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  1. wow, the tank has changed dramatically over that time. Now you just have to step back and not add anything and let it grow
  2. What great fish choices and such a clean looking tank! Makes me want to get a larger tank again. Now to figure out a spot and convince my wife
  3. Funny story. I got the male from you, female is cquest f1. I think the male is from a pair where one of the clowns was from Evan, correct? That clown was mine before but wouldn't pair off so I gave to Evan, who also didn't have luck and gave it you. Did that pair survive your crash? If not, you are welcome to harvest eggs from these guys when they start laying again Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks, yeah, that's been their ritteri for a while. It's not done as well as it should for some reason... Can't figure it out since there's enough light/flow/etc. It won't take food readily which makes it hard to grow it out. I've had it for more then two years and it did great in the 270 Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. Just a few random quick pics. So good to have my clowns back home Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks all. Definitely a work in progress. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  7. First three are new additions... Fat head dendro and torch from @marco. Starki from divers den. Last pic is just a small frag that's starting to encrust Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. That's a really nice looking stand! Need some pics of that nice looking planted tank behind the stand too
  9. Wow, i'm getting much higher quotes. For a 20K with autotransfer switch and natural gas line, I'm getting 8-11K installed. It cost me about 250 yearly for a service when I had one in stafford. Maybe I need to learn how to do it myself can you shoot me the info for the company that put in yours? Hmm, it was 8.3 Kw with a net cost of 15K (after rebates). MIght be a little undersized but I didn't really pursue it as vigorously. no battery.
  10. Alan, I think from the perspective of the panels, you might very well be right. But that's really only one part of the equation in my opinion. For me, the bigger issue is the power backup. 1 battery is useful and may be enough for tank needs simply because it'll allow you to load balance. Currently, when you produce excess energy you can sell back to the grid for pretty much what you buy it for but in the future, that might change as solar becomes more readily available. The battery allows you to avoid the grid for a large portion of your needs. A single Tesla powerwall (which isn't available as far as I can see) or LG equivalent was around 8K with install. Something like that could probably run a decent sized tank and fridge for 2 days but not much after that. My tank, fridge and heater were about 45% load on a 6250 gas generator during this last outage. The other problem with solar right now, imo, is that by the time the panels are finally paid off, they may be obsolete. Think about the changes in cpu tech or even LED technology. 5 years ago the AI LEDs and radion generation one were louded as lasting forever. Not many people have those initial lights, not because they don't work but because technology has advanced so far. Contrast to a more stable tech like T5s. T5 tech hasn't changed that much and a good fixture from 5 years ago is still a good fixture. I'm not sure where solar is but when I think about Tesla eventually coming out with solar that also doubles as your roof, it's hard to think that the technology is yet mature enough. btw, I'm getting bids of about 20K here in Virginia after credit. I can forward you the info if you want. My current working plan is whole house generator for tank/house/pet safety and peace of mind. I'll probably look at solar/battery backup for load balancing/reducing carbon footprint/getting off the grid as the Tesla powerwalls become more readily available and the technology matures with the eventual goal of having the gas generator as a worst case scenario backup.
  11. Wow! Looks fantastic and grown in. I need to get an invitation to gawk at your tank in person
  12. Julian Sprung's talk came at a great time. Unfortunately I didn't act on it before the power outage but got through it relatively unscathed. Have been weighing a couple options but wanted to get some input and make sure I wasn't missing anything. Standard generac whole house generator with automatic transfer switch. Pros - known commodity, dependable, set and forget, best for multi day outages, especially if connected to natural gas. Barring catastrophe (bomb/sabotage/terrorist attack), basically good to go even if the outage were a week Cons - expensive and if you don't have an outage, just sits there, plus ongoing maintenance costs Solar with battery backup Pros - benefit from solar even when there isn't a power outage, especially with a powerwall or LG battery backup helping with storage and energy balancing (basically store energy during the day that's excess of what you're using for the night when the sun is gone). Can act as a battery backup for essential stuff (tank, fridge) Cons - very, very expensive though it slowly pays for itself. Technology is advancing rapidly and may be paying for tech that will be dramatically cheaper in 5 years, especially the batteries. Can't really set and forget. Unless you spend tons of money, the batteries can't really handle the load of the HVAC. Am I missing anything? I know Julian was planning on going with option 2 but in my mind, the cost is still prohibitive and it requires more management from the individual. For example, if we had to evacuate the area, the whole house would still run everything even if the evacuation was a week whereas the solar would run out after 2-3 days. My thought is option 2 will become the winner down the line but isn't there yet.
  13. sorry man. Let me know when you get stable and I'll break off some frags for you.
  14. Rik, Can you take a pic with the filter and then one without when you get a chance?
  15. Yeah, still no power in Springfield. A friend had a generator they weren't using so I'm doing okay right now. For those worried about temp, I wrapped my tank in blankets last night and it only dropped to 72 despite the house being around 50. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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