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  1. Yeah that's what I am going to do. I'm going to start with the MP60 on the back wall, see if I can get it to bounce off the front and lift up the debris on the bottom front. I'm going to reposition the MP40 on the side so that it is a little forward of the rock piles. When I have some more cash, I'll add another MP40 to the other end and see what I get! I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the help.
  2. I am in the process of upgrading my homeowners insurance. I was VASTLY underinsured. (Make sure your policy is up to date people!) My question is this: Does anyone have additional insurance for their aquarium? (Mods please move if not suitable for general discussion)
  3. So glad everything looks good Isaac. Keep me in mind if you ever need help. What is a deep cell marine battery? My power was out for 9 hours yesterday. I have 2 battery bubblers and I use a tiny portable generator to run a single powerhead for water movement. Everything is looking ok today.
  4. Yeah, I am trying to switch them to LRS but they are not taking it yet....
  5. Yeah, I was breeding them for a while too but the supply was too low for the amount of upkeep. Thanks for the lead on House of Tropicals in case I ever run short. I am going to freeze some of mine to try and switch the CBB's over to frozen.
  6. I have a reef link. My issue is that the darn thing never stays connected! I have 1 MP40 (old not programmable) I am going to put on one side and I was thinking of putting the Mp60 on the back. Do you think I should try the side instead? Also, what about the rockwogk blocking flow from the sides? How does a large pile of rock just 14 inches from the source affect the flow? All the photos and simulations show the flow / gyres in empty tanks, which I find pretty useless. We need to know the best placement with real stuff in the way since that is what most of us have. I don't want to point it directly at the rocks cause I want to run it high to create a lot of flow.
  7. Good to know. The Nero sounds like it moves a lot of water.
  8. Just ordered an MP60. Ouch. The Mp40's are going to have to wait.....
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