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  1. Thats HOT!!!! Keep up the good work! Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks!! Unfortunately lost the Oregon tort in the tank crash. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  3. Just observing. I think chemical treatment kills fish most of the time. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  4. New start to the new tank direction. In qt right now to get eating pellets. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  5. I recomend having them set up for a month or 2 in advance. Or ideally always running. This allows the tank to naturally cycle and pod populations to build up. The pods act as a nice buffer zone in case the fish are not eating and gives you more time to get them transitioned to prwpared foods/ try several live foods to reduce the stress. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  6. Yah blue zoo has a bad track record. I would currently only order from live aquaria. I have lost many "expert only" fish from blue zoo but order them same fish from live aquaria no issues what so ever. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  7. And currently extremly tempted to order this: https://m.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/392791/lennards-wrasse-expert-only Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  8. Where are you going that an orchid dotty is $50? you can find them all the time for $20-$30... the dottyback is going to be fairly aggressive in a tank that small. Good alternative is a royal gramma at 1/2 to 1/3 the price. and is bright purple and yellow or a black cap basset, much more peaceful than a dottyback but on average a bit more cost. Good fish that are yellow: Midas blenny, Canary blenny, yellow watchman goby, yellow head jawfish, hector goby, Yellow stripe cardinals, black mouth bicolor chromis, yellow goatfish(can snack on your hermit crabs like wrasses) As for not wanting to spend lots of money on fish if they will die, do you have any QT or observation tanks? having 1-2 well cycled 20g longs with sand and pvc/rock to hide in can do wonders for surviveability. I have 3x 20g longs I have set up for bringing in rare and expensive wrasses and I have a 100% success rate keeping them by them selves for 2-4 weeks before adding them in groups into the main tank. Durring this 2-4 weeks I get them transitioned from live or pods over to prepared foods (ideally pellet food). sometimes it can take a bit longer but it allows them to de-stress from being in the petshops or from being shipped. EDIT: Scratch the goatfish forgot they get to 7 inches ish.
  9. BTW, If anyone is interested, I have a bunch of zoas, a few acans/micros, and a space invader pect that needs some love for sale for awesome prices to the people that follow my build thread. PM if you are looking for some.
  10. Yah it sucks but I am moving on. The only acros/sps that have survived are a green humulus, some ATL Strawberry fields, some spongodies, and some random monties. But I am going to be moving away from SPS because my work schedule is no longer supportive of all the care and attention they need. So I am moving to a more less maintenance friendly stockist. Going to move to all softies and get some of the fish I cant have with SPS and LPS. Gonna get some angels, butterflies, Toby puffer, and maybe a parrotfish (only about 10% sure I want to try one)
  11. Yah that would make sence on the mag pumps. Sumberged would help keep the heat off of them. Mine always run really hot. My ca rx temp runs about 100 degrees because of the pump. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  12. yah I may pick up an ehiem pump and re plumb my Ca Rx arround it. Also have it being driven by a computerized Cole parmer and I am going to move it back to an analog one. But with the new direction, i should only need to do a monthly water change due to the coral choice.
  13. Calcium reactor siezed pump. Didnt realise untill it was too late. This is the 4th mag 7 to critically fail on me. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  14. Tank crash :( lost 95% of my sps. Switching my tank to softies and gorgs. And going to get some butterflies and angels. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  15. +1 I have seen lobo's with 12" sweepers before.
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