Group shot of several remaining fish (clowns, cardinals, dottyback)

    © James N. Dart

  8. From the album: Data's DT

    Another shot of "Geordi" swimming around the DT after live rock & corals removed

    © James N. Dart

  9. From the album: Data's DT

    My extra-long engineer goby, "Geordi" after live rock & corals removed from DT

    © James N. Dart


    DT Final FTS 107

    From the album: Data's DT

    Fifth of a series of final full tank shots before it gets broken down

    © James N. Dart


    DT Final FTS 105

    From the album: Data's DT

    Fourth of a series of final full tank shots before it gets broken down

    © James N. Dart


    DT Final FTS 103

    From the album: Data's DT

    Third of a series of final full tank shots before it gets broken down

    © James N. dart


    DT Final FTS 102

    From the album: Data's DT

    Second of a series of final full tank shots before it gets broken down

    © James N. Dart


    DT Final FTS 101

    From the album: Data's DT

    First of a series of final full tank shots before it gets broken down

    © James N. Dart


    More DT 4

    From the album: Data's DT

    Female leopard wrasse w/large green favia/favites, Hellboy favia, encrusting gorgonian (pulled into base), newly-split rock flower anemone

    © James N. Dart


    RBTAs & Clowns

    From the album: 30 Gallon Cube

    RBTAs and clown pair

    © James N. Dart


    RBTAs etc.

    From the album: 30 Gallon Cube

    Side shot showing RBTAs, urchin, clown & Shakespeare

    © James N. Dart



    From the album: 30 Gallon Cube

    Portrait of our Bard (excuse me, Barred) Hamlet, named "Shakespeare" [what else could you name this fish?] :-)

    © James N. Dart


    Fish 2

    From the album: 30 Gallon Cube

    Another front shot showing all five current fish

    © James N. Dart


    Fish 1

    From the album: 30 Gallon Cube

    Front shot showing all five current fish

    © James N. Dart

  21. We received some beautiful aquacultured acroporas this week from Bali, not frags, baseball size and great colors! Also new in stock this week- Small Yellow Tangs Kole Tangs Regal Angel Pink Square Anthias Coral Beauties Midas Blennies Flametail Blennies Twin Spot Blennies Copperbands Pajama Cardinals Red Mandarins Target Mandarins Leopard Wrasses Filefish Fuzzy Dwarf Lions MAC Certified Exquisite Wrasse Pair Much More! Lots of inverts-crabs, snails and shrimp!
  22. We will be open today from 3-7, the rest of the weekend we will see what the snow brings! BUT today would be great to stop by as our stock is insane! In addition to the Western Australian Seahorses we also have 100's of corals, frags and colonies Male Crosshatch Trigger-8inch-Gorgeous Linneatus Wrasse-Super Male Rhomboid Wrasses Indian Black Trigger Yellow Tangs Scopas Tangs Pipefish Spanish Hog Diamond Gobies Mandarins, Spotted & Green-MAC Certified Clowns-Frostbite, Extreme Snow Onyx, Picasso, Midnight Blennies-Midas, Flametail, Bicolor Royal Grammas Lamarck Angels Flameback Angels Snails-Astrea, Nassarius, Turbo, Conch Hermits-Scarlett, Micro, Red Leg Much More!!
  23. This week at Capital Aquarium all fish are 10% off, all corals under $99 under are 20% off and all corals over $99 are 35% off!! We have some beautiful bowerbankis, acans and scolys that are a steal at 35% off! Beautiful show desjardini tang, large blue throat triggers, flame angels and much more. We are open Thursday & Friday 3-7, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 11-5. We are located at 8825 Commerce Court Manassas VA 20110
  24. All corals are 20% off this week at Capital Aquarium. We are packed with corals including; chalice & favia frags, show size pectinia & meat corals, scolys, hammers, torch, deresa clams, crocea clams, aquacultured flowerpots, acan colonies, favias, eco gorgs and more! Colonies & Frags! LRS foods due in Friday. Lots of inverts in stock as well including; trochus snails, feather dusters, cleaner shrimp, babylonian welks, chocolate chip stars, fromia stars, nassarius snails & more! We are now open Thursday, Friday 3-7, Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-5. Hope to see you soon!
  25. Hi Guys! Capital Aquarium is proud to announce we will be opening our doors this Friday for retail! Our hours will be Friday 3-7 and Saturday 10-6. We are a full service maintenance & installation company (since 2008) and have finally decided to take the plunge in to the world of retail. We offer drygoods, frozen food, saltwater fish, corals and inverts as well as freshwater fish and plants.Our address is 8825 Commerce Ct Manassas VA 20110, we are located directly behind the Wendys on RT 28. All fish corals and inverts this week are 20% off!! If you have any questions please email us at info@capitalaquarium.com and check out our website http://www.capitalaquarium.com Hope to see you this weekend!
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