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  1. John Ford

    Looking for a dealer in the Northern VA area

    Reef Escape and Blue Ribbon Koi are other great options as well.
  2. John Ford

    Jeabo CP-25 / CP-40

    I certainly understand and appreciate your input. But to say for not much more is where you lost me. I can almost buy 4 CP40s for the price of one gyre. Even if it only last a year that’s four years before I break even. I doubt anyone’s gyre will still be running after four years with no out of pocket expense.
  3. John Ford

    Jeabo CP-25 / CP-40

    Anyone using one of these pumps? I have a 100 gallon stock tank I need to rethink my flow and was considering one of these vs two rw-8s. I’m just curious on flow patterns mainly and how the WiFi controllers work and if they are worth it or not. Any input good or bad would be appreciated!
  4. John Ford

    Low dKH and high calcium

    Don’t forget the last step of going 24 hours after that last dose to test what you are consuming. That should help you start to tweak what you actually need every day.
  5. John Ford

    DuffyGeos 300g DT & 8 TANK FISH ROOM

    Anyone ever talk to Ken? It’s been so long I’m second guessing his name..
  6. John Ford

    The Looking Glass

    Bueller.... Bueller... Bueller..
  7. John Ford

    D805’s Red Sea 260

    That’s going to look real nice Juan!
  8. John Ford

    cleaning filter socks

    I have been washing mine in the washer with unscented bleach for years with no "known" negative effects. I will say I always wash mine after i run a load of white socks which get bleach too so the washer has been run without soap at least one full cycle.
  9. John Ford

    Waiting for RODI

    I upgraded my 75gpd brs rodi to the 150gpd. Being unsure how it would save water even though it runs the waist line though the second ro membrane I timed filling a one gallon jug and measured the waist water before I installed the second membrane. It was a few years ago so I do not remember the exact timing but before I filled one gallon of rodi and 4 gallons of waist in say 45 minutes. Once I installed the additional membrane I filled one gallon of rodi and 4 gallons of waist in about 20 minutes. I never actually saved water, or reduced waist as brs claims. It was the same ratio, just twice as fast.
  10. John Ford

    digitate hydroids

    *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK* Interceptor for dogs will take care of that type of hydroid. It will also kill all pods and most inverts so use with caution~
  11. John Ford


    Speaking of Anemones... (sorry for the cell phone pictures~)
  12. John Ford


    Miracles happen everyday and with the way this tank gets treated, there is the evidence!! To be honest I have been spending most of my energy on the anemones I have been collecting so this tank has been struggling.
  13. John Ford

    Zoanthid Grow Contest Competition Thread

    Day 33ish of captivity... I melted~