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  1. gastone

    Leishman's New 36x36x24

    I wish I was. Two little ones are eating up my money these days. I hoping that down the road my daughter will be interested. Got some mail from RC and thought about WAMAS and I logged in. First time in a long time.
  2. Jon, glad to see that you and Maureen are doing well. The tank looks terrific! Garrett.
  3. gastone

    Leishman's New 36x36x24

    Leishman, I've heard of that guy. Looking good Rik. G.
  4. gastone

    Donations to Schools

    Tom and Dave, sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner. I'm thinking more of a nano. The school was built circa 1935... and the electrical hasn't been updated in quite some time. A 1500w space heater will blow circuits around here. 10g tops. I've got stuff to run t5s, but I'd have to build an oversize canopy to accomodate the length. I think I've got an old nanostream or two laying around which should suffice for circulation. I could run a HOB filter, but I'd probably forego the filtration in lieu of some chaeto. I could keep some RO/DI in the room for top off, and would probably do biweekly 100% water changes. Strictly zoas, maybe some xenia for the kids. A couple of small fish... cardinals or the like.
  5. gastone

    Donations to Schools

    I've been out of reef keeping for about 5 years now, but I'm thinking about setting up a small tank in the fall for the kids. I've talked to our science teacher, and she's game, but she doesn't know anything about sw tanks. Not sure how to proceed. Dave? Doug?
  6. gastone

    The Outlaw Bar Tank

    Steve, Looking good man. Glad to see you back at it! Garrett.
  7. gastone

    Leishman's New 36x36x24

    Ah, bought a house, got married. Two dogs. Got a new bike. Don't know if I'll get back into it. Too much time and too much money for my broke behind. I hope all's well with you Rik. G.
  8. gastone

    Leishman's New 36x36x24

    Rik, it's almost been six months. Just checking in on you. Garrett.
  9. gastone

    Can we help a fellow member out?

    Short follow up on Trupanion pet insurance. Less than two weeks after my previous post, my female mastiff became ill with IMHA. Nasty, nasty disease. We were fairly certain that she was not going to make it. She spent 10 days receiving blood transfusions and costly immuno-suppresants at the VEC in Richmond. Her medication upon being discharged was costing us 190/week... and we were told she would be on it for 6-8 months. She also returns to Richmond every two weeks for follow up blood work. So far my wife and I are into her treatment for well into 5 figures. Trupanion has paid out 90% of our claims totals. Unbelievable! Garrett.
  10. gastone

    Can we help a fellow member out?

    I've used 3 different vet insurers. VPI is awful, read AWFUL. I still carry them as one of my dogs has had a policy with them since puppyhood. If we switch to a different insurance provider his conditions (which are numerous would be considered to be pre-existing and we would get nothing). To be fair (which often I'm not), many people who have small dogs don't have a problem with VPI. We don't.. we have mastiffs. They aren't small. So VPI's ridiculous payout schedule is insulting. Our male mastiff had surgery this past spring. The bill was about 3k. VPI reimbursed us $140. His anesthesia bill alone was $400... of which they paid $40. Now maybe a pomeranian can be knocked cold for 40 bucks, but a mastiff sure as heck can't. Previously I had a shar pei (don't get me started on health issues...) who was insured via the AKC healthcare plan. Better than VPI (3x monthly cost), but again they don't cover congenital issues of which she had aplenty. At the time there wasn't much in the way of pet insurance providers when I had both dogs. Now there are options available. My female mastiff is insured with trupanion. Expensive, but my research leads me to believe well worth the cost. I haven't submitted a claim with them yet... Go here. http://www.petinsurancereview.com/ Garrett.
  11. gastone

    steveoutlaw's 150g cube

    Steve, I call dibs on this setup when you tear it down next month. Garrett.
  12. gastone

    Leishman's New 36x36x24

    Hey Rik, glad to see you are doing well. Every six months or so I'll jump online to see how it's coming. G.
  13. gastone

    Macro Shots from this weekend

    Bob, pics look awesome. Garrett.
  14. gastone

    Updated My Website!!!

    Chris was the photographer at my wedding this past summer. He was absolutely wonderful to work with. He and his crew made us feel incredibly comfortable (and good looking to boot). Everyone at the wedding was impressed with his professionalism, and his product. I have no doubts that if this one doesn't work out, I would re-hire him for the next wedding. Garrett.
  15. Bruce, IIRC IO historically has high alk and low calcium. I always un-stratify any salt when first I open the container. Even given the same manufacturer, different batches could give different measurements. Heck, if a batch sat on the floor for too long, it could stratify and when dumped into 2 different 5 gallon buckets, they could have different measurements. My process is un-stratify, measure values, then write on the bucket what I need to addend (Alk, Cal, Mag) to bring the batch up to acceptable levels. I then know how much to add to each successive batch that I mix from that bucket. I repeat the un-stratify, measure and label with each new bucket. G.