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  1. If you decide to get socks again I like the ones from duda diesel: https://www.dudadiesel.com/search.php?query=filter+sock
  2. Go look at a 12k halide lit tank, and you will change your opinion on that led lit tank looking 12k. I would consider that tank 20k. Peoples views seem to have shifted over time, to where 12k is now slightly blue and 20k is windex blue. I think of 12k as more yellow/white (natural sun), and 20k more light blue (thinking like T5 blue+ or halide SE radium). That's just me of course.
  3. Join the forum so you can access the sales pages. To be honest, with your story and that sick setup you will have plenty of people offer you free frags (or very cheap) of soft corals like the ones in your tank prior to the move. If that's your thing. That new setup is so awesome. Love it behind the bar like that.
  4. Yes, that is it. AWI responded to my email. It's a $2 fitting, so not bad at all. Thank you everyone!
  5. What fitting goes there? Is it just a plug so water doesn't come out? I don't remember this as an inlet or outlet.
  6. What do I need to do to fix this, and do I even need to fix it? I am not sure what happened, but it must have broke while moving.
  7. I once got an order and the frag plug was fixed into a piece of Styrofoam, and the frag was dangling nicely upside down in the bag (floating). I thought that was pretty slick. The 1oz cup trick is good!
  8. Looking to setup a nano around 10gal, and I am looking hard at the RapidLED PAR 38 bulb to light the tank. For $79 it seems you can't go wrong, and the led's they use are high quality and in a good ratio. Anyone have experience with this PAR 38 bulb or any others for that matter? https://www.rapidled.com/12-led-par38-bulb-mixed-color/
  9. I found something that intrigues me, and would work with a landline (which I don't currently have). https://www.crutchfield.com/p_721FGD0400/Sensaphone-Model-400-Gray.html Worth a look for those wanting environmental monitors for their home (or tank) that won't rely on wifi and/or power being on.
  10. I don't even have a tank! Maybe by 2019 MACNA that will change.
  11. The thing is the train is slower than driving. If I want to take my time I will just drive for a couple hundred in gas round trip. I was just hoping to get there cheap and quick. I guess when looking for three flights instead of just myself cheap is out of the question.
  12. ALAN! See this link for a "slick deal." https://slickdeals.net/f/12841786-amtrak-offers-buy-one-get-one-free-valentine-s-day-sale-book-by-feb-18-2019?sdxt01=2019-02-15+13%3A59%3A23&sdxt06=Adobe+Auto+DA+Curated&sdxt07=526633&utm_source=dealalerts&utm_medium=em-i&utm_term=18&utm_content=13660895&utm_campaign=da_newreg_curated_v2&src=da_newreg_curated_42839791 NEVERMIND, it ended yesterday and travel needed to be done by July.
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