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  1. epleeds

    Questions on adding fish

    I think it should be fine. 3 small fish is about the same bioload as 1 large. I say go for it.
  2. epleeds

    Tank move

    The club rents out suction cups.
  3. epleeds

    Scrap acrylic?

    You could try to reach out to Adam at artfully acrylic. He might sell scraps
  4. epleeds

    Tank Moving Company Suggestions

    Don’t know any movers but I think we need a pic of this tank. That’s huge
  5. epleeds

    Is the Reef link from EcoTech a lemon?

    I keep having an issue of at least 1 of my radions not following the program. It’s strange how one doesn’t want to follow the other two. I even have my reeflink attached to my router my router via a cable and my reeflink will lose signal every now and then. I just unplug it and plug it back in and it links right back up. Its strange
  6. epleeds

    Dosing questions

    Personally with a smaller tank like yours I would go with the ESV ALK/CAL. You could hand dose until your corals started to grow and when you can’t keep up, I would look into a doser so it can do it for you. I used ESV a for years but once my 200 gallon took off, the cost was just too high. But with only 32 gallons it would be my best choice. Once you you figure out what your tank consumes daily, I would dose 1/2 in the am and then the other 1/2 in the pm.
  7. epleeds

    Any reefers near or in city of Fairfax?

    Nope. You can start anytime and add as you go. Plus you might get ideas about things you hadn’t even thought of
  8. epleeds

    Any reefers near or in city of Fairfax?

    What I suggest is write out you plan in a build thread. There will be more then enough people who give you advice just ask-questions. We’re here to help
  9. epleeds

    Tank Help on Sunday Evening

    What part of WOODBRIDGE and where does it need to go
  10. Hammer and a chisel
  11. epleeds

    Trying to reach mgoulding

    Anyone have his contact info??
  12. epleeds

    AI Prime HD with SPS??

    How does it grow SPS
  13. epleeds

    AI Prime HD with SPS??

    Does anyone have good experience using an AI prime with SPS? i have a 18x12x8 area in my sump I’m thinking of turning into a frag tank. The AI prime is the right size for my needs, however I have no experience with the AI stuff. Can anyone comment on these. Good or bad.