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  1. cpu933k

    Copper levels

    I highly recommend getting the Hanna Copper Checker for accurate copper readings. You don't want to overdose otherwise you risk killing your fish. Typically copper treatment is for 30 days, not 2 months. Refer to this link on R2R for copper treatment: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/copper-treatment.193343/
  2. cpu933k

    experiences with longnose hawkfish

    I have a pair of longnose hawkfish in my reef. They don't bother snails, shrimp, or hermit crabs. They did harass a royal gramma to death. I replaced the gramma with a male Bartlett's anthias, which they constantly harassed and it disappeared during one of my vacations. I added a trio of Bartlett's and the hawkfish initially gave chase but they couldn't keep up and eventually stopped trying, so all is peaceful now.
  3. cpu933k

    Annual End Of Year CLEARANCE SALE Begins NOW

    How long can you hold orders before shipping out?
  4. Dogface Puffer has settled in nicely. He lets me pet his belly. Love this little pudgeball.
  5. cpu933k

    Good LFS for fish/shrimp

    Yes, $10 ground (which is 1 day to most of our area). But for the live arrival guarantee to be valid, you have to hold for pick up at a ups facility.
  6. Added the 3rd bimac anthias: They don't really hangout together, but caught a few pics with them together: [ Added a juvenile male bluethroat trigger (thanks for the suggestion BowieReefer84!) Yellow margins on the fins haven't fully developed yet, but the blue throat is starting to come through: Then added my last fish - a baby dogface puffer. Wanted to keep the theme going with a yellow belly dogface puffer, but after searching for one for several weeks with no luck, I came across this cute regular dogface puffer at Capital Aquarium and couldn't resist buying him. He does have some faint traces of yellow on him though I think he's still a little stressed (dark) as he just made it out of QT and has only been in the DT for about a week. He looks much better when not stressed. Even though these two are mellow and smaller than the bullies in the tank, nobody messes with them at all. It's like it's programmed into them to know not to mess with puffers and triggers. Biggest bully of the tank. Nonstop harassment of the goldflake and borbonius (who grew quite fast - maybe as a defense mechanism). The other kings of the tank:
  7. cpu933k

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    If you create a custom activity stream, you can set it to go to the last unread post of a thread. If all posts are read, it will take you to the last post of the thread. But if you navigate directly from Forums, I see what you mean, it takes you to the first post of the thread.
  8. cpu933k

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    For the activity feed, is there a way to group unread posts into topics/threads, rather than to show every single new unread post? Similar to the way it used to work? If there is one particular active thread with a lot of new posts, it buries all the other threads that may have new content.
  9. cpu933k

    Low dKH and high calcium

    You may want to wait until everything is stabilized and rock solid before getting a red dragon acro. They are very sensitive to alk swings.
  10. Yes, it did come in with vivid colors. Although the colors really come out more in the DT lighting vs QT lighting. Maybe that's why they look dull in LFS lighting. But even in QT lighting, his colors were more vivid than some bartletts I had (but not as vivid as the bimacs). He was really timid in QT and I hardly saw him until around the 4th week or so.
  11. The reason the bella goby was out and about more recently is becuase I added some anthias - 2 bimaculatus and 1 fathead sunburst. One of the bimacs took over the goby's burrow. The anthias were hiding for about a week, but are now swimming around a little bit more, but mostly hang out in the bottom corner. I can't get over how colorful the bimacs are. The borbonius anthias harasses them the most. They are intimidated by the other larger fish but those fish don't really bother the anthias. I started out with 3 bimacs, but 1 didn't make it through QT. I have another one in QT now. I may be done stocking after that 3rd bimac. Fathead sunburst: Bimacs:
  12. Added this bella goby a few months ago, but it went right into hiding. I don't see it very often and when I do, it usually darts right back into it's burrow.
  13. cpu933k

    Check Out Our New Website!

  14. cpu933k

    Check Out Our New Website!

    Nice improvement! It would be even better if you categorized the frags (by at least SPS and LPS).