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  1. Wow! That's awesome...a great tank just got better. Where did you get the interruptus? She is beautiful
  2. I believe the speaker recommended Salifert as his preference for a potassium test...if that's helpful
  3. Cost isn't the only concern for me, but it's a factor. And while I consider it, sometimes even when I'm "smart" I'm proven wrong or unlucky. I recently paid more for a fish from a well regarded local store. (I won't say who, as this one experience could be isolated.) That fish went through a solid regime and so I bought knowing that and paying extra for it. The fish died in three days. I've paid less for some internet fish that lived much longer. I guess the point I'm making is that even when we factor in more than sticker price for the cost, we may not be wise...or not so wise we can escape bad luck.
  4. Didn't Live Aquaria LA distribution merge with that of Petco... hopefully I'm not just starting rumors
  5. Have you checked out nanoreef.com...thats a good community and worth browsing through their TOTMs given your interest. Dipg here in WAMAS was one of those before he went to a much bigger tank, and he might be a good person to chat up sometime.
  6. Same weirdness with the site for me, but I just sent you a nomination. Hopefully it came through. Cheers
  7. How do folks use these if not by hand? I have a red Sea, and when I put my whole arm in the tank to clean towards the bottom I end up have to play with my Herbie drain every time to get it quiet again.
  8. If you want CL, then perhaps you plug the bottom holes and do a manifold through your eurobracing. If I remember DIPG's current tank, I think he used a CL with an OM 4-way (or similar) inside his canopy...but also had an mp60 on one end and a gyre on the other...or something like that.
  9. I've seen some vendors do one all blue and one full spectrum shot for the same coral. They post both and let you toggle...helps guage flouresence and what it looks like when you want to see your fish too. Not sure what 2 photos mean for the website exactly, but since you are already running blue only for life support...
  10. Cool video! Nice that you did one as most vendors would not even bother. IMHO the full spectrum approach is best, so I wouldn't switch and aim for additional blue.
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