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  1. Yup I go to quantum also. From Waldorf it's only like 35 minutes.
  2. I ran my 66 gallon ADA with no foam just a level stand and it had no problems. I agree with everyone else as long as the stand is sturdy and level you should be fine...also the foam depending on what kind can be an eye soar unless you countersink the top of the stand.
  3. No my fish were fine I wouldn't worry to much you will be done in no time. As far as the water I wouldn't worry to much I went from about 80 total gallons to about 140 with all sps. I had a little browning out I'm sure due to the change but nothing major. Most of the worry would be if you were using all new rock then you would have a pretty big cycle. If your using a lot of old water and some old rock it should just be like a big water change. As far as people loosing fish and the white spots and all my guess would be there was already a parasite in the tank and the stress caused a flare up.
  4. Drain all the water into a Rubbermaid stock tank with a heater and power head. Then just switch the tanks out try to get as much work done as possible to make the move quick. I just did this 2 weeks ago and already had my plumbing done so it went quick. Everything made the transfer with no problems at all.
  5. I would say with you running a calcium reactor I would probably do at least a gyre. The movement you get on the surface of the water is not really comparable to any pump I've ever owned and it would really help with gas exchange running the calcium reactor. I can't really speak to the new QD ecotech but I run a mix of mp40's and a gyre and they complement each other really well if you place them right.
  6. Did you trip the breaker or was the tv in line with a gfci? Open the fixture back up and check the wire for any exposed copper may have just nicked a wire. Also when you changed the ballast did you get the same one or a different ballast? If it's different you would have to look at the schematic to make sure it's wires correctly some ballasts are different depending on what you changed it out with.
  7. Ok I think I misread the first post. I would do what you are doing now. Was the flmc housed alone before you got her? If she was she might not be a female and just a larger male. They usually do not change sex until they are paired up so there is a chance that the fish are trying to figure out which will be the female. You could also try the larger one in an acclimation box inside of the tank for a few weeks so they get used to being around each other.
  8. You could try to move the male you to the sump or another tank for a few days and then try to put him back in. I also found with most every fish if they are overfed the aggression usually goes away. Not saying they aren't fed enough but the more you feed the less likely any fish will have aggressive behavior. Good luck with them!
  9. I think marineland has there blitz sale right now to you can probably get a good deal on a 6x2x2.
  10. Are you doing the drive in one day? If that's the case your car will stay warm and you can get some battery operated air pumps to keep the water oxygenated just keep a couple sets of battery's. Coral and fish survive a trip overseas you can do it just keep an eye on everything maybe even put some heat packs under the containers for the ride.
  11. I had the same problem and called ecotech they sent out a new one. They are really good to work with they usually take care of those kind of problems without much hassle.
  12. Not sure if he's gotten out before but doesn't he get a one time getting out thread in general discussion?
  13. Had him for over a year it was closer to a year and a half until I broke my 180 down and all three Angels died along with all of my live stock with my heater dying none of them bothered my clams either I might have lucked out but I think keeping them well fed is the key. Good luck with him that is my favorite fish and will definitely get another when I set my 250 up.
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