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  1. I’ve run a 16 gallon nano (no skimmer) for the past five years with chemipure elite, floss and water changes (20% once a month). I did try blue for a couple of months but i had been having success with elite and recall that it’s shelf life was much shorter. Hope that helps. Jon
  2. I’ve had a couple of favias do something similar (I recall it happening a handful of times) and at the time we’re perfectly happy and healthy colonies. Each time, I let the flesh “settle” and when I saw growth, I moved to a drag disc or a piece of old monti cap and glued it down and they continued to grow. I have one in my tank right now that has about 6 heads now and just looks like a normal frag. Biggest thing was just not letting them get pushed around or disturbed by snails/hermits or buried. Jon
  3. This may be discussed elsewhere (let my membership lapse) but reefgeek has some great deals going right now. The incredible teklight elites look to be sold out, but the geisemann bulbs look to be in (got my order placed)!. With free shipping over $99 I don't think you can get a better deal. Jon
  4. I have stopped in a couple of times to check it out. It has an open layout with a lot of potential. That being said, they are still fairly green in this new location, and though I did stop in Vienna Aquarium back in Vienna, its been a while and the folks here may be different. I for one, having moved out west, am rooting for them. I've gotten good and bad advice from all the stores - its about the people working their and when you catch them. Fish I've gotten at Petco have stayed with me for years and fish from a "great" LFS have not lasted months. Advice in this hobby has to be taken lightly and test against one's owns experience as their is no silver bullet. Ultimately, a little more competition is good for us all and Leesburg needs a good LFS! Jon
  5. So just to close the loop... I rushed a new pump from premium aquatics. It has the new pinwheel impeller so we'll see if that changes the output. Its still breaking in, however. Looking back at my records, I bought this early model Octopus (Int-PS-150) in December 2007. And its basically been run continuously - so close to 5 years. That's honestly outperformed other pumps I've had (mag drive, hydor) so I can't complain. Jon
  6. My skimmer pump (otp-2000) is tripping my gfci. Is this worth trying to troubleshoot/fix? Are there any stores that carry octopus parts? Jon
  7. Awesome, what did you get?
  8. Its been a while since I ordered from these guys, but I decided to replace a light and ordered a new tek light elite. Part of what made the decision so easy is that their standard shipping (which is free over $175) got me the light in 2 business days! I ordered on a Wednesday and got the light on Friday. You can't beat that. Very happy with the transaction. Thanks! Jon
  9. So sorry to hear about the losses, Dave. Hope you are able to figure things out. Jon
  10. Thanks for the offer, Dave. Unfortunately I'm trying to replace the endcaps in my tek light, so those wouldn't fit. Jon
  11. Does anyone know a local carrier of T5 endcaps (not the waterproof ones)? Jon
  12. Fish selection is very personal but one thing I've learned over the years is get the fish you really want first and then build the right community around him. Nothing more frustrating then getting fish you really didn't care about as much and preventing you from something you really wanted. You can build a great community around a PBT as a centerpiece fish. Also considering what order they need to be put in. I wish I knew/had done that when I first started my tank. Jon
  13. I really hope the store is coming back. Livestock was always top notch and diverse and it was a great place to hang out after work!
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