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  1. Mystic monti is very aggressive winning every battle. Time to frag it up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. gmerek2

    Green Star Polyp closed 4 days now

    Mine was hit or miss for a long time. I’m wondering if I didn’t have enough nutrients in water
  3. gmerek2

    Poor fish.....

    “Just bring a bucket”
  4. gmerek2

    Vote for #23

    Just added a vote. It’s a good shot. Should take the lead here soon
  5. The only pests are nudibranch,some algae can irritate them, and water quality
  6. gmerek2

    What is this?

    +1 stomatella great to have!!
  7. gmerek2

    I can't keep anemones alive

    Helped me a lot to buy local. They don’t ship well and have trouble making the adjustment from ocean to captivity. Unfortunately like others had mentioned they like cleaner water so excellent nitrate phosphate test kits are a must if they aren’t doing well. But not too clean like someone mentioned. I like to just keep the stuff detectable on my Red Sea kits.
  8. gmerek2

    Instant Ocean vs. Reef Crystals

    27% more cost for RC. Although the cost of calcium and mag would be hard to calculate to bring the IO up to RC stats. Great price ERC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. gmerek2

    Instant Ocean vs. Reef Crystals

    I need to give reef crystals another try. But I quit 4 years ago because I saw extra crud lining my garbage can. I mix it in the garbage can. I’m wondering if that is precipitate is from the extra stuffs in it, making it harder to dissolve?
  10. gmerek2

    Six line wrasse and Mandarin

    That’s so cool
  11. gmerek2

    Six line wrasse and Mandarin

    Holy smokes is that pods in the sieve
  12. gmerek2

    Instant Ocean vs. Reef Crystals

    Try not to over complicate it just do smaller but more often water changes with switching to IO. It’s cheaper, has all of the same stuffs in it, maybe just a tad less. Just monitor the big 3 during transition keep them on track and you will be fine. If you dose regularly and see a number creeping down a tad fast then just dose more of that to try to keep it in line. I don’t think trace element is anything to worry about until things are so overgrown.
  13. gmerek2

    baby emerald crab?

    I got plenty of pocillopora if you need any for it
  14. gmerek2

    BTAs get together

    Very healthy and pretty