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  1. I wanted to gather suggestions on setting up a Frag Tank. My initial thought is to tie the tank to the sump from my main display. Since i have a great sump set up adding a return seems like the easiest solution. As for Fish or clean up crew for the Frag tank what should i add. I plan on going bare bottom on the Frag tank.
  2. I had a Fungia that was starting to die. It had a few of the skeletal ridges exposed. After of few months of target feeding the Fungia was back to normal. I would keep the skeleton and see if it eventually grows back.
  3. I was in BVI two years ago before the hurricane hit. Richard Branson sunk a boat with a Kraken near Virgin Gorda. Snorkelers and Divers were not allowed at the time because it was still settling. We stayed at Scrub Island and were able to kayak regularly to the reefs from the hotel. The Baths is nice tourist heavy but great rock formations to see and swim around. Also there is a string of small islands that includes Norman island that has great reefs to visit.
  4. love the set up. what kind of beers do you brew?
  5. what is your clean up crew? Snails Hermits Crabs? Personally I only use Emerald crabs now. Snails always picked off by my fish or climbed out of tank. Hermits are too clumsy.
  6. Hibiki Japanese whiskey is what it looks like!
  7. Just don’t try to boil your live rock!
  8. Thank you, all! We are getting in touch with Quantum. Should not be “that complicated” of a job: luckily we have no stairs, it is just to move our tank a few feet to the side, and put it back in a few hours. Might be posting a beg for help on WAMAS as well!
  9. Thank you! So much work to do. Do you maybe know of a professional company that can do it all?
  10. Long story short, I need to move the fish tank to replace our wooden floors. Is there a company anybody can recommend to assist with moving the tank briefly while they work on the floor and move back. Contractor says it should only be an hour or so to work on the spot the tank is on. Tank is 125 gallons with 20 gallons in the sump and 10 in the ATO.
  11. Thanks for the responses. What about the pump. what are some good pumps that are ultra quiet. is it worth the extra money to get the DC?
  12. Hi I am long range planning a 250 gallon tank set up for the future and wanted to see your thoughts on what is the best skimmer out there. I currently have a Reef Octopus and I am very satisfied. I changed the Sicce pump to a bubbleblaster and it really silenced the skimmer. What are some good brands and quietest pumps out on the market? Foot print will not be an issue.
  13. I have 2 gen 4 pros. Since you are close by let me know if you want to stop by and take a look.
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