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  1. DFR

    New to WAMAS and DC

    Welcome to WAMAS! I see you’re in Silver Spring. There’s a nice store (Tropical Lagoon) on Georgia Ave that I frequent as it is the closest to me. It isn’t large, but always seem to have exactly what I want. Ie. 2 weeks back I decided I was finally ready to add a tang to my system (due to possible aggression I like to add them last-is). I didn’t want the typical yellow or hippo tangs and decided to try a flame fin tomini. I went there after work just to look at some corals, and sure enough they had 1. Plus the staff there is pretty nice 👍
  2. DFR

    ATO quesion

    Looks like it uses 2 float switches. Not familiar with this specific system but I’d first remove and clean both float switches (or at minimum spray it with RODI to remove any salt). Next I’d dissemble and clean the pump. When the sensor lights com on and off, does the pump light turn on?
  3. DFR

    Eyepopping colored coral situation

    Yea, unfortunately that’s why many vendors run heavy blues then take photos using various filters to make them really shine on screen.
  4. Yes that is interesting. Not what I was originally imagining, but I don’t have the most experience with LPS. Hoping for the best.
  5. DFR

    Need help calculating salt usage...

    On a 75g even assuming heavy stocking and heavy feeding, it would appear that you are skimming too wet. I normally shot for a nice dark, almost “black tea” color. As for water changes, it really depends on why you will perform them as there are now additives and better equipment that handles much of the tasks they’ve been used for in the past. (Ie. export nutrient, replenish elements, normalize ion levels, remove contaminants, etc.)
  6. Haha Has this piece been in your system for a long time? It could be a number of things, but I would first suggest looking at light iif none of your other corals show signs of stress. One of my first stony corals was also of this family and I placed it in the bottom 1/4 of my aquarium. I later discovered that even that was too intense lighting. Over a matter of months I kept moving it lower until it was eventually on the sand, all the way in the back of my tank in what I would call completely shaded. Though it was still “inflated”, it kept pulling away from the skeleton until it was in the dark. These have a slower metabolism so it’ll probably be a while before you start seeing noticeable growth again.
  7. DFR

    Need help calculating salt usage...

    I was about to chime in but @Origami hit the nail on the head with his scientific and quantifiable explanation of both general topics. I’m actually impressed as his explanation of how the skimmer works is the basics of cell biology. Just to to elaborate on one point though, with 3 part dosing it is expected to see an increase in SG. So by you seeing a decrease points to a possible larger problem. Is it normal to see such a large decrease in specific gravity, and how much/how often do you top off fresh water? If you changed your return pump, or had to adjust your full siphon valve lately, this could account for a one-time change in salinity.
  8. DFR

    Scoly ate my Nem...

    Being that the anemone segments are larger than the recovering scolies, I would also lean towards the anemone being damaged by equipment in the tank. Also I don’t know of any corals that can rip other organisms apart as they are simpler organisms that essentially only have a mouth and stomach.
  9. DFR

    Need help sourcing glass for sump build

    I know you already have the glass pieces needed, but I had a pretty good experience with Action Glass in Beltsville. Their prices were pretty good, and Brian (I think that was his name) was very helpful and seemed genuinely interested when I told him it was to build an aquarium.
  10. DFR

    Baby clownfish

    Nice article. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I planned on attempting to do the same with cleaner shrimps a while back, but the idea never materialized. Maybe I’ll rehash that sometime.
  11. DFR

    Canopy weight?

    Real nice!
  12. DFR

    What fish eat zoa?

    Interesting indeed!
  13. DFR

    Question about setting up a refugium

    Well my system is lightly stocked allowing me to do this. But at one point when I was trying to get my nutrients up (when only running socks and skimmer) I changed my skimmer to only 12 hours per day and I was able to get a nitrate readings of 5ppm though it hovered at about 2.5ppm. Now running only chaeto (no skimmer, no socks) I haven’t gotten a reading above 0.5ppm. I would call that a quantifiable difference. Every system is definitely different, what works for me may not work for others, but it is possible.
  14. DFR

    Question about setting up a refugium

    Depending on feeding habit, stocking, etc. it can be done. I just did the math on mine, it comes up to 5% of my DT volume (even less if I take into account the total system) that is lit for about 4 hours opposite. This is also currently my only source of nutrient export (plus live rock, sand, and marinepure plate). My nitrates hover around 0.5ppm and phosphates always read 0.00ppm.
  15. DFR

    Question about setting up a refugium

    It’ll work fine as laid out. If it were me, I would probably go: Overflow/skimmer l! Fuge l! Return and put coarse sponge getween those 2 baffles to act as bubble trap before water returns to tank. Your design will probably be better if you are more concerned with keeping chaeto in the fuge section.