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  1. I de-googled the link for you: https://aeon.co/essays/why-it-s-time-to-put-an-end-to-the-cult-of-the-aquarium
  2. Isaac, I've got some additional battery bubblers if you want to borrow them.
  3. Nice. Good luck with the ventralis. I tried and all 5 of mine died within 1 week in QT.
  4. Do you have one? I've been running my reefbot for 2 months now and love it.
  5. Which power supply did you get? I have a 3 year old Waveline dc6000 as well and wanted to pick up a back-up power supply just in case.
  6. How old was the dc6000? Are you replacing the whole pump or just the power supply?
  7. Not sure it matters, but I have the brown wire going into the red terminal and the black wire going into the black terminal.
  8. Yes, I did the same thing with my Avast ATO (with apex I/O). I contacted avast and they told me exactly which 2 wires to connect to the breakout box (brown and black IIRC). Better contact them for confirmation though.
  9. Are there supposed to be photos in the post? If so, they aren't showing for me. Just see a bunch of photo icons with red x's through it.
  10. It's about the size of a desktop computer. The biggest drawback is it has to be within 1 meter (3 feet) from the tank/sump and RODI reservoir. Hopefully this can be addressed. I think I'll probably check alk daily, Ca, Mg, NO3, and PO4 weekly. There are only certain test kits that work with it (mainly those with liquid only reagents), but they are testing more out as well as piloting some test kits with powders (RedSea Ca). So far I've tested Salifert alk, API Ca, and API NO3 and have gotten good agreement with my manual testing with Hanna alk, Salifert Ca, and Salifert NO3. I'm waiting on RedSea alk, Mg, and Giesemann PO4 test kits to arrive. The tests take a long time to complete (~40 min per test) so this is not something you would use if you needed the results right away. It would be good to use on a schedule (like at night) or remotely. You are also limited to 8 vials at a time and each reagent uses 1 vial. So RedSea Mg, which has 3 reagents, would use 3 vials. Not sure that one will be worth it. That being said, it does come with 12 vials, so you could keep 4 vials on standby and swap them out when you want to test that parameter.
  11. Yep! Reefkinetics Reefbot. https://www.reefkinetics.com/ Standalone device with it's own app and cloud. No need for Apex. Designed to work with specific reagents for different tests. Can schedule how often you want to test. So far I've used the Salifert Alkalinity. API Ca, and API NO3 with it. It matches my manual testing with Hanna alk, Salifert Ca, and Salifert NO3. I'm waiting for my RedSea alk and Mg tests to come as well as Giessman PO3.
  12. Thanks! Never knew about the freebies section!
  13. I do pretty much all of my dry goods shopping from saltwateraquarium.com. They don't charge tax and their free shipping gets to the DMV area typically in 2-3 days (as opposed to a week or over a week with BRS). They have a rewards program, but I haven't really compared it with BRS to see which is better. Plus, they are a wamas sponsor.
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