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Found 20 results

  1. Get Rid of Cyanobacteria and Algae A Recipe for Success from DrTim's Aquatics!
  2. How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria RED SLIME!!! - Reef Tank Pest Control #3
  3. Be Algae Free and Earn 10% Back Rewards! This week get 10x points on Algae Free!
  4. I have been battling Dino for a while. Most of it is gone from the rock, there are still clumps of Dino on the sand. I was thinking about using Dino X to get rid of it. I have read some conflicting reviews, I was wondering if anyone here has any experience using Dino X? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. NEW @ MD: Pax Bellum ARID Algae Reactors Grow Chaeto to export nutrients in systems 40-1000 gallons!
  6. Decided to make my own algae scrubber after wasting countless hours on youtube watching how well they worked for other people's tanks. All in all I only spent about ten bucks on this project as I already had all of the tools, air pump, and LED to make this work. The LED light would definitely be the most expensive part of the project, but I am no longer running a refugium on my tank resulting in my magnafuge LED not being used. Sorry for the large images . Hopefully I get some algae growth soon so I can update with pics!
  7. Replenish your tank with essential elements HUGE SUPPLEMENT SALE: 15% off almost everything! Advanced Dosing: Beyond Calcium and Alkalinity
  8. I'm wondering if I am missing something or doing something wrong w/my tank. After trying to maintain good husbandry babits (5-15g weekly water changes, GFO & carbon reactor, feeding lightly, refugium, expensive hardware, etc), running for a year and 1/2 w/some SPS, anemones, and just a light load of fish, I still dont have what I would consider an algae free, coral thriving setup. The algae is minor but it looks like a little redish cyano on a powerhead and some on the gravel. The coraline, which has now exploded, also had some brown **** in places. It's not terrible but I've seen tanks which have none of that stuff! Even worse, a couple corals punched me in the gut and bleached out: A Copps hoek and a red dragon. The hoek bleached out last night but I have no idea why or how. The dragon bleaching I THINK happened after some maint, the water level dropped and when the ATO was turned back on, ran too much through the return and into the dragon. I am not sure of this but that's all I have to explain it. That or a water change which may have been the wrong temp shocking it as water was poured directly onto the coral? I thought I had all the hardware and was doing all of the right things, but outside of upgrading to a 300g monster tank, I dont know how to improve my setup. Can anyone with LOTS of experience suggest something? This is what gets really frustrating about this hobby! Tank 90g w/1-2" gravel. Sump: 40g w/fuge "growing" chaeto and some rock Skimmer: Vertex Omega 150 Filtration: Sock replaced once to 3x a week (usually 2x). Lights: Two Kessil 360we. Ramp up at 8am, ramp down quickly by 7:20. Alk/Calcium: GEOS 620, levels kept at 9dKH, 410-420 Ca Other: Avast Spyglass reactor filled 50% carbon, 50% GFO (expected this to solve issue but hasnt, running only 2-3 weeks)
  9. VIDEO: How to Control Phosphate in a Reef Tank Today we discuss causes and methods of controlling phosphate in a reef tank Aquarium Algae Control, Part 1: Diatoms, Cyano and Green Hair Algae Aquarium Algae Control, Part 2: Bubble Algae, Dinoflagellates, Bryopsis, & Turf Algae
  10. VIDEO: Algae Control Part 1 How to Deal with Diatoms, Cyanobacteria and Green Hair Algae How to Control Phosphate in a Reef Tank Red Slime: How to Prevent and Remove Cyanobacteria
  11. Algae: Prevention, Control and Removal Start your Spring Cleaning with today's deals PLUS enter to win a Flipper!
  12. Hi Guys & Gals, We are working on a video about nuissance algae and how to prevent, identify and eliminate it. We would be super grateful if anyone in the community would be willing to share photos/video with us of any/all of the following: Diatom Bloom Hair Algae Bubble Algae Red Slime Turf Algae Bryopsis Dinoflagellites Green Film Algae If you have any pics/footage that you can share to help us create the best, most helpful video possible... please send them to social@marinedepot.com. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE!
  13. ~ FREE TDS meters on ALL orders over $40! ~ (enter code: “FREETDS” in your cart) Don’t forget to credit Washington D.C Area Marine Aquarist Society by using your club’s unique 10% off code: (enter code: “29439” in your cart). Enter your discount code(s), click the orange “apply coupon” button in the discount codes section of your shopping cart at www.theH2Oguru.com. Happy Reefing, your friends at Air Water & Ice. We're always here for you. Email: sales@airwaterice.com OR call 772-461-0256 for over 30 years experience in helping saltwater tank owners get the BEST results for LESS than ANY of my competition. Don't waste your fish $$$ on expensive prefilters that DO NOT REMOVE ANY TDS...you NEED our NEW series of Filmtec membranes (they are not all the same)...ASK us about our 99% rejection, mild chlorine tolerant, high rejection filmtec membranes and because these specs are tested at 50 PSI you will find my membranes get over 20% more GPD than any other brand or series of membrane. ADD this membrane in front of my nuclear grade DI resin...and be amazed how much longer your DI resin lasts!
