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  1. Man, that’s a nice looking anemone!!! Good catch
  2. Nice set-up, looking forward to seeing this tank grow out also. (Going further off topic). Are you part of a local home-brew club? I’m planning on getting back into winemaking, and found out that there are actually home-brew clubs when I was in PA for work.
  3. Looking nice! I see that you’re transitioning more to SPSs in this tank :D
  4. Wow, I usually don’t really hear of too many people that even know of the Virgin Islands, much less travels there! I’m from St.Croix and can personally recommend Buck Island if you are looking for snorkel locations. It is one of the few places that you can still see Elkhorns in all their glory. Since you are staying in St.Thomas, this will however take a plane ride (preferably the seaplane) to St.Croix then you will need to charter a boat to Buck Island. St.Croix is however a little more isolated. St.Thomas on the other hand is a ferry ride away from numerous cays and small islands as well as the BVI. I have been to the Baths in Virgin Gorda, and would also recommend it as a tourist attraction. I went with a “friends” and was more interested in socializing than really checking out the underwater life. The caves there are however pretty neat as they are literally on the shore and you will have to wade through waist deep water to make it through the caves to the other beach. (This is all bringing back so many memories) Ever since leaving for college, I haven’t really been to the VI as much as I would like, but I think they may still have a submarine that does dives off the coast of St.Thomas.
  5. They’re zoas, I think they’re also referred to as blondies. What is the name of the zoas on the right side towards the back in this pic (has about 14 heads).
  6. Haha, I love anemones but now that I’m into SPSs I’m staying away for now. I got around that by “allowing” my daughter to put one in hers. Lol
  7. If you are running the full system then yes, you’ll need it. It is used to tumble the zeolites which removes old / dead bacteria from the surface to be taken up by your skimmer. I am not running the zeovit system, but was contemplating it at one point. So I bought a bunch of the supplements (cv color, sponge power, amino acids, trace elements, etc.) and didn’t repurchase after they finished. To me, the conversion wasn’t worth it based on the results I saw. I did however continue with the amino acids and trace elements, just on an altered schedule to what was recommended.
  8. Looks like the tabling efflo is gone too :( . Nice scape, can’t wait to see it with everything grown.
  9. Nice to see the evolution of the system. Looks awesome by the way
  10. Awesome growth, can hardly see the rocks on the left! Are you still using Zeovit?
  11. love the new look! The dolphin and crab were nice touches.
  12. Nice looking tank! Funny how all the anemones seem to stay on that one rock structure.
  13. 40g = more space for stonies!!!
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