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  1. gioNVA

    Is this really an oregon tort?

    oops. I just read my post and what I mean was that the one I got from a WAMAS member wasn't an oregon tort. Yours look like it is. Here's my oregon tort that I got from reef chief in VA over 10 years ago.
  2. gioNVA

    Is this really an oregon tort?

    Did you get it from a wamas member? I bought one a while ago and it was sold as an oregon tort. It was a fast grower and eventually turned to a lighter blue color with green/purple. Sadly, i dont think it is an oregon tort. I had one of the original frags a long time ago and it was a really slow grower and the shade of blue was just a really deep shade of blue that glows.
  3. FYI, IO salt is $32.99 for the 200g boxes on Amazon and on Dr Foster & Smith.
  4. gioNVA

    Ballast, bulb or starter problem ATI

    Had the same issue a while back and it was a bad ballast. Not too hard to replace.
  5. gioNVA

    Pure Reef Systems

    No, i stopped attempting to contact him. Thank goodness I didn't have any money in it.
  6. Good to see you back!!
  7. gioNVA

    Pure Reef Systems

    I gave up on him. He promised to make me a sump and it would be ready by two weeks. Then had an excuse of white pvc sheets not available and it will be another two weeks so he can order them. After another two weeks, he said still no pvc so I said make it in gray (he said he had it available) and the sump would be done. Waited another few weeks and then he stopped responding. Basically just wasted about two months waiting for a sump to be made. Hopefully things are ok with him as we need local builders but I wouldn't recommend him based on my experience.
  8. gioNVA

    Indo coral ban over....perhaps?

    Someone posted it and translated it on one of the Facebook coral groups
  9. gioNVA

    Indo coral ban over....perhaps?

    Well it looks like it's open again. I just saw a memo about it. Yeyyyy!
  10. gioNVA

    Indo coral ban over....perhaps?

    I heard about it on facebook. It's not over yet. Supposedly the officials met to discuss their options. Not issuing any cites anytime soon.
  11. gioNVA

    Skimmer pump recommendations

    If you're looking for a different brand pump, you can check out the Coralvue bubble blaster or a Laguna pump. You are probably going to be looking for a BB 3000 or 5000, Laguna 1350 or 1500.
  12. gioNVA

    Skimmer Search and Selection

    I'm surprised that you are struggling with those 2 skimmers. I've owned the 150s and also have an Aquamaxx CO1 and both worked really well for me. Easy to dial in and I've gotten really stinky and dark skimmate. Does the water level in your sump fluctuate at all? And how high is the water in your skimmer area?
  13. gioNVA

    Anyone try vibrant

    I've tried it and it worked great on bubble algae. Just be careful about overdosing I've heard of people experiencing cyano issues with it.
  14. The male you have is from my Rod's onyx female and Cquest male. I lost both the Rod's and the one I got from Evan during the crash. I sold all the babies thinking I was going to get out of the hobby but now I am looking for a good lineage onyx. The ones I see now have a lot of deformities. Let me know when they lay again as I would like to take another go at breeding. Thanks!