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  1. 35% off WYSIWYG Frags Sale starts now: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums Coupon code REEFA35
  2. 30% off WYSIWYG Frags Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums
  3. Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums
  4. ●Lots of New Weekly Specials ●Over 20 $5 Nuggets--for every $100 you spend you may buy a $5 frag. ●Coupon code FAST20 get $20 off orders $100+ Find deals here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials
  5. Recently gave our colonies a "haircut", new frags posted. Posted a mix of Aussie frags plus frags from our colonies that have been here for years. Find affordable Acropora frags here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora
  6. Spring cleaning clearance sale! 40% off WYSIWYG Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums?page=1 40% off WYSIWYG Acropora https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora 40% off WYSIWYG Softie Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/polyps-and-shrooms-for-reef-aquariums 40% off WYSIWYG Clams https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2
  7. 30% off WYSIWYG Cultured Clams Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2
  8. Load up on AWESOME Frags here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums Order today, we can hold your order and ship when it's convenient for you next week or save on shipping--we'll bring your order to the upcoming WAMAS meeting April 27, just enter store pick up at check out and put a note that you want us to bring your order to the meeting.
  9. Find them all here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora
  10. New WYSIWYG Cultured Clam UPDATE Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2
  11. At Pacific East Aquaculture we stock lots of cultured clams in a wide variety of colors. Our clams are hardy and easy to keep! We have some great specials and lots of WYSIWYG to pick from. Find them here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/clams-2 Learn more here: https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/blogs/coral-farming-in-the-solomon-islands
  12. Weekly Specials https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/weekly-specials 30% off WYSIWYG Frags https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/wysiwyg-frags-for-reef-aquariums 30% off WYSIWYG Acropora https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/amazing-acropora 30% off Inverts https://pacificeastaquaculture.com/collections/inverts
  13. The frags are now sold out. If you would like a frag please sign up for our wait list on our site. We will have more available in a few months.
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