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  1. Get yourself some good, reliable test kits like Salifert. Record N03, P04, Alk, Cal, Mg. Dont worry about pH. Miniature fuge is unlikely to alter pH, so is best used for growing pods. Dont chase numbers- it’s stability that you are after. If you’re dosing by hand, then a gallon jug with an airline dripper and use of kalkwasser might be your best bet. Theres a great article on Wamas about using KW to replace all of your top-off water.
  2. According to NIH https://nccih.nih.gov/health/garlic/ataglance.htm
  3. There have been no clinical trials to support any purported claims that garlic does anything beneficial for any living organism. its the original snake oil.
  4. Looking at your pic, I see that you’ve used the expensive valves used in commercial applications. BRS sell grey economy gate valves far cheaper than those. ball valves should never be used near a bulkhead as it will generate torque that can loosen a water tight seal.
  5. A standard durso standpipe and a filter sock In the sump creates a silent setup. i run numerous setups like this with no noise. In the 28 years of service, I’ve only seen 2 drain failures that resulted in an overflow. Herbies and Beans are a waste of money and space in my opinion. Gate valves are used in places where the torque from a ball valve might cause an issue. A check valve is a $20 solution for peace of mind.
  6. I’d definitely install a check valve. I’d also ditch the ball valves and use gate valves instead. The BV’s will generate enough torque to make the bulkheads leak
  7. Capital Aquarium in Manassas moves tanks. call Zack at+17034341517
  8. FWIW, I’ve known him for 25 years and he has always delivered on his promises. There have been delays but he’s always kept his word and he makes high quality components. Theres way more to the story that’s being told here by some members- I know of some of the details and I think people are throwing him under the bus.
  9. Stop chasing the numbers! turn down the doser and let it fall through consumption. when removing livestock, rock/clam, coral, consumption goes down and alk goes up. I test weekly on most tanks and I’ll only change the doser when it strays too far out of normal range. I have found that with dosing that the numbers rise and fall naturally and that when plotted, resembles a nice alpha wave.
  10. I’m guessing one of the 2 salinity readings were off and that’s the main reason for any confusion. I’ve worked on tanks that use the ATI method and all of them eventually needed water changes. In my opinion, it’s just easier and cheaper to go with 3 part dosing and a regular bi-weekly water change of 25g. This should take 1 hour every 2 weeks- cake. What are your nitrates and other parameters at?
  11. We call that “reef rash” in the service biz. one of the hazards of this job is that you’ll be stung thousands of times, develop unusual rashes, get tubeworm skeletons lodged under your skin, fish bites, uv exposure, and be exposed to harmful things like palytoxin.
  12. Cynthia- Brian and Spencer at TFYB can polish the tank and have the tools to do so.
  13. I use both sizes and they’re super quiet and powerful. i use them internally
  14. Vermetid snails are super beneficial. Killing it because the paranoid reefers club doesn’t approve of them seems irresponsible.
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