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  1. Not sure if there is anything in ashburn but BRK isn’t that too far away. They have some nice stuff.
  2. I’m sure there are members near you that have the radions or the Kessil’s that you can see in person. Your more then welcome to make the trip down to me to see my radions but I’m not very close to u.
  3. Mainly depends on your price point. If you have the $$ I would suggest radions. I have those on my tank and it’s 22” deep and I can grow SPS on the sandbed. If your on a budget you can go with ocean revive T247’s which I also use and they work great for a budget but don’t have a ton of bells and whistles.
  4. I have heard nothing but good things about waterbox. From watching the videos and build threads, the waterbox looks nicer then the reefer series.
  5. Not sure. I didn’t know he wasn’t making tanks.
  6. There are a couple of builders associated with the club. Artfully Acrylic, NAGA and online there is advanced acrylic.
  7. No. Unless you add a ton of stuff to them. IMO I wouldn’t risk it and buy something that is made to be a calcium reactor. That way it works as it’s designed too.
  8. The white one looks like it was modified to run biopellets. The first one is a phosban 150 reactor made by 2 little fishes and the blue one looks like a next reef media reactor
  9. You need to be a paying member to see that section. It’s the best $20 you can spend
  10. Yup. That was one reason. Are you planning on selling all the rock and corals in the tank now, or frag them onto the new rock? plumbing another tub into the system might be an issue with a power outage since that sump wouldn’t be able to hold the additional volume from a holding tub. The other option which might be better, although not as pretty is to transfer your fish and coral into a Rubbermaid, cycle the new rock in the tank for 30-60 days and then start transferring back into the tank. That way the tank can cycle properly and you and you don’t loose anything since that has all be moved to the tub.
  11. How long has the tank been up and running? I think you might have an issue with changing out every piece of rock at once. I know you will have an algae bloom and that could cause other issues. Also so depending on the rock, certain dry rock leaches phosphates so I would be careful on that too since your tank is only about 50 gallons minus the rock.
  12. It all depends on if you have a controller. If you don’t, you need something to control the PH. So factor in an APEX if you don’t. Then you need the reactor, good CO2 valve (I like the carbon doser @ $300) a second reactor chamber if the reactor doesn’t come with one, a CO2 tank, a second PH probe for the reactor and media. It also depends on your budget. I dont run an APEX and I ran the numbers for my tank to go with a full calcium reactor set up to include the apex and it was almost 2k. I found this unit, which comes with everything you need except for a CO2 tank and media for around the same price. Everything I have read says this thing is rock solid without having to mess with the PH probes. https://uniquecorals.com/products/dastaco-xtrema-model-a-2-calcium-reactor-in-stock?variant=53015847443 i just ordered the A1 and will put up a review once I get it and set it up.
  13. U using Marco mortar or reef putty to bond the rocks?
  14. How big is the tank? Are you replacing all the rock with new dry rock? If so, you will have a cycle. Can you soak soak the new dry rock in the tank water for a few weeks before you do the transfer? Use the water from a water change.
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