  14. Fauna Marin Algae X !!!!!! Where can I buy it ? Cant find it online out of stock everywhere.
  15. So I'm still relatively new here and to any forums really so don't shoot me if this topic has been broached before. Currently I have a 36g corner tank (Detailed in a former post) and I have been battling dinoflagellates for months and months now. It all started with a failed experiment with organic carbon dosing (sugar) which through lack of patience turned into over dosing, then great results, and then disaster in the turn of brown slime everywhere and cloudy as all H-E-double hockey sticks water. This eventually cleared up (relatively quickly) on its own by halting all attempts at carbon dosing. And then they came. Legions of little brown hair like slime popping up all over the rock and glass. Hundreds of bubbly soldiers of doom and misfortune wherever the light fell marching upon my tank leaving only despair in its wake and a constant reminder of what impatience gets you in this hobby. But seriously, it's darn annoying. I keep it relatively under control through periodic periods of lights out, and black outs, and water changes and everything else I can find online, but nothing stops it from coming back. Sometimes it helps for weeks, others for days. but when the lights get turned back on and ratcheted up in power they appear everywhere. Strands covered in little bubbles over my rock, glass, and corals. Closer to the lights the more I see, and I'm at a loss of what to do. Some people say keep your nutrients all the way down so they can't feed. (mine are pretty low, currently 0.02 NO3, and phosphates undetectable with API), others say you actually have to get your nutrients up high because the over feeding causes them to die out through morbid gluttony. Currently I'm just pretty much ignoring them and just periodically blowing them off of everything with a kent feeder thing whenever I walk by the tank. The first time they popped up my tank mates seemed bothered by them, but once i got rid of them and they came back again nothing seemed to care. My corals open as brilliantly as ever and my fish eat all day every day. Not once has anything, even a snail, died from em. The reason I post this now is that I'm soon going to be upgrading my 36 corner to a 90g reef ready cube. I'm at a complete loss over whether or not I should just call it a loss and start the new tank over brand new everything, or move my current rock into the new tank an potentially bring the dinos in with it. The plan if i bring the rock will be to do at least a 1 week lights out period and good scrubbing before and after of the rock to get any off. This obviously has some risk associated with it. The trouble with starting new is not financial but aging. I loose all age associated with the rock that I have, which means my tank's cycles start all over in which case I'm adding all my fish and corals in way too soon to a brand new tank. Corals and fish that I have no intention of getting rid of while my tank cycles through the various first stages. (I'm referring to how people say you have to wait at least 6 months before you add corals to the tank, give or take, as the tank has to complete several cycles before it's stable enough to add corals. So if you're still with me, I'm wondering if you have any ideas or knowledge in how to beat this stuff. It's easy to get it to go away, but not come back is the hard part. Even articles I've read where people are saying how they've beaten it often come back with updates like "Well, it came back". The forces of good must prevail, I will not so readily except defeat! If you read this whole thing, good for you. You have patience like few who have come before you.
  16. I was wondering what are some great fish for removing hair algae? I've heard about a few inverts like Sea Hares and Mexican Turbo snails, but fish wise, what are some other great hair algae eaters?
  17. Thought we could use a list of Who Eats What in a reef aquarium. This includes things we do and don't want eaten. CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDED PLEASE! A. What eats things we DO want eaten? 1. Snails a. nassarius - bits of uneaten food and detritus on or in the sand b. c. 2. Crabs a. b. c. 3. Shrimps a. b. c. 4. Echinoderms a. nardoa star fish - asterinas b. c. 5. Fish a. b. c. 6. Others B. What eats things we DO NOT want eaten? 1. Snails a. b. c. 2. Crabs a. b. c. 3. Shrimps a. b. c. 4. Echinoderms a. b. c. 5. Fish a. b. c. 6. Others
  18. What is this green algae on top of the rock and what eats it?
  19. I am posting some pictures of my LR. I used this to seed my tank and was bought fully cured from a LFS. I'd like to know what's on it, specifically, the red fuzzy stuff scattered around the rock. I can tell there is a sponge on the top left corner and a lot of nice coralline on it. At the one end (see 3rd pic), there is a bleached area that I'm not sure what it is. So back the first pic, is this red turf algae? I am pretty sure it's not cyano as I cannot get it off with either a turkey baster or a toothbrush. I did find this old WAMAS thread talking about it: http://wamas.org/for...red-turf-algae/ First, let me just say that I'm not sure I actually have a problem. I'd just like to stay on top of anything that may be harmful if it continues. My amm, trites have been 0 and trats hoover between 5 and 20, depending on when I do my wc. I just did one tonight. I have heard that red turf likes to grow in high flow areas. There is a ph pointing across this LR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  20. I need to get a Reactor to help me fight some algae growth in my tank... What Do you guys think about this reactor ? They have on sale for $ 53.99
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