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Found 9 results

  1. What you need to know about FLOW Water flow is an integral part of coral biology and necessary for keeping corals in captivity
  2. I just found a nice rio 2500 pump in a box of inherited equipment, and while looking it up am seeing some horror stories about rio pumps(or at least certain models?), from electrocuting everything in the water, to burning out/melting/cooking the tank. Does anyone know about this? Does anyone know where it would say UL listed on the pump, if it is? Sadly I realize that I had also bought one(haven't used it yet) awhile back because it was what was pictured with the Berlin X2 skimmer I have (not used yet), that after a long time of searching and emailing, even the Red Sea company, couldn't find a single word anywhere about what kind/how strong a pump to use with the skimmer, and eventually figured out what pump was included in the "pump included" box. Now I'm really worried about using them, brand new or old.
  3. Today we are taking a look at the Aqamai KPM Powerhead. We are going to unbox the KPM and compare it to the Aqamai KPS Powerhead. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to stay up to date. Aqamai KPM Powerhead: https://goo.gl/SqozJ4 Aqamai KPS Powerhead: https://goo.gl/7USY9H https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RUzURDEAAg&feature=em-uploademail Visit Premium Aquatics: https://premiumaquatics.com For a chance to win : 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on our YouTube video page
  4. Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Wavemaker For aquariums 10-50 Gallons PROGRAMMABLE A professional and fully programmable Wavemaker for your acquarium SILENT No noise, no vibrations. Virtually silent PATENDED DUAL MAGNET SUPPORT SYSTEM Full adjustability and the maximum vibrations absorbition AQAMAI APP WiFi control via Aqamai App (Android or iOS) no mechanical controls needed COMPACT The smallest size in its flow category WATER FLOW Aqamai kps has been designed to create a gentle flow in any aquarium ENERGY EFFICENT 415 Lt/h per Watt - 105gph per Watt KORALIA DESIGN Created with the best features of Koralia and fully customizable DC pump technology
  5. Fine-tune your flow! Improve your water circulation (with savings up to 25%) plus check out Brightwell Aquatic's revolutionary new XPORT biological filter media!
  6. We decided the very large RBTA in the display tanks needed to move, since it had killed all the corals over a large piece of real estate and seemed destined to continue annexing new territory. So we put in in my cube, and after several hours it started wandering, which was expected. What was not expected was that it would find a way to get caught in the intake of the HOB refugium pump. I was monitoring its travels, and in the ~15 minutes between observations it went from fine to shriveled, and the tank looks as though someone poured a pint of milk into it. I performed about a 30% water change and added a large flow-through carbon module to the 'fuge. That's been about an hour and a half, and there doesn't seem to be much progress clearing the tank. Any thoughts?
  7. Well it has been only 7 months and my controller is flashing RED !!!! I place the old Tunze back on line, and the Jebao is still running strong. Maxspect hype ! IMO Chime in with your comments.
  8. Would the Jebao WP-25 be too large for a 38 gal cube (RedSea Max 130). I'm thinking would run at lower speed. The WP-25 and WP-10 cost the same. I'm just starting out. Any WP-10 or WP-25 for sale out there?
  9. My tank is in my house running and everything is going good. Only problem; its pretty loud. I don't have a lid, but I will be getting one soon. I just wonder if the lid will be enough to cut out the sound. When I'm at other peoples houses, their aquariums are quiet. This sounds like the start up of a car wash. The powerhead is resting in the sump, submerged in water so its not that its not pumping out water or in enough water. Any suggestions?
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