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  1. Anyone know which one this is? The base has green and purple in it.
  2. At that point, I’m thinking 1.5” thick acrylic if it’s going to mirror the pictures you posted. Way cheaper than 1”+ glass
  3. That is a whole different realm. If they glass is only one pane and the rest is concrete I would go as thick as you can afford. Not sure what the calculation is there. But if it’s not too deep you might not need to go more than 3/4”
  4. For rimless you need thicker glass and internal bracing on the bottom. My tank is 72x30x22 and I was told that I needed to go 3/4” glass for the 6’ span. If you wanted eurobracing, you could get by with 1/2” glass but the 3/4” looks awesome.
  5. Test it against a salifert kit or similar to see if they both read the same.
  6. You posted in the general discussion section. If your WTB post that in the for sale section.
  7. If your a paying member. Look at this thread.
  8. IIRC several people ordered from them last year and had very good experiences.
  9. I just cut a big hole in my drywall. I have pipes, wires and more between two rooms. The tank and stand cover the hole so I’m not worried about it. And when/if I ever take the tank down I’m gonna have to fix my floors as well as the wall and will deal with that then. Your more then welcome to come to come by and see it. But it’s basically a 24”x36” hole in a wall
  10. Anyone know a good AC guy, pm me the info.
  11. Yea. Tell me about it. Looks like I need to get a new AC unit for the house. This one is 17 years old. And breaks every six months. Plus the home warranty people are telling me that they don’t cover the 8 pounds of Freon I need to recharge the system. Gotta love home warranties. So looks for some frags sales in the near future to help fund a new AC unit. Hahahah.
  12. My AC decided to die today. Anyone have a chiller for a 200 gallon tank I can borrow until I get this ac fixed. Gonna set up a cooler with ice for the time being, but who knows how long this is gonna last.
  13. What frag is it? U have a pic
  14. I take it the cheato was already there. But I get a clear jelly type substance in my top off tank. I have been told it’s bacteria. It doesn’t show up in my tank, only in my top off.
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