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  1. Big Country

    Grey Sch 40 conduit

    Any thoughts on using this pipe for drain? I'm going to Lowe's and Home Depot this weekend to pick up plumbing and lumber to get the new build started
  2. Big Country

    Grey Sch 40 conduit

    Can you use grey SCH40 electrical conduit for a drain on an aquarium? It says SCH 40 right on it and Im not using it for return just drain For some reason the white Charlotte SCH40 pipe will not fit the fittings on my shadow overflow. HD sells JM Eagle white SCH 40 that fits for some reason, its just a touch smaller.
  3. Big Country

    Eshoppes skimmer malfunction

    One of my old skimmers the venturi would get clogged. Get a cup of hot water and put the airline into the hot water to let it suck through the venturi, will usually clear them out
  4. Big Country

    External Skimmer Install Questions

    Guess I will answer some of my own questions at this point since it's up and running to help someone in the future. 1. Probably should have since for some reason one of the pumps drips occasionally, will give it a couple more days to seal up with salt before I worry about draining the skimmer and trying to reseat the bottom seal of the pump. 2. Not necessary to glue the pipe it fits tight enough to not leak since it's not pressure 2a. I just put the metric/US adapter in the bottom of the elbow 3. Doesn't seem to need one but I do notice some vibration in the pipe, will keep an eye on it 4. Not a problem 5. Not sure, it's currently underwater, less splashing but suspect the little backpressure is causing the vibration in the pipe
  5. I recently purchased a Skimz SM252 external skimmer for a new build. Decided to go ahead and hook up skimmer now instead of waiting. I intend to set the skimmer on a table built around/above my 100g Rubbermaid sump As to questions: 1. Should I put the skimmer inside of a container just in case it leaks and run an emergency tube into the sump? 2. Should I glue the return piping coming out of the stand pipe on the skimmer? 2a. If I should glue it, should I place the metric/US adapter into the standpipe where it comes out of the skimmer or use the 50mm pipe that came with the skimmer to bring it out to the elbow and put the adapter in the bottom of the elbow to continue down to the sump with 1.5" PVC pipe? 3. Do I need an air intake vent on the return piping going back to the sump? I saw some pictures of Reef Octopus 6000 EXT with a air intake that went higher than the skimmer in the return line but none of the pictures in the instructions or on the Skimz website show or say to vent the return like that. 4. It's going to be about a 3 foot drop from the skimmer to the sump water level. Is this a problem? 5. Should the end of the return piping be underwater in the sump? Or above water?
  6. Big Country

    Low dKH and high calcium

    I think what they are saying is: Roll the dry salt bucket around to make sure the crystal salt is mixed up before you mix it into your water to make sure that the salt hasn't separated in the bucket and stays well blended.
  7. Big Country

    Water filter

    I would test the water after it comes out of the membrane before it go to the DI and see. Chances are that it needs a new membrane
  8. Big Country

    RODI filters

    With a 0.5 Micron carbon block you would be fine with the 1 Micron Prefilter, the prefilter will filter out solids down to 1 micron and then the carbon block will take out between 1 micron and 0.5 micron. You could run a second carbon cartridge instead of the silica buster. I've been using the AirWaterIce Typhoon III for years with their standard 10, 5, 1 filter array
  9. Big Country

    RODI filters

    What is the micron rating of your prefilter. If you are running a 0.5 micron pre-sediment filter then nothing smaller than 0.5 micron is getting to your sediment filter. Would tend to clog the pre sediment filter and have your sediment filter not really doing much. I run a 10 micron sediment filter, 5 micron carbon, 1 micron carbon. Have never tried a silica filter
  10. CTE Aquatics in Timonium, MD just set up a QT system recently
  11. Big Country

    Adding a sump

    Is there a hole through the tank where the pipe is? The back panels are probably just siliconed in and would be easy to remove. If there is a hole through the tank you could use for a overflow and either drill a hole in the back on the other end of the tank, if it's not tempered glass for a return or put an over the back return nozzle on it.
  12. Big Country

    Where's the good live rock at?????

    I'm not sure if they still get it but House of Tropicals (HOT) in Glen Burnie, MD used to get some Florida live rock that was just covered with all kinds of plant material and interesting colors
  13. Big Country

    very expensive error with QT

    Man that sucks. Good talking to you yesterday. I would ask monkiboy about quarantining Wrasses, he does it all the time
  14. Big Country

    Safe or unsafe for reef tank?

    Doubt it's anything to be worried about, just rinse it good and throw it into the soaker. Liverock drills easily with just a standard drill bit, no need on wasting money on a diamond hole saw