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  1. As long as the valve is on the output side of the pump should be fine
  2. I used them for some time and never had any issues. If I look in my pump parts drawer I will probably find one or two pumps and some parts still around, I know I have a Rio 800 which was a dependable little pump. I think I used something around a 2500 for a return.
  3. The one you are using as a cheato reactor is a NextReef MR1 reactor, with what looks like the hang on adapter installed, I use the same one for carbon. Nextreef made a two chamber one called the Monster if I remember correctly. The flatter one is a NextReef reactor also but not sure on name, think they may have called it a Shorty. Not sure what the white one with the pump is but was definitely set up for biopellets with that nozzle setup. I don't think you could easily modify any of these to be a Calcium Reactor.
  4. I think Dr. Mac did a video on Maxima's recently and said that the smaller ones that he sold were farm raised and that if you found a larger one it would be a wild collected clam and usually have some type of parasite or something. Maybe check his site for the video. I had a Derasa that I bought at about 4" that was probably 8"-9" when I lost it, most of the Maxima's I have had over time were bought about the 3" size and never had one get very large in my tank. I've always wanted to try a Squamosa.
  5. Just keep an eye on your skimmer, will probably have to adjust it to keep it from overflowing.
  6. Maybe your tank is just way too young and small to support the shear number of corals that you have in there
  7. Sure looks like Alk burn to me also, my corals looked the same recently after a big Alk spike
  8. I just used a normal black aquarium bulkhead from brs. Had to trim off one edge to make it fit the space. No problem in 9 yrs
  9. I removed mine that wouldn't stop dripping and replaced with 1.5" bulkhead in the 100g rubbermaid
  10. Dont know if they fit red sea or not but these are ones i use http://www.filterbag.com/PONG100P4P-p845.html
  11. I just recently placed my first order with saltwateraquarium .com, almost every order has shipped from Gettysburg, PA and arrived in 2 days. Keep up the great work and thank you for sponsoring WAMAS
  12. When temp probes fail they either read really low or really high values. I wrote a statement If Temp<60 htr off, if temp >82 light off and fan on. If you run a chiller I'd write a statement of if temp>85 then chiller off
  13. Yeah, I just had to download a app to resize the image to get it small enough to post. Maybe I'll post more pictures now. I do need to get the polyp labs lenses out and try them to try and clean up the color of the pictures though. They always look either washed out or blue.
  14. I would but I havent figured out how to post pictures on this site easily
  15. I agree, John at BRK has bailed me out twice when I have had temperature probes go bad on my ACIII controller and things go nuts. It was a long drive both times from Germantown and BWI airport areas but he was the nearest Neptune dealer with a probe in stock. I keep a spare in my cabinet now. Taught me to put in safety statements into my programming and buy a spare temp probe just in case.
  16. I think you can use RO tubing if you cant find the micro airline. I know HOT. has the micro airline
  17. Having just set up a tank with a Reef Savvy Shadow overflow, I found it amazing how much quieter this tank is than my old tank and how much larger the tank is without those big internal overflow boxes.
  18. Yeah, I thought about just taking a bus bar from my old boat, cutting the minidin8 plug off of my Avast ATO and wiring it up as a homemade breakout box with bigger screws for my old eyes. I do like the breakout box that Avast built but it looks like it is no longer available I would have to cut the I/O plug off of my Avast Marine ATO anyway, I'm assuming that there are only 2 wires in the ATO, and hook it to the breakout box so I have that I/O port open on the Apex
  19. I'm just setting up a Apex Classic to replace my old ACIII and looking into using the Apex to actually control more functions of my tank. I am running a Jebao DP4 dosing pump and made my own dosing containers from kitchen containers I bought at Walmart and put a murlock fitting in the lids. I see low profile 2L Kamoer dosing containers on BRS that have a float switch in them, they are designed to directly plug into the Kamoer doser. For the $14.99 they charge for the containers it's not really cost effective to DIY something with a float switch Got me to thinking, can I get a breakout box for the Apex to wire these float switches to so that the Apex can tell me when I'm getting low on additives?
  20. I've used 4x4 Tumbled Marble tiles in my tank
  21. Any thoughts on using this pipe for drain? I'm going to Lowe's and Home Depot this weekend to pick up plumbing and lumber to get the new build started
  22. Can you use grey SCH40 electrical conduit for a drain on an aquarium? It says SCH 40 right on it and Im not using it for return just drain For some reason the white Charlotte SCH40 pipe will not fit the fittings on my shadow overflow. HD sells JM Eagle white SCH 40 that fits for some reason, its just a touch smaller.
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