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  1. Yes tank I’m treating is actually my main tank. I removed all corals and inverts a few months back when dosed cupramine for first time. Tank is 240g with 125g sump 300g of water. Test kit I’ve been using is Seachem. Reason I’m treating in main tank is because I don’t have a big enough qt tank for all my fish as I have 4 bigger tangs alone and 10 fish total. At this point I don’t care if I can hold corals in the tank again as more worried about my fish as have few higher end or harder to find fish. I have a small coral tank if need for that. As far as carbon or other media filters I have removed all carbon and cuprisorb I was running from treatment few months ago as need to treat again. Skimmer and uv are both off. Only thing I have besides powerhead and heater running is an air pump to help with depleted O2 and filter socks.
  2. I could really use some advice. Ok I tested copper 3-4 days ago and it was at .2ppm since then I added 20mls (1ml per 10g) twice. I've been adding an extra 10ml each time for rock and sand. So technically I should be at around .4ppm now as I've done 4 doses of 20ml. But today when I tested I'm still at .2ppm . Now would my air pump be precipitating the copper out or would rock and sand be absorbing it all? I don't understand where that last 40mls went. That's also probably why the ich is still present on fish and reason it's still in my system. I bet it never reached a treatment zone level of .35-.5ppm the first time I treated my big tank a few months ago. I added another 25mls today and I'll probably test again this afternoon when I wake up. What are other people’s thoughts on where that last 40mls went?
  3. Can I please meet up with you on Saturday morning? I will even pay you for the issue.
  4. I really want the whole thing so I’ll probably end up ordering a copy off reef2rainforest. I’ve called every book store and lfs within a hour of me and no one carries it.
  5. I want it for the micro reef section in it. Maritza’s pico jar reef is in it.
  6. Does anyone have a copy of this months Coral magazine I could buy or know somewhere I can get this months. I have tried all book stores in the area and no one carries it. Please help me out as it’s on a topic I’m looking to venture into. Thanks.
  7. Come on really with all the experts on here no one is willing to help try and save a fish? This is pretty much the exact reason I let my paid membership run out because unless your a select few no one is willing to help out. Sorry I figured since this is a local reefing and saltwater forum I would get some help. Sorry to post my frustration but in the end I'm only trying to save the fish as I don't have a qt tank setup or if did wouldn't know where or how to start. I don't know enough about parasites or diseases to know what I'm dealing with.
  8. I have a 6" foxface I've had for 2.5 years. I added a new fish about 2 months ago from a recommended dealer that says they qt the fish before sells. Since then my foxface I have not personally seen my foxface eat which it use to devour food. It has to be eating because it's lasted the last 2 months. It seems to show signs of maybe ich or white spots. Also now has scratched up nose and mouth area and really at times almost seems blind. I really have no clue what is going on with it but looking for someone with a setup QT tank as I don't have one. I would be will to give fish away if someone would take the time and try and treat and make fish happy again. Please message me if your interested. Thanks in advance and sorry I will not mention the dealer though.
  9. I used 3/4" wide 1/2" thick weather stripping
  10. Haha so true that was his advice when he did my plumbing for new build.
  11. Can't wait to see what you end up with and the corals you place. Your 75 looks great.
  12. You should be good if you don't over stock it or over feed. Not sure about space but look into an algae turf scrubber instead they will export a lot and heard people not needing skimmer as much.
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