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Found 10 results

  1. What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth? NEW VIDEO! Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide
  2. What would anybody consider this lighting to be? I feel like it's about 12,000K. It's come up sometimes, trying to explain to someone what I'm looking for, but would like to try to be sure Im not giving the wrong idea. This is pretty much the lighting appearance Ive been hoping to get in my tank, but is starting to seem impossible with anything but the super expensive LEDs, which is why my plan is to just go back to T5s. *those are radion gen 4. I can't afford that range of fixtures
  3. Out of curiosity, do corals generally tend to grow slower when under heavy "display" actinics? I know there are so many other variables, but in a general sense, assuming other variables are equal, corals are under those very heavy actinic lighting(towards the 20,000k levels)do they grow slower than when under much more balanced white daylighting(closer to 10,000k)?
  4. I'm wondering if I can get any thoughts/reviews about the maxspect razor, and the arctic 247? I was looking up reviews and some were so totally about all the lighting specs and the stuff that goes totally over my head, and also some very vague and differing reviews. Is anyone familiar with them, and can help me out? How do they look(their light in the tanks)? How do corals do? Something I read was that the razor has some kind of lens that focuses the light into spotlight effects, and which give an uneven lighting appearance, and that can be problems for some corals. Most reviews were positive, but I would want to ask follow-up questions about some things mentioned, which i couldnt do.
  5. my LED fixture overheats and turns off regularly,(even now in the winter when it's cooler all around. I think it shuts off when it hits 120F, until it gets back down to 100F), and probably turns off at LEAST once an hour for 10-20+ minutes at a time in the summer, and I don't even have the LED strength turned up above I believe 60, so I really need a fan beyond the built in crappy ones. Can anyone suggest any good fans that will make a big enough difference to keep it running nonstop? I plan on turning the LEDS all the way upto to 100 soon. I really can't afford super pricey ones, and would really prefer them not to be loud like a room fan.
  6. Hello, I have a 20 gallon nano reef and was wondering if this light would work well to grow macro algae (chaeto) in my hob fuge. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M7Y726V/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Has anyone used this light or a light similar to this to grow macro algae? What were the results. Thank you,
  7. Hey everyone, it's been a long time since my last post but I'm back! So here's the problem - I'm currently running a nano (about 36 gallon) reef with relative success, but I'm going off to college this fall. My folks love the tank and want to keep the reef, but want something a little more stable. I've since bought a used 65 gallon tank (36wx18dx24h) and plan to set it up, transferring all of the stock and live rock from the 36 to the 65. My parents are helping to pay for it, but had some sticker shock when checking out the lights. My top choice is a 36" orbit marine pro, which I could get for ~$360, but I was wondering if WAMAS had any better suggestions. My coral are basic leathers, euphillia, zoanthids, and one small Acan colony, lit by a Current Orbit standard, but the power and blend of the light leave something to be desired. Is the $360 LED my best option, or is there something better? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello all, I have a 120 gal 4 x 2 x 2. I am not sure that the lighting cycle and combinations for the W B and Rs are right for specially SPS corals. I have 2 modules which are at about a foot over the tank. I get a good spread but am trying to get the best intensity for the fish and corals. If anyone else has this combo (or some other) I would like to hear what cycles and intensities you use. Especially if you are keeping SPS. I think I have them too bright which the corals are not liking too much. Appreciate the advise. Thanks!
  9. So I added my TEK T8 Lighting system to my tank tonight. The problem is, every time we'd go to pick it up, the plastic screen which protects the lights from getting splashed by saltwater, keeps popping out. Its the original screening that came with the light, but it looks like its barely fitting in the black grooves. The black grooves are fastened by short screws, which only screw in so much, until they stop fastening the lip around the lights. The lip around the lights could be fastened a little more to grip the little bit of plastic there, but it won't grip/fasten anymore. Right now, I'm stuck with a perfectly good working light system with a plastic screen cover that keeps popping off because its either not wide enough and/or the lips of the lighting system isn't gripping the little bit of plastic screening thats there. Any suggestions?
  10. I am currently building my 10 g AGA nano reef. I have a few questions. I am not new to fishkeeping, made 10 freshwater tanks, 1 FO SW tank, and 1 FOWLR SW tank, both 20 gallons and a lot of success. This is my first SW tank in about ten years however, I see a LOT has changed, and I have some questions. Here is my proposed build: Tank 10 g AGA, some off brand purchased at LFS. It holds water though. Filtration/Heater AC 70 to be used as HOB fuge InTank AC 70 insert, will have chaeto, chemipure elite, and walmart poly fill as media. 10 watt submersible light from InTank as light for chaeto. Plan to run at night as opposite of main lighting. Hydor 50 Theo placed in AC 70 Lighting Orphek PR-25UV Dimmable 6 Blue/4 White/2 UV LED Pendant Ikea Lustera lamp modded to fit the tank light hooked up to a timer or coralife strip? Not sure about that yet. Water RO/DI water purchased from local grocery. No room for RO/DI unit at the moment. Whatever salt package is on sale at LFS Bio filtration in display tank 7 to 8 lbs. of fiji live rock from LFS 5 lbs. ive sand from LFS Livestock Turbo snail clean up squad (5 maybe?) put in after cycling 1 clownfish a month later Some shrimp? Coral down the line? What kind can I do with this lighting? Plan to put in a powerhead prior to this, any suggestions? I plan to do water changes every other day using the 16 oz cup method, and top off as needed with RO/DI. Might put in a DIY ATO if needed. My questions are: Do I need to have a powerhead from the get go? Do I have to have less flow with my AC 70 fuge? What kind of coral could I have with my lighting set up? Is there anything I missed? Many thanks for any advice you can give me.
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