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  1. Sharkey18

    SPS Eye Candy!!!

    Taiscici, Where do you have your PC rainbow placed? I have a decent sized colony but it's never looked healthy.
  2. Sharkey18

    PAR and LED’s

    Interesting. I had the same experience. I got a par meter for xmas and my reading are a lot lower than I thought also. I was also running the WWC on my rations. I got about 100 on the bottom, 150 in the middle, and a few inches below the top 350. I am also wondering if I should increase.
  3. I have had my reef link for about a year and I have to say that it spends 99% of its time NOT connected to my wifi. Every time I want to adjust my radions it's an hour long process of connecting with a wire, trying to get the wifi re-established and then maybe it works. When I called customer support I was told to keep it connected with an ethernet cord. Why on earth would I spend $100 for a wireless device that has to be kept wired? Anyone have any suggestions? For the record, all of the other devices in my home have no problem staying connected ( Phones, computers, thermostat, etc.) The issue is not weak wifi.
  4. Sharkey18

    Any one running Red Sea NoPox ?

    I have used NoPox to control Nitrates, but as stated above, be careful not to over dose. I start with half the recommended dose and still ended up with cyano. If you have Bryopsis you should use fluconazole to treat. Probably going to solve your issue much faster than NoPox. Then slowly use the Nopox to control Nitrate and Phosphate. Do you have any good algae control fish?
  5. Sharkey18

    My Coral Rehabilitation Project

    Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Love the photos. You've brought back some corals I would have thought were not salvageable so thats really interesting. Any possibility you'd share you home made food recipe? Do you feed the same thing to your healthy corals? Laura
  6. Sharkey18

    My Coral Rehabilitation Project

    Very cool. You are definitely going to need to share some of the details about what you are doing. Welcome!
  7. Sharkey18

    Do I need a new tank?

    Yeah: right now my overflows are two, 2.5 inch PVC elbows. Since I have a bare bottom tank I have a lot of flow that keeps most of the detritus suspended, but as it is now the detritus particles have to find their way into about 5 inches of space before they settle or get caught in the rock work. I would love a coast to coast that pulled more liberally along the top. I'm reviewing your posts Isaac!
  8. Sharkey18

    Do I need a new tank?

    Thanks Jon.... It's so funny because I am both relieved and disappointed! I am going to start planning the new tank though. I hate my over flows and am plagued with micro bubbles from my returns.
  9. Wow, really awesome tank. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Sharkey18

    Do I need a new tank?

    I think it started from cleaning the glass and then of course each time I clean the glass I make it worse. It's a euro-braced tank. Its Leishman's old deep dimension 250 so it's been around a while but nor sure exactly how old it is. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Sharkey18

    Do I need a new tank?

    The silicon on the INSIDE of my aquarium has been peeling off. As it separates I've just been trimming it off and removing it. My question is how indicative is this of an imminent failure and /or leaking? There is no evidence of leaks at his time.
  12. Sharkey18

    Warren's Crystal Dynamic 220

    Looks great. I like the scape!
  13. Sharkey18

    Radion settings

    SPS Radion users: What program are you using? I have recently been playing with various programs and everything is SO blue. My tank perpetually looks like dusk. I am currently running the Coral Lab SPS AB+ but have also tried the WWC profile. Growth and color are important to me, but I also want something aesthetically pleasing during the day. Suggestions? I am getting a PAR meter for Christmas (YAY)! so should also be able to get some numbers soon.
  14. Sharkey18

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Those photos are amazing! Are you using a lens tube? (The thing that you attach that lets you get into the water)?
  15. Sharkey18

    Reeflink woes