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  1. Welcome to the club. You will find that there are lots of knowledgeable folks here that shares the same addiction. Just ask you questions.
  2. Welcome to the club. If you are ever in the Silver Spring area, I will frag something in my tank for you. let me know
  3. 1. Brute can will be fine to use. Many people uses them 2. I have 2 storage bins and 1 always have RODI in it, sometimes both as i did not add the salt to the "salt bin" 3. BRS did some research on this. Bottom line is, up to 3 weeks is not a problem https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/video/view/how-long-can-i-store-saltwater-after-mixing-brstv-investigates/ 4. A small pump will be more that enough to use. add a heater to it. I have had brute cans with wheels on them. that allows me to wheel the water closer to the tank. What ever works best for you will be good enough
  4. Chlorine should be gone with with filters you are using
  5. I have been in same boat. You can use it to wash cloths. I did this for a while. Then i up graded my washer. Now it has a fancy sensor so when i put the water in, it senses how much water is in there and empties it out. (sucks). Now i have a big 80G storage tank outside that i fill up and will use it to water the garden. I was trying to build a koi pond and use the waste water to top off the pond. My wife put a hold on my fish expansion.
  6. Its a fine looking tank. I would still love to get a frag of that shroom
  7. Alan, Should we consider getting ladies cut shirt, or even V-necks?
  8. That sucks :( Similar situation for me. I am at NIH and my co workers love to come by check out the tank and corals. i am not worries about the power issue as we have back up power. We have to protect "government property" so constant power to keep the cells frozen and other growing. That works for me.
  9. I saw this last year and was really sadden to see what is happening. especially the part where the divers came up onto the party boat with all those folks partying and is completely clueless as to what is going on below their boats.
  10. That is what i do on my QT.
  11. Welcome to the club. Not sure if you were able to make the meeting yesterday. Milton
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