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  1. Most of this par is definitely from the t-5's. The led pucks are relatively small and my par measurements were a decent distance away from the centerline of the fixture which is where the LEDs are
  2. Well it might explain why most new introductions take excessively long to acclimate
  3. Just a discussion. We measured my par last night. I'm getting around 500 on the sandbed. 600 to 700 halfway up. And 800 at the top and this is with 2 bulbs out since I have a ballast out. I have a 8x80 ati led powermodule. We tested in numerous locations throughout the tank. There are also two 60 inch blue xho reefbrites on the fixture.
  4. And I dont dose anything at all. Just a calcium reactor. And lrs fish food. No coral food etc. And occasionally run gfo or carbon if need be but not all the time
  5. And ditch the api test kits. They are horrible. Get you some salifert or red sea for the major things. And I dont think the test strips are doing you much good either
  6. Again my opinion. I'm a firm believer in keeping things as simple as possible. I think you have way to many things going on. Coral needs food to survive. Which includes po4 and no3 imo. Not just reef roids etc. Your running phosban, gfo etc which is typically used if your having an issue with something in your tank like high po4 as an example. I think you should very slowly lower your alk to say 8 if your going to run a uln system and maybe cut back a little on using so many different things unless you genuinely have a reason to be using all of it. The water your using from the lfs, is it fresh made by them? Maybe increase to two water changes a month.
  7. What are you testing po4 and no3 with and what are the results?
  8. 7 months old Reef builder Reef advantage Acro power Phosban Gfo Carbon Reef roid Phyto feast Oyster feast One 20% percent water change a month with water from a lfs? Do you see where this is going? Just my opinion, this is insane. Entirely to much going on here to even begin to start the process of elimination. I definitely agree with the above statement if you have 0 po4 and no3 you could certainly be burning the tips.
  9. I have multiple Angel's in a large mixed reef. Goldflake, regal, queen, emperor, and plan to add a blue face. Only coral I cannot keep is acans and really soft stuff like meat coral and wellso. I have tons of frog spawn torch sps zoas gorgs chalices
  10. I absolutely love mine. I have the thieling rollermat. There are pics under current totm. I am the same. I hated dealing with filter socks Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. Very good info. Sounds exactly like what I've been dealing with for almost a year now. If I can manage to leave my arms out of the tank for a month it pretty much clears up but if I'm in the tank one time it starts the whole viscous cycle again. Right now is probably the worst I've ever had it.
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