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  1. BSI IC-gel has been good for me. I now use coraladdiction super glue I found on ebay. It's similar to BSI and the container/tip does not clog up.
  2. Depends on which clownfish you have. Haddoni anemones are not natural hosts for true percula. I had a tank full of true perculas that I bred and the haddoni I had was ignored. Ocellaris sometimes accept haddoni as a host and I've seen it a few times.
  3. Phosban reactor? No but I think you may have to stop dosing 2 part (at least the Alk portion). Test daily and take a look at your alk consumption. As far as water changes, you can still do them regularly but test the new water. Some salt mixes have high alk/cal levels.
  4. Based on your description, you are most likely at low or ultra low nutrients. Alk may be too high for a low nutrient system.
  5. I for one am not throwing him under the bus. I contacted him on Apr 11, 2018 to get a sump built. Said he was going to order materials. When my deadline came, he said he needed more materials. Told me 3 weeks to completion. After 3 weeks, said white pvc is not available. So I said just go ahead and make it in gray since that is what he had available. May 10, 2018, he said assembly on sump has started. On May 22, he said frosted acrylic was shipped by mistake instead of clear. He told me new acrylic will be delivered on May 29 and he won't be back in his shop until the following week. I waited another week and he said it's still not complete. Asked him how much longer, he said another 2 weeks. Contacted him again on June 27 and he disappeared. Have all the text messages so there is no other story other than he failed to deliver. If there's more to his story, then he should address it.
  6. Matt, I think you sold me that frag and you were sure at that time that it was indeed an oregon tort. Naming can be a PITA but also should be used whenever lineage can be proven.
  7. oops. I just read my post and what I mean was that the one I got from a WAMAS member wasn't an oregon tort. Yours look like it is. Here's my oregon tort that I got from reef chief in VA over 10 years ago.
  8. Did you get it from a wamas member? I bought one a while ago and it was sold as an oregon tort. It was a fast grower and eventually turned to a lighter blue color with green/purple. Sadly, i dont think it is an oregon tort. I had one of the original frags a long time ago and it was a really slow grower and the shade of blue was just a really deep shade of blue that glows.
  9. FYI, IO salt is $32.99 for the 200g boxes on Amazon and on Dr Foster & Smith.
  10. Had the same issue a while back and it was a bad ballast. Not too hard to replace.
  11. No, i stopped attempting to contact him. Thank goodness I didn't have any money in it.
  12. I gave up on him. He promised to make me a sump and it would be ready by two weeks. Then had an excuse of white pvc sheets not available and it will be another two weeks so he can order them. After another two weeks, he said still no pvc so I said make it in gray (he said he had it available) and the sump would be done. Waited another few weeks and then he stopped responding. Basically just wasted about two months waiting for a sump to be made. Hopefully things are ok with him as we need local builders but I wouldn't recommend him based on my experience.
  13. Someone posted it and translated it on one of the Facebook coral groups
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