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  1. Just looked up PBC and they have diff color eyes. mine is all red.
  2. Ohh no... U think my Slippery **** would mess with it?
  3. Hi! Not sure if this is a chalice or some other type of LPS. What you guys think?
  4. Looks like a high-end wrasse, Tamarin wrasse ??? U hit the jackpot ...lol
  5. Beautiful setup bro! Lemme know if you have algae or Bryospis problem, I think I finally got mine solved with Reef Flux.
  6. Why is it so big ? Looks about the size of a coffee table..lol
  7. So... I just got a Coral Box wifi dosing pump and it came with a few feet of the really small airline tubing, when I try to substitute with the regular size airline tubing it gets a lot of bubbles in the tubing. I'm planning to run the doser from another cabinet to my sump and would need a lot more tubing than the ones supplied. I've been trying to look for this mini airline tubing size 3mm I think from another user but with no luck. Does anyone know where I can find some? Thank you.
  8. I saw that little tank video today too and makes me want to build one also, my girlfriend is a freshwater shrimps keeper and I can put a couple in it. Paul: How do you train your seahorse to hang on the outside of your tank?
  9. Thank you! I appreciated it man! Such an awesome looking coral and it would be nice to get a nice big colony of it in my tank.
  10. I have a couple of frags of the same coral, but mine doesn't have PE like that, do you have it in the shade or under the light? Please give me some tips on this. Thanks
  11. Tropical Lagoon is my fav store also, They get new stuff in every Weds so that's the day that I normally go. Steve (the owner) can order stuff for you also. Best prices on fish in the DMV area.
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