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  1. Finally got a little bit of time over the holiday (put in about 10 hours) to get the fish room squared away, some well need maintenance, and getting more in the mood to actually get the main tank sorted out. Now I need to start posting items to sell that I will not need, if you need anything, feel free to PM me and ask.
  2. That floor drain is looking better and better everyday.... Sorry to hear that.
  3. DuffyGeos

    DIY Lid

    I hope your cat will not actually get on it......Not sure what size cat you have but I would be worried with all of those cut lines in straight lines that is might be like perforations and allow it to crack following those lines. Looks like you are going to be cutting out two more holes for lights? Hope it works, or you are going to have a wet kitty......(I am waiting for Isaac's joke)
  4. Everything else looks good. Are you going to frag a piece or two to try and save it?
  5. Jack, I am probably talking more about my 16g tank and how the lights went out and I am fighting bubble algae. I have had that tank for a little over 2 years.
  6. Very cool video Walt. That is amazing you can net that many grass shrimp right off the shore.
  7. I don't have one loaded, so I will have to ask the boss tomorrow......Check you texts, that is a picture of how 2 400w 20K Radium bulbs work in a garage to heat it and provide light while rebuilding an engine. You can post it here if you can, I don't know how to get the pics off my phone into my gallery.
  8. I am sure she will, it has just been a little too much at times over the year. But why am I saying that to you?
  9. Here you go....the rest of the pics you can't see the car since there is toooo much smoke
  10. It has been about a month and a half since I just about single handedly put Anthony's 300g glass aquarium on my back and hauled it up the stairs to put it in your van....The least you can do is give me an update on the automatic feeder....not that I need it at the moment since I don't have fish, rock, or sand in my 300g yet ( I know someone would mention it, so I might as well point it out myself ). Hope all is well.
  11. Soooooo......... Based on the comments above I have some splain' to do. Since this had been a journal of my tank build, and as most people know a brief diary of everyone's day to day life when it comes to reefing and what goes with it. I will give a brief synopsis of the last 50 days. My loving wife (yes we are still married) was not too happy when it came to my deadline of " One year to finish the tank or else". Well I had it full of water, running (Thanks Rob!), fish in the QT tank, with corals, but nothing in the main tank...... This tank also looks upon the gym where she faithfully spends as least an hour every night, so you can see how this gets to be an issue. You don't? Well then you are married to more of a saint then my wife (and she is amazing, and your wife is then next in line to be Pope) or you are not married. it probably was not the tank issue, but the collateral damage that my kids rec room took. Our storage room became a "temporary tank room" which meant our rec room became a "temproary storage room and overflow tank storage room"... I was also on a buying mission in 2014 to see as many tanks as possible by buying used equipment......You have not met me? well did you did not sell anything in 2014 Don't worry, I am getting ready for a selling spree...if you need something, I bet I have it, or 2-3 copies of it. MH lights? which one of the 20 setups do you want? So the last month and a half have been about making my wife happy. Ripped out the temporary fish room in the storage room, removed everything from the storage room and reorganized it. Went to Florida for a week for Spring Break, my brother-in-law watched my tank (may have been the beginning of the down fall) Went through 90% of the items that I bought- cleaned, vinegar bath, and polished everything. I was spending 3-4 hours a night in the fish room for a couple weeks utilizing my new sink. Then I had the LED light on my 16g IM tank go out........I was not happy. Then my busiest time of the year for my work started to kick in, no time to square things away. Then my favorite irony of the year threw a whopper at me. I am a Landscape Architect and I have horrible allergies to dust and pollen...HAHAHAHA ....yea I know, but I had already got my degree and started my company when it all kicked in 26 years ago. So for the last 2 weeks I am laid up from about 2-8 at night with some bad symptoms. Not much happening with reefing........Then I hit my first "I don't care about reefing phase in 2 years.....I think it happens to most people with anything you get into. Maybe a little too into it... maybe it becomes too difficult....corals are dying, water parameters are not what they used to be......@*&^$ light dies and I have 20 choices for 300g systems but none for a 16g tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So life has been going on, and the tank build has not. Then Spring kid sports have started, I have a car project I have been working on since last Fall that I am trying to wrap up working on that has also been taking my time, and I just don't have the time to get it all together!!!.....Now I feel better, a little venting, wine tonight, pollen count is lower, and actually spent some time working on things today. Time to get the rock in the tank along with the sand....... This site is like therapy sometimes. Thanks WAMAS.
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