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  1. AlanM

    Lynn's Fish Room

    You want to see an algae bloom in a new tank? Check out the one I had:
  2. AlanM

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    I just realized that on the "Unread Content" view, which is my default view, I can't see "views" of a topic anymore. Clicking on a forum to see the posts there-in does show post views, but I used to like seeing which ones were getting the views even if they didn't get replies. Do you see a way to turn that on? I looked in the AdminCP for it, but couldn't see a setting for it.
  3. AlanM

    Welcome Aquarium Depot!

    Please welcome Aquarium Depot as a new Platinum Sponsor of WAMAS! I know many of us get their very popular packs of thousands of pods. I've gotten them many times. The fish love them, and it adds a whole lot of life on the bottom end of your cleanup crew. Check them out at https://aquariumdepot.com/
  4. AlanM

    Flow Advice

    Could you do vertically on the back left and swap around one of the two cages so that you could run it in opposing directions? I used to run my 75g tank in an alternating gyre flow configuration and I think it worked really well. I could get the water circulating in one direction over about 10 minutes and then it would gradually switch over to circulate in the other direction.
  5. AlanM

    Lynn's Fish Room

    I like the aquascape!
  6. AlanM

    L Shape plywood tank

    Neat. What glass did you use and what did you use to seal the wood? Seems like if it was tall you'd need top braces, but might not if it's a shallow one.
  7. AlanM

    Lynn's Fish Room

    I've heard the same, but I also really like them. It's what I consider getting (the 170 model) when I think about doing a downsize.
  8. AlanM

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    I could put a page up at the base of the site saying something like: You might be looking for the forums
  9. AlanM

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    The new forum has a policy against former officers posting pictures. I haven't tried a gallery post yet. I'll give it a try to see what is up.
  10. AlanM

    Forum Changes - Update / Status

    Are you still working on the sponsor banners? I saw them for a while, but now don't see them. I have AdBlock turned off for wamas.org and Ghostery is disabled.
  11. I also occasionally have a bug to build another DIY led fixture. I'm really liking the heatsinks that StevesLEDs now have and they've gone over to using Meanwell LDDs like most others. My current 8-way T5 works well, but gets very warm compared to the LEDs I had previously. Also uses a more power. When I price out what I'd really want to do for DIY, though, I end up at around 70% of the price of Radions, without all of the customer support and software, so I'll probably just wait until I can swing some Radions.
  12. AlanM

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    Tom, did you turn it off totally now? I no longer see mine either.
  13. AlanM

    2019 Meeting Dates

    Here are the dates currently in discussion for WAMAS meetings in 2019. The dates and locations may change a bit, but this is what we are looking at, and I wanted to get it out in front of our members so you can start to save the dates. January 26 (Virginia, Kilmer Middle School, Vienna, VA, WAMAS Annual meeting) April 27 (Maryland, North Bethesda Middle School) July 20 (Fragfest, Oakton HS, on a Saturday this year and planning a larger event) October 19 (Maryland, North Bethesda Middle School)
  14. AlanM

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    There are still background tasks running. I started up a cron job on the server that is supposed to make them complete faster, but so far it is only 67% done "Rebuilding Posts" and it still has a bunch more tasks to do. On the support forums for Invision there are folks that talk about many days of indexing. I assume it will finish eventually. Apparently even tossing more CPU power into the virtual machine that runs WAMAS doesn't help because the indexing process isn't multi-threaded.
  15. AlanM

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    Right, seriously, it should work. You're not on a desktop now, judging from the signature ad for Tapatalk that gets posted automatically at the end of your posts. If it's still happening on a desktop, let me know. It's true that the front page wasn't working because it was assembled out of blocks from the old system that no longer works, but I put in a 301 redirect on the root of the site so that anyone coming in as just wamas.org instead of wamas.org/forums would get redirected to the /forums link. So the front page kind of doesn't exist anymore. It just pushes you to the forum. I never saw that frontpage anyway except by accident, but when I did I admit I did like looking at the reef news links. We're going to try to get something working up there.