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  1. Try Quantum Reefs in Springfield VA
  2. menglish

    My Coral Rehabilitation Project

    how gratifying is that?
  3. menglish

    Apex control of CaRx

    Right you are. Got the first two lines reversed. I have switch those around. I have also deleted line 3 and will place it in the txt alert, once i have started the reactor. Otherwise the alarm will keep going off. Anything else i should consider?
  4. menglish

    Apex control of CaRx

    Ok, So i have connected my CaRx and it is now running, (no CO2 as yet, just to get a feel of leaks and flow rate. I am not yet of its final placement. Here are my codes: CaRx_CO2 Fallback OFF If CaRxpH > 6.60 Then ON If CaRxpH < 6.70 Then OFF If CaRxpH > 7.40 Then OFF Defer 001:00 Then ON -The plan is to start at pH6.6 and work my way down, keeping the effluent rate the same -The If "CaRxpH > 7.40 Then OFF" line is to alert me that the CO2 tank is empty as that should cause the ph in the chamber to increase. How can i set this to get an email alarm? CaRx_Feed Fallback OFF Do i need any other codes here? Should this pump be running at all times unless for maintenance or leaks? Any other thought/suggestions will be very much appreciated
  5. menglish

    Grafted Millipora

    here is the article describing it https://reefbuilders.com/2019/01/10/the-rainbow-splice-acropora-millepora-from-reef-raft-canada/
  6. menglish

    Stock suggestions

    lawnmower blenny
  7. menglish

    Apex control of CaRx

    Thanks Tom, Eric. The video was very helpful. I am working on it now. Hopefully i will bring it online in a few days. need plumbing tubings
  8. menglish

    Apex control of CaRx

    Ok Tom, Many thanks for responding. So, here is what I will start with; 1. My CO2 regulator/solenoid will be plugged into an Apex outlet 2. My CaRx_Feed pump will also be plugged into an Apex outlet. I will then use a code to turn CaRx-Feed outlet off when the CO2/solenoid is off. Correct? 3. My CaRx_Circ will be plugged into the wall (as i may want to save the extra Apex outlet As I do not have a peristaltic pump, I will use a small valve to control the effluent going into the tank. I will use this to fine tune the Alk levels in the tank. So; my codes: For CO2/Solenoid: Fallback OFF If CaRxpH > X Then ON If CaRxpH < Y Then OFF For CaRx_Feed: Fallback OFF If outlet CO2/Solenoid OFF then OFF Does this looks good? Is there a way for me to set up some sort of alert to let me know that the CO2 tank is empty?
  9. menglish

    Apex control of CaRx

    So, I am currently dosing 300mls/day of 2-part to keep my Alk around 8-8.5 dKH. Decide it is time to bring my CaRx on line and could use some help with the hookup and coding. My set up; -a Geo 612 rector with pH probe -CO2 regulator with dual gauge solenoid (https://fragtasticreef.com/deluxe-co2-regulator/) - small eheim feed pump (about 80gph) -Apex classic I reckon i need to plug the regulator into the EB8 and i can plug the pumps into any wall outlets. Can someone confirm this and help with the programming codes, what codes to put where? many thanks Milton
  10. menglish

    apex integration with Alexa or Google home

    I will try again
  11. menglish

    apex integration with Alexa or Google home

    Based on the aliases i have set up, Alexa, ask Apex fusion to turn off Return Punp (Skimmer)
  12. menglish

    apex integration with Alexa or Google home

    Yes, Apex firmware is up to date Yes, I can get a status report using Alexa I can also get her to turn on Feed mode. When i ask her to tell apex to turn off Return pump, the light on alexa is on but nothing happens, then it times out. I almost feel as thought she does not understand me
  13. menglish

    apex integration with Alexa or Google home

    Thanks Tom,' Tried it and it is not working for me. I was able to customize my "status report" and that is working fine. Here is what i have done. I have created two aliases for my outlets, ReturnPump and Skimmer_6_3. I will then ask Alexa to ask AF to turn off Return pump. The lights on Alexa would come on but nothing happens. Its like she does not know what i am asking or is just plane ignoring me. Not good for my ego
  14. menglish

    apex integration with Alexa or Google home

    I did that and Alexa and Apex are linked and working and can get it to give me a status report. I was trying to get voice command to turn off/on the skimmer, but it would not work. What command do i have to add to the Aliases? many thanks
  15. menglish

    apex integration with Alexa or Google home

    Anyone get got this to work for them? Santa gave me Alexa so I though i would put her to good use. Could use some help getting her to turn off some outlets.