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  1. No. My ATO reservoir stays pretty clean, actually. (It's a 10-gallon covered, polyethylene pet food container set well away from any light.) It sounds like you probably have some sort of bacteria that's colonized the bottom. Give the container a good cleaning, then scrub with baking soda an add vinegar that. Then, finally, a good thorough rinse. You may have to do this on a regular basis if it's a problem. You don't by any chance have those plug-in air fresheners in the same room, do you? Those can put water-soluble pthalates in the air which, once absorbed into water, can fuel bacteria growth. About 10 years ago, I had this situation (Glade Plug-ins) and the bacteria formed mats, starting out clear, but gradually becoming opaque and gelatinous. Getting rid of the plug-ins got rid of the problem.
  2. Origami

    Forum Images

  3. Today (Sunday) is Veterans Day. Because of the Monday Holiday Bill, we observe it tomorrow, but today is the day. It was originally called Armistace Day to mark the end of WWI on November 11, 1918. But, in 1954, it became Veterans Day - a day set aside to honor those who've served the country in our Armed Forces. So, with that, I wanted to say thank you to all our Vets here. I come from a military family and want you to know that your service is much appreciated. Thank you for you sacrifice and your service. Thank you for standing up to serve, for giving this country a backbone of strength, and for your loyalty to this country, its people and its principles.
  4. Origami

    Cyano as an alternative energy source

    Pretty cool stuff!
  5. Outbreak of what? It doesn't look like flatworms, redbugs or nudibranchs (the topic of this thread). It looks like common cyanobacteria on the sand. Is that what it is?
  6. This is probably already been addressed, Maegan, since you have other critters that are in the school: But make sure that you understand what the Building Engineer does with climate control during long breaks (such as summer). Do they shut parts of the school down? If so, will the temperature remain within tolerable limits for your livestock?
  7. Origami

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    Are you looking at the condensed view rather than the exanded view? Look to the upper right in the page, there are a couple of buttons side-by-side. If that doesn't fix it, let's talk this evening. Maybe you can share your screen with me to better understand what you're looking at.
  8. Origami

    Hello again. Back, well never really left

    Fish look good. Tank looks good for being "neglected." You're running all that on just kalk? The montipora alone look like they'd outpace supply.
  9. Origami

    Hello again. Back, well never really left

    Hi Evan! Glad to see you back. Nice clutch there. A different kind of clutch than you're used to, I guess.... Is that a Purple Monster frag you have there back in that shot?
  10. Origami

    Welcome Aquarium Depot!

    Welcome Christina & company!
  11. Yes. Sorry. It's global with the forum software update. The way we had things was a custom solution (where we went in and modified the software to suit our needs). In coloring within the lines, we have not re-implemented the customizations which ultimately serve as a hindrance to software maintenance and can therefore become a security problem. This includes the "first post remains open for edits in certain forums" modification. The current software does not allow for us to do that. It's all at the global level (across all forums): On all posts, we can disallow edits; allow edits for a specified time after posting; or we can leave all posts available to edit without restriction. Historically, at one time we allowed the last of these options. But that became a problem when some members of the community engaged in bomb-throwing, hit-and-run behavior that created problems for others and that they subsequently edited away before the moderation team could take notice. That's when the privilege of editing without restriction was lost, and when we looked for a solution that was more restricted, but still workable. So, for now, there's an 1-hour time window for edits after the post is made. I'll bring this matter up at the next Board meeting to see if we want to stick with this or do something different.
  12. Origami

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    Hi Laura. Yes. There are three places. 1) There will always be a thread in the Club News forum announcing upcoming meetings. Additionally, we also try to set the dates aside up to a year in advance and announce those dates as well. We haven't nailed down the speaker for the Annual Meeting just yet, so the meeting thread has not been scheduled. However, a thread announcing the 2019 meeting dates is here. Those 2019 dates are: January 26 April 27 July 20 October 19 2) The second place will the community calendar. Under the forums tab at the top of your page, there's a selection to get to the calendar. Here's a link to it. 3) Finally, there's the home page. It's been under wraps since the cutover to the new software because several blocks of the old page were broken by the upgrade/conversion. I was up late last night trying to fix it enough to make it presentable. I'll try to link to it today and add a tab to the forum so it can be viewed quickly. Anyway, here's the home page. Look in the lower right for the meeting info. Since we've not started a meeting thread yet for January, we've not updated the "Next Meeting" part of the schedule on the page (because we normally linik the text there to the meeting thread). I hope this helps.
  13. Origami

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    Last night, I changed a little in how the membership products and the associated workflows were set up. In the process, I had a setting wrong. I believe that I've corrected it now and that you should be able to put the Individual Membership product into the cart and check out again. Thanks for the heads up. Darren.
  14. Origami

    Flow Advice

    Yes, I saw that. And that is why a vertical mount will likely give you something closer to a true gyre. The only challenge would be keeping the sand from drifting too much since part of a vericallt-mounted pump would be set lower and closer to the sand. In that arrangement, practically any pump should be able to set up a rotating flow. But the Gyre will create a broader flow closer to laminar, with the ability to switch directions.
  15. Origami

    Lighting review

    There's a lot of stuff there. Just a cursory glance shows a lot of good stuff, too. However, I wonder why the apparent author ("Steve") doesn't post a byline to anything that's written. It would go a ways toward credibility if one knew who was behind the articles.