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  1. I'm having one issue with using alk to determine if calcium is being used or if its the test that's wrong. I just started up the fuge basket in the back with some chaeto and where my pH and all were sitting a little lower (7.8-8 and around 7-8 dkh. The alk is harder to tell because I didnt start testing for it until I started adding corals), now pH is a perfect 8.3 and dkh started to be around 9 until I noticed the calcium drop from 420 to 400 and dkh drop to 8. Wierd thing is, I just did a water change, only tested calcium and its showing now as 380-400. I use the API tests so I really dont know what to think, if theres something wonky with the tests or if theres something going on with my water. I also noticed after my water change that the one frag of granulosa I have in my frag rack while it acclimated to my light has what I assume is mucus. Not sure it it was the stress of the water change or if it's an indication of something else. Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys! This is my first saltwater tank, much less reef tank. My head is kind if spinning with all the different products you can use so I would like to hear from those with experience with mixed reef tanks what you use and how much. I have a 32 Gallon Coralife Biocube LED. I have a mix of several types so far but I think I'm leaning more towards SPS and LPS corals. I do a water change every week so as I slowly added corals, the water change always replaced what was being used. Now, I'm seeing a slight pull on calcium so its time to think about dosing. I had bought Kent Marine Purple Tech to boost Coralline growth when I got the tank only to read the directions and know I couldn't use it just yet 🙄. I tried it last night, a small dose, and this stuff sucks. The cap leaks HORRIBLY when you shake it per directions and as soon as it went in, polyps that are ALWAYS out and happy, went in completely. They're back out now so I'm not too concerned but I need something my tank actually likes. Long story short, I would just like to know what people use who are SPS and LPS heavy in their tanks! Thank you!!!
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