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  1. Unfortunately, BRK is way too far. That is where I bought my first bit, and where I got my first tang. Still, too far away. Some people were getting them off of eBay or Amazon, but there are a lot of different vendors and I don't want to just guess which one to trust. I wont be home to work on drilling for a few days, so ordering would be fine.
  2. I can't find one of my bits, and can't remember where people have suggested getting them. Could someone please remind me of vendors? There are some cheap ones online, but I of course don't know the quality. Something that will last about 10 holes without problems would be good . Thanks for the info.
  3. Not good pictures. I had to take one through the lens of my sunglasses. This is without the polarized lenses. The laptop is inside of the tempered tank, so I was looking at the screen through the glass. This is through the polarized lens. I wish I had an untinted polarized lens so the pattern wouldn't look so dark, but the pattern is definitely there. For anyone trying this test, keep in mind that not all tempered glass shows the same pattern, so you might see something different from the stripes.
  4. Thank you for a Non-tempered tank! According to the testing with same laptop and sunglasses, it is not tempered. I was 99.9999% sure that it wouldn't be, because of the fact that it has the tempered sticker on the bottom pane and is an older tank. I think the nonsense of using tempered glass as a substitute without marking those tanks clearly for consumers, didn't start until the Aqueon manufacturer came along (I can't recall exactly, does anyone know if Aqueon is the bought-out AGA?). Well, I checked the 29g Aqueon I bought in winter for the mice... it is not tempered. I've had 2 other 29s in the past many years ago and one was tempered but not the other. I'm not sure of the manufacturer of either of those tanks, but they were from two different sources. I ended up using the unshattered tempered panes for longitudinal sump baffles since I couldn't cut them, which is how I discovered that I like longitudinal baffles much more than traditional.
  5. The front and back were. I didn't check the ends, but I wouldn't have wanted to drill the end anyway. I would have to take picture through my sunglasses. I can give it a try.
  6. I used my laptop and sun glasses, which I should have thought to bring along to the store when I bought the tank, not after I got it out of my car. On this tank, the glass appears to have a sort of wavy streaks or stripes pattern. I bet if I hadn't been picky about dust and dead grasshoppers, I would have gotten an untempered tank.
  7. If you have everything automated and the trip is just a few days, the question is more about how afraid you are that something will fail in that amount of time. The longest I have been gone with no one checking the tank, was 4 consecutive 24 hour periods (a 6-day trip, but I saw the tank the first morning and the 6th evening).
  8. I guess I have been lucky. I've bought a lot of tanks on those $1/gallon sales over the years, and never had a problem. None were tempered either, which is why I was surprised about the 75 (I drill nearly everything over 10g, though I don't know about the 29 I specifically bought for my mice during the last sale).
  9. I'm sorry, I wasn't saying I don't believe you, rather the people who gave you that information. The only way anyone would know for sure, would be to go to the factory.
  10. I'm all out of salt, but I use the regular IO. Usually PetSmart does a half price sale right around the time I run out, but I am not aware of one happening. I looked on the website - looks like they are out of the 200g boxes.
  11. I don't really believe it. First thing is that the stores revert back to full price on the exact same tanks when the sale is in effect - if the reason for the cheap price was that the tanks are "seconds", the price wouldn't get raised back up. Also, the quality of the tanks is affected when the manufacture has to rush through big orders when the retailers are having these sales. The stores are not losing any money, just taking out their drastic markup. The sale gets people in the store and the store sells more fish and equipment.
  12. Apparently Aqueon uses tempered when they run out of regular, which makes little sense to me, because I would have thought tempered glass would be more expensive. Even if I wasn't going to drill a tank, the thought of an entire tank of water going on the floor at once is far more disturbing than that of there being a crack that gives me time to empty the tank, instead of having a flood and all the livestock dead on the floor.
  13. Whatever your reason, you have saved yourself some trouble!
  14. Better check them before buying if you plan on drilling. I just found out that the 75 I got is fully tempered. Turns out Aqueon randomly uses tempered glass when it runs low on regular glass.
  15. Well, there go my plans, because the TANK IS TEMPERED! It I going back to the store! I have never heard of a 75 being tempered besides the bottom. Now I have to get it back in the car. Good thing I checked before I drilled it or ordered anything. I've got all this stuff in my head now though, so I need to do something. Maybe someone has a non-tempered one to sell. I have the 120 in my junk room, but I don't know if it is worth working on at this point (partly because it is too big; partly because the dried crud coating on the glass was hiding scratches that according to the seller did not exist).
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