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  1. You can go with AI Hydra HD versions(26 or 52) that connects to APEX without needing any modules. The non-HD versions require the discontinued AWM(AI Wireless Module). You can also go Ecotech Radions. They will require the WXM module to connect to APEX.
  2. I am using Tunze Coral Gum. No smell or residue when mixing the 2 parts. I do also use BtmDweller super glue/epoxy combo method. Either Gorilla Glue Gel or IC Gel for the super glue part.
  3. Looks like some sort of wrasse. But i have not seen that pattern/color combo before.
  4. Have you checked out the AI Signature Series link(http://www.aquaillumination.com/signature/)? Mostly SPS dominated tanks but if you scroll through, you can see some with mixed reefs.
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  8. Yes. Flatforms. I did use Flatworm Exit to address this when I had this issue.
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