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  1. Ill take the starburst cap Mike, text you tomorrow for pick up details.  Thanks,  Tommy 

  2. Thanks for the info Dave!
  3. Ohh ok, I always love the look of a saltwater pond. Let me clear up some room in my heated garage to make it happen lol. Can it be in the pond with other fish or it will eat them all up? Thanks Dave.
  4. Thats awesome man! How big of a tank do you need for the blue spotted ray? I've always wanted one.
  5. This thing is great but make sure you get replacement blades for it as it gets rusty quickly from the saltwater.
  6. 13.78K to be exact
  7. Hi! Can I get 4-5 p of your green Grandis palys?  cash or paypal is up to you, Ill be at the meeting from 1:30 to 2:30 if it will work with you.  Thanks, Tommy 

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    2. Tommy


      No problem man,  Not a big deal at all.  

    3. dpassar12


      Are you going to the meeting? I will bring you a frag of Grandis, free, let me know. Dan 703 244.0849 

    4. Tommy


      Thanks Dan but I am not.  Don't worry about it man, not a big deal at all.  Tommy 

  8. Do you have a link to your palludarium ? I was thinking about getting one too. Thanks
  9. Man... I love that idea, please keep us updated.
  10. It's a very fast grower though.
  11. Ohh ok , sorry I dont really write down names to remember what it is. Thanks
  12. Thanks! I am running 1 AI Prime HD on this tank. I run all AI lights on my 3 tanks.
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