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  1. What frag is it? U have a pic
  2. I take it the cheato was already there. But I get a clear jelly type substance in my top off tank. I have been told it’s bacteria. It doesn’t show up in my tank, only in my top off.
  3. Laura you might just have to play around with placement. If your rock structures block the path of the flow across the front of the tank, you could always put the MP60 centered low on the back wall and turn it up. The flow will bounce off the front glass and the rock structures. Depending on the flow patterns you set it for will depend on how the flow reacts based off of the structures and the front glass pane. Just make sure you don’t put it to high on the back pane as to not cause the water to come over top of the tank and cause a spill those MP60’s kick out some serious water
  4. Laura until you get the MP40’s in there, I would run the 60 of one of the short sides and move the gyre to the center of the back wall. Once u get the 40’s, put one on the short and one on the back wall.
  5. I would center an MP40 on either short side and the center an MP60 along the back wall in between your rock structures
  6. Try shading it and lowering the flow. Maybe it’s getting to much of both. How about a full tank shot to see where it’s placed.
  7. I know it’s expensive but a few MP40’s and an MP60 will rock that tank. Get rid of the gyres. Just my opinion. Or or a couple of tunze 6105’s or bigger if you can hide the wires
  8. Pics aren’t working
  9. Does this only work with an apex or can it work independently?
  10. All those encrusting monti’s. When are you gonna learn my friend. Hahahaha
  11. You can buy inexpensive LED’s and make it any color you want. You just need to play with the brightness of the white/blue ratios. It’s much easier with the higher priced stuff. But it can be done with lower prices stuff like the ocean revive T247’s. Those are about $200/each. In in my opinion, 12k is very yellow and you get good growth however the coral isn’t as pleasing to the eye. I personally like 18-20k look which gives good growth and the coral looks like it’s on fire.
  12. I think that would be fine. With my system (300 total water volume) I have a 55 gallon container for RODI and a 35 gallon container for saltwater. That way when I do a water change I do 10% each time and then I have enough from the RODI side to refill the salt mixing side and my ATO. But if you have space for the 55 gallon containers, that just gives you more volume to turn over if needed or for when you upgrade
  13. Not sure if there is anything in ashburn but BRK isn’t that too far away. They have some nice stuff.
  14. I’m sure there are members near you that have the radions or the Kessil’s that you can see in person. Your more then welcome to make the trip down to me to see my radions but I’m not very close to u.
  15. Mainly depends on your price point. If you have the $$ I would suggest radions. I have those on my tank and it’s 22” deep and I can grow SPS on the sandbed. If your on a budget you can go with ocean revive T247’s which I also use and they work great for a budget but don’t have a ton of bells and whistles.
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