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  1. I tried the viaspectra. Pretty decent but very powerful. Only has two channels. I used it in the qt tank and did not have it for long but it def does grow sps. I also heard good things about the Mars aqua.
  2. Yes. I get them from House of Tropicals and feed a little bit every day. Besides the eel, all my fish seems to enjoy them.
  3. I have some smaller rocks... but they aren't dry.
  4. I tried to message you and it is not letting me. I rather not discuss it on the public form.
  5. Has anyone recently order phyto from Algae Barn? Can you please message me if you did?
  6. Very nice! Just need final touches and will be perfect.
  7. I can't identify this zoa. Any help great appreciated.
  8. Kinda read that as "sps aren't fine" in a young tank. "Maybe you started with some really great cultured live rock. " NOPE. Majority are dry man-made rocks. "Maybe you've gotten SPS that has been continually fragged and passed around the club that can take a beating." NOPE. Half are from online store or cultured from Australia. "Maybe you've just been lucky. " You just have to keep it stable and care for it. It's not LUCK.
  9. I don't care what you get, but can I book a session with you?????? My reef need some good photos.
  10. Just a comment, but can we please stop with the "your tank is too young for sps" for every issue that comes up? I literally put sps in my tank from month one and they are growing quite well. It COULD be a problem but not everyone has the same problem. Again, just want to make an observation from experience.
  11. Yes, I have brought my invoices from liveaquaria and saltwateraquarium to the meetings.
